Friday, September 17, 2010

Cameroon:Aspiring Drivers Now Sit for Competitive Exam

By Christopher Ambe Shu

Any body aspiring to become a licensed driver must henceforth sit for a unique competitive examination, to be written nation-wide on the first Monday of every month, Arthur Lisinge Ekeke, Southwest Regional Delegate for Transport has disclosed.

  “Only those who score 24 on 40 in the 40-multiple-choice question examination will qualify for the practicals, to be organized two weeks after the results of the written exam,” he said.

 The delegate added that lists of candidates for the driving examination and test are submitted to the ten regional delegations of transport by various driving school directors. The delegations of transport, he said, in turn forward such to the Ministry in Yaounde for validation.

Lisinge Ekeke made the disclosures recently in his office in Buea at a press briefing intended to disseminate information on new measures taken by the Minister of Transport concerning the acquisition of a driver’s license and CEMAC number plates. He also threw light on road safety campaigns carried out by his ministry.

Already, the first competitive exam for aspiring drivers was written on September nation-wide. And in the Southwest region over70 candidates sat for it

Conscious that some aspiring drivers may be illiterates or semi-literates, Lisinge told journalists that, examiners are allowed to help interpret questions to such candidates.

On CEMAC number plates, the delegate said henceforth there is nothing again as grace period for new vehicle owners.

What obtained in the past was that, new vehicle owners had up to a three –month period of grace from the day they removed their vehicles from the port -within which period they could ply the road with chisel or foreign numbers pending the procurement of all vehicle documents and their CEMAC number plates .

“Now the fact that your vehicle documents are with us does not give you the latitude to drive the vehicle until you have your carte grisse.

“Vehicle owners should secure their CEMAC number plates in time to avoid being penalized,” he noted.

Commenting on road safety campaigns, the delegate said they are carried out by the ministry especially during peak periods of the year such as school resumption and festive periods.

“The impact is that drivers, aware of the campaigns are very cautious the way they drive”. He insisted that vehicles are required to be taken to various testing center for the checking of its technical state, for them to be issued road worthiness certificate.

Lisinge Ekeke also condemned the over loading of town ship taxis with passengers, hoping that law enforcement agents would be more alert  about this problem of over loading.

Courtesy:The Recorder Newspaper, of September 16,2010,Cameroon

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