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Cameroon: Buea Man disappears after prophet prayed for him

* He has  not been  seen now  for over  four weeks 
*Prophet tells family evil spirit snatched him away. 

*Victim’s family summoned at Chief’s palace for questioning 

Chief  Molua: regrets that his subjects are disappearing
 By Christopher Ambe

     An elderly and ailing  Bakweri man by name Mola Thomas Ekume of Bokwaongo village, taken to a self-proclaimed prophet in Banga Bakundu in the Southwest Region of Cameroon  for healing prayers, disappeared same day shortly after  the seer  prayed for  him and he was reportedly improving.

       But strangely, as Mola Ekume’s relatives including his wife Frida  Ekume ,who accompanied him to  Prophet  Itoe, were searching for  him, the “Man of God” revealed to them that some  evil spirit had taken away the man to an unknown destination.
      The  revelation left the family jittery and in total confusion. They would later return to Bokwango-Buea without their beloved father, to break the bad news to village.

      It is now more than one month since the mysterious disappearance, the whereabouts of Mr. Ekume, who is a retired CDC worker, is not known, even as the search continues.

      The tearful wife told The Recorder last Friday, March 6 at the palace of the Chief of Bokwaongo ,Ekane Molua, that, after the prayer  session that day, which was also  attended by many other people, they were  about returning to Buea,when  two of their own relatives ,after quarreling ,started fighting.

     “As they were fighting I was with my husband and children by the road side ready to take a vehicle to Buea…So, I and one other went to stop the fight. Upon return we could not find my husband. We later went back to Prophet Itoe and he revealed to us that, some evil spirit had taken my husband away. Since then we have been searching for him all over in vain. 
We informed the Chief of Banga Bakundu and he ordered for a thorough search in the whole village; but we could not still find him”,Mrs. Ekume,who is a mother of six, narrated their ordeal to The Recorder ,as Chief Molua listened attentively to her.

Mrs. Frida Ekume,wife of the missing man
       Chief Molua  told The Recorder that when he heard about the sad incident he assembled the villagers so they could get the story first-hand from the wife and her children.

       The traditional ruler said he ordered for continued search but regretted that the search was proving futile.

       Chief Molua said the villagers  had agreed to meet again  at his palace to get updates of the search.

      He said that he intended to send a delegation of his councilors to Banga Bakundu to meet the prophet but was told that the “seer” had relocated else where.

      Mr. Ekume’s disappearance, the chief said, was the second such incidents in recent memory  the village, whose population is over 4000, has witnessed.

     The chief recalled how only recently another son of Bokwaongo,who had just come  back from the USA,went to visit a friend in Moliwe but never returned and his whereabouts till date is not known
      Mrs. Ekume said  their child decided that her husband be taken for spiritual healing after she had visited various hospitals with him for treatment, but witnessed only little improvement.
  (First Published in The RECORDER Newspaper,Cameroon, of March 10,2015)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Cameroon: PCC Moderator, Synod Clerk to be inducted on Sunday

By Christopher Ambe

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), the Rt.Rev.Fonki Samuel and the Synod Clerk, Rev. Babila Fonchang, who were democratically elected last November and  they officially took office on January 6 to begin their five-year mandate, will be inducted on Sunday March 15 at PCSS ,Buea Town.
          The Rt .Rev Fonki took over as Moderator from the Rt.Rev. Dr.Festus Asana (now on retirement and referred to as the Very Reverend) and Rev. Babila Fonchang replaced Rev. Abwenzoh William as Synod Clerk.
             The induction, which Presbyterian Christians say is an epoch-making event in the history of the PCC, according to officials, will be attended by thousands of Christians and dignitaries from far and wide.
It is during the induction, that the new moderator will be given the cross of authority and he will then deliver his first ever sermon in that capacity.
      After his election, the PCC Chief Shepherd promised to continue fostering unity among Christians.
During a hectic reception recently organized in Buea in honor of the new leadership by the central administration of the PCC and Fako North Presbytery, the new Moderator reiterated the need for unity in the church.
         Rt.Rev. Fonki appealed to Christians to set aside whatever differences they may have, which act like speed brakes to unity, and work faithfully for the growth of the church, whose membership is estimated at over 1.5million.
        Jacob Ngalle Kinge, retired senior civil administrator and Chairman of PCC Board of Trustees, used the Buea reception to congratulate the Moderator and the Synod Clerk on their brilliant election to their new offices, but quickly warned them against letting themselves to be taken hostage by any group of people for selfish interest.
      During the same reception, Senior Citizen and devout Presbyterian Mola Njoh Litumbe, who proposed a toast for the PCC, strongly wished to see the church grow by leaps and bounds in all positive aspects under the leadership of new management. But he also warned them against falling into temptation of graft. “Money is the source of all evil”, Mola Njoh reminded them, hoping that they would withstand the temptations of the devil and solidly stand for and by the truth.”

Past PCC moderators are: Late Rev. Abraham Ngole(1958-69),Late Rev.Jeremiah  Chi kangsen(1969-85),Late Rev,Henry A.Awasom(1985-99),Very Rev.Dr.Nyansako-ni-Nku(1999-2009),Very Rev.Dr.Festus A.Asana(2009-2014) and now Rt.Rev. Fonki Samuel (2014 –date)
Past PCC synod clerks: Rev. Aaron Su(1959-62),Late  Pastor Moses A, Fondo(1962-64),Late Rev. Aaron Su(1964-67),Late Rev.Jeremiah Chi kangsen(1967-69),Late Rev.Thomas N.Ediage(1969-85),Rev.Dr.Jonas N.Dah(1985-89),Rev Nyansako-ni-nku(1989-99),Rev. Dr.Festus A.Asana(1999-2009),Rev.Abwenzoh William Membong(2009-2014) and now Rev.Babila Fonchang(2014- date)
 ( First Published in The RECORDER newspaper,Cameroon,Of March 10,2010 )

Governor Okalia warns Service heads: “No out-station mission without my visa ”

By Christopher Ambe
        Southwest Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai has used the occasion of the commissioning into office of some 17 regional delegates and heads of services recently appointed in the Region, to assert his authority and personality.
       It was not immediately clear why Mr.Bilai, who has been governor now for over three years, chose to remind his collaborators and the public about the   powers he wields; but critical observers believed his junior collaborators heading services must have been undermining his authority to deal directly with hierarchy in Yaoundé.
Some of the newly installed delegates & service heads in family picture with Gov. Okalia(middle)
      Commissioning into office the service heads and regional delegates, last March 6 at CNPS hall in Buea, the Governor banked on Decree No.2008/377 of 12 November 2008 to lay down the powers and duties of heads of administrative units to assert his authority.
    Mr.Bilai emphatically cited  article 3 (1) & (2) of the above mentioned decree, which states that “The Governor and the Senior Divisional Officer shall in the Region and Division respectively, be the representatives of the President of the Republic, the Government and each of the Ministers.” This, he noted, means that the governor is the general supervisor, coordinator and controller of the de-concentrated government services in the Region, as well as Commander-in-Chief of the Region.
     Mr. Bilai stressed that regional delegates and those ranking as such do not represent their ministries but are merely technical advisers of the Governor, who is the direct representative of the various ministers.
“I want to make it abundantly clear that, henceforth movements of regional delegates out of the Region –even when summoned by their ministers must receive approval from the Governor, who will sign the mission order accompanied by justifying documents”, Mr. Bilai warned.
He also warned them not to use the cover of their ministers to justify individual shortcomings, but called for strict respect of hierarchy and administrative ethics, mastery of existing working documents and frank collaboration.
      Concerning the execution of public investment budget, he urged service heads to “abandon the old habit of validating reports from the comfort of their offices and go down to the field in order to avoid being misled or endorsing embarrassing errors which are sometimes caused by your collaborators”.
Mr. Bilai said service heads/delegates would be personally held responsible for short comings in the execution of earmarked projects.
      He equally warned them to shun “habitual negative practices of favoritism, tribalism, nepotism, complacency and complicity, which, the Governor said, have repeatedly been decried by Cameroonians in general.
He instructed them: “You must particularly wage a merciless war against corruption, instilling in your collaborators the notions of professional consciousness, moral rectitude, selfless and prompt services.”
     The Regional CEO said renewal of heads of services is aimed fundamentally to re-dynamise out-put with the view to meeting- more effectively, the development aspirations and legitimate expectations of public service users.
       The newly installed officials are:Tanyi Tanyi Willington,Regional Delegate for Public Works;Mr. Ngaima, Regional Delegate for MINEPAT;Mrs. Nouboue nee Monguen Alice, Regional Controller of Finance; Dr.Mrs. Chiawah Cecilia Ebonkeng Mungo, Regional Delegate for   Livestock,Fisheries & Aminam Industries;Mr. Nkwelle Epie Time,Regional Delegate for Post & Telecommunications;Mr.Etah Enow Moses,Delegate of Mines,Industry & Technological Development;Mr. Enongene Felix Elung, Regional Delegate for State Property, Survey & Land Tenure;Mr. Ivo Vevanje,Regional Delegate for Transport;Mr. Lihinack Josue,Regional Chief for Taxes;Mr. Bipane Abanda Denis,Regional Delegate for Trade; Madam Muna Rosette Bih,Regional Delegate for Communication;Mr.Igondoh John Atosoh,Regional Delegate of Employment & Vocational Training;Mr. Ekwadi Songue Set,Delegate of Environment& Protection of Nature;Mr. Enang James Enang,Regional Delegate for MINADER;Bake Irene Lobe, Delegate of Small & Medium-size Enterprises; Ngo Grace Ewang Ngobiesalaka,Regional Delegate for Arts & Culture and  Mr. Ebai Maurice Atine,Regional Delegate for Basic Education.
It should be noted that some of the delegates were appointed as far back as 2013.
      The Governor said the delay to install them into their offices (although they were already working after technical handing over ceremonies) was due to preparations for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Reunification of Cameroon, which took place earlier last year.

Boko Haram victims: Fomunyoh Foundation on Humanitarian Mission in Northern Cameroon

        Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, who is currently crisscrossing the three northern regions of Cameroon with humanitarian packages for victims of Boko Haram attacks and threats, has particularly observed that the situation in the Far North Region is serene but disquieting
       He made observation as head of a delegation from The Fomunyoh Foundation-TFF- to get on-the- ground realities of the plight of Cameroonians in this part of the country.
It was an emotional scene during a visit to the Maroua Children Institute-(Institution Camerounaise de L’Enfance). This centre is hosting a number of children who were rescued by the Cameroonian army. According to the director of the centre, Amadou Robert, these children mostly between the ages of 6 and 12 were found stranded by the army and should apparently have been forcefully conscripted by Boko Haram to serve as child soldiers but latter abandoned. All of them are boys and do not know the whereabouts of their parents. They can barely express themselves in French; many have no shoes and no cloths.
       To keep them useful they are being given some elementary classes as the officials of the structure struggle to ensure that they at least have what to eat per day and ensure medical attention. According to Amadou Robert, government was doing its best but it was far from enough.
Dr. Fomunyoh congratulates student to whom he donated books
      Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh and entourage could barely retain their tears. He praised the staff for all the sacrifices being made to ensure that these unfortunate Cameroonians, and children for that matter, had some basic comfort. And as a sign of encouragement, he on the behalf of The Fomunyoh Foundation donated some food items including bags of rice, flour, table oil, salt, sugar among others.
      It should be recalled that Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh arrived Maroua by road on Sunday March 1, at the head of a team from the Bamenda-based Foundation.
Besides his kindhearted donation to the internally displaced victims, the Foundation also donated three cartoons each of English language text books to Lycee Classic Maroua and Lycee Bilingue of the same town. The principals of these institutions; Mr. Farikou of Lycee Bilingue and Mr. Hamadou of Lycee Classic Maroua all hailed the gesture that they said would go a long way to promote and encourage  bilingualism in the students of the far away Region.
     While in Maroua, Dr. Fomunyoh paid courtesy visits to administrative, military, religious and local authorities of the Region. He notably held a closed door meeting with the Governor of the Far North Region, Midiyawa Bakari. Though nothing filtered discussions certainly centred on the security and humanitarian situation of the Far North Region whose security and social stability was under threat from the Boko Haram insurgents.
     The CEO of The Fomunyoh Foundation also met with the Director of the Higher Teacher Training College, Maroua, Professor Saibou Issa (also a specialist in Peace and Security) and with the Rector of the University of Maroua Prof. Ako Edward. During a meeting with some students of these institutions of higher learning, Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh encouraged them to be peace-loving, hardworking and more especially to have hope in the future of this country that he said was endowed with all the natural and human resources.
     The Fomunyoh Foundation Charity caravan later moved to Mayo Oulo, where it made similar book donations to the Government Bilingual High School of the area. The same actions continued in Garoua and Ngoundere.
It should be recalled that Mayo Oulo is the birth place of Cameroon’s first president Ahmadou Ahidjo. The delegation paid a guided visit to his residence.
It should be hinted that The Fomunyoh Foundation is planning a humanitarian musical concert to raise funds to support more displaced victims of the Boka Haram assault. This shall be in partnership with Idy Oulo, a musician from the Far North Region, specifically from Mayo Oulo, who is based in France. Three towns have been short-listed for a first phase; Garoua, Yaounde and Bamenda.
About the Fomunyoh Foundation
       The Fomunyoh Foundation – is a non-profit organization that works to promote democracy, social and humanitarian causes in Cameroon. Since its launch in 1999, the Foundation organizes workshops to raise citizen awareness and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and journalists. The Foundation has also conducted activities in partnership with development associations such as the women of Bonadale, Douala in the Littoral Region and the traditional Fondom of Foto-Dschang in the Western Region. The Foundation has also donated books and other didactic material to a number of municipal councils and academic institutions within the North West Region as well as in the capital city of Yaounde, in the Centre Region. The Foundation also runs a community library and well as a radio station, the Foundation Radio in Bamenda.
Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh is from Guzang-Batibo, Momo Division, North West Region of Cameroon.
   (First Published in The RECORDER Newspaper,Cameroon ,of March 10,2015)