Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cameroon:Becky Effoe Accumulates State Honours

 By Christopher Ambe 
Becky Limunga Efffoe:knighted
The  noticeable commitment to nation-building of the soft-spoken  Director of Intensive Vocational Training Center (IVTC) Buea,seems to be  catching  more and more the attention of the State of Cameroon.

     Madam Becky  Limunga Effoe, aged 58,has  in  a period of five years  and  in her capacity as Director of IVTC,Buea, been honoured with three different categories of state medals,especially in a country where many work  for decades and go on retirement without such honour.

     As Cameroonians celebrated their 43rd National Day (May 20) yesterday, this ever-smiling head of the state-owned vocational training centre,was among hundreds of meritorious public  servants  nation-wide who were  decorated with  state medals.

     Auntie Becks,as she is fondly called,got her medal  awarded to her  at the Buea Independence Square  popularly called Bongo Square,by Bernard Okalia Bilai,Governor  of  Southwest Region of Cameroon.

      This time Auntie Becks was decorated with the Knight of the Cameroon Order of Valor.

 In 2014 she was decorated with the Officer of Cameroon Order of Merit medal  and in 2010,Madam Becky Effoe was honoured with the title of  knight of the Cameroon Order of Merit.

     At a party she threw at her home to share the joy of the state honour with guests,Madam Becky Effoe ,who is a  native of Buea and Baptist Christian, attributed her successes in life to the hand of God.
    Vocational Training Center (IVTC) Buea  offers  specialized diploma courses  for a  duration of nine months, in several  specializations,such as : Bilingual Secretary ship, Office Automation secretary,Computer Maintenance & Repairs, Accounting Secretary, Computerised Accounting and Management
Governor Bernard Okalia decorating Auntie Becks
Short/tailored certificate courses too are offered such as: office administration, secretarial procedures, stress and time management, meeting and minutes taking.

    IVTC  Buea has graduated  thousands of Cameroonians  who are gainfully employed in pubic and private sectors.

    Auntie Becks ,who has been private secretary to at least three different  cabinet ministers in Cameroon,did her  higher eduction in Great Britain

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cameroon :Ten Reasons Why May 20 Should Go !

By Professor Asonganyi Tazoacha
  One, May 20 reminds us of totalitarianism, not consensus. Its inventor thought he was doing the right thing, but it has since become obvious that he lost sight of how and why unification happened. Its inventor had an ego that did not tolerate any conversation about our destiny, and thought that the only road was straight ahead. What looked to him and his sycophants as sound strategy now looks like a betrayal. There are more roads than one. May 20 needs to go, to give way to collective reflection on the right road to take.
     Two, The Marxist dream of complete unity was the premise for the authoritarian experiment that followed in the USSR. Its repudiation of pluralism caused the collapse of the communist system after 70 years of experimentation. The same unity ideas generated the one-party mindset that gave birth to the May 20 mindset. It has in turn given birth to inertia and complacency - what others have described as a “can't, won't, and shouldn't" mentality that blocked the USSR and led to its collapse. May 20 has to go, to end the culture of resting on our laurels year after year and looking forward to mysteries!
   Three, The one-party mind-set gave birth to May 20 by artificially suppressing differences, uniting everything and wrapping it all in alienating names and symbols, to the extent that the unification idea has become revolting to an important component of the population that feels excluded and colonized, and no longer feels bound to accept the new symbols and contracts. May 20 appears now like a neat picture forced on a complex society to suffocate relevant factors that do not seem to fit in the one-party logical mode of thinking; it was meant to clear a messiness that interfered with an imaginary, malleable whole wished by shortsightedness that saw the rest of us as subjects, not citizens. That is why May 20 has never been a glue that holds all of us together; it has never been an idea around which all the people mobilize, because it ignored group sensitivities and has no genuine interest in what other people think, and why they think the way they think.
     Four, Deng Xiao Ping famously said that the development strategy of China was like crossing a river by feeling the stones. By this he was saying that experimentation always produces positive and negative results; and the negative results always lead the way to positive results. By all measures, May 20 has turned out to be a negative result of an experiment. After 40-some years, it has thrown up vistas that many have seen and many may not have seen yet. May 20 should go, so we can have tough conversations about how to manage the fallouts of its legacy.
      Five, When we held the Tripartite Conference in the ‘90s, it was supposed that our understanding of our constraints and our human condition would lead us to take responsibility for the general outcome of our efforts, and agree on what to do next together, and on a common path to take to make what had not yet happened to happen from then. It had to result in a sort of “Yaounde Consensus.” Unfortunately, the one-party-cum-May 20 mindset turned it into a ruse to set personal agendas and fulfill personal ambitions. May 20 should go, to give way to a new “Consensus” that will set a new agenda for today and the future, release citizen ingenuity, and maximize citizen choices.
     Six, Cameroonians of the May 20 era only see vanity and sybaritism in their leaders today. They think only about castles, and fat foreign bank accounts acquired without effort. They do not know that what we call government money is their money, and that the government in power is supposed to hold the money in trust for them. They do not know that the money should be managed and guarded diligently to serve the people who own the money. This is because the May 20 mentality has alienated the state from the people. May 20 has to go, to give way to a new era of new consciousness and a new system of values that appreciate the concept of democracy, respect law and order, respect the rule of law, respect merit and competition… May 20 has to go, so we can promote the understanding that the only reason to be in government is to unlock the people’s potential through unleashing the country’s potential in industry.
    Seven, Our institutions of the May 20 era lack integrity and fairness because people with an obsession for corruption and theft and selfishness have barricaded themselves in centralized state structures using self-serving laws fabricated by them to exclude the rest of the people from having a say. May 20 should go, to usher in people with the spirit of selflessness who will wholeheartedly hammer out new rules of engagement that serve the nation, not an individual.
    Eight, The May 20 mind-set has made society to be increasing dependent on slogans, motions, and the rampant cooking and falsification of figures in all domains, with the hope of magical transformation, rather than studious hard work. It has left the strong impression that achievement can be willed into existence by slogans, motions, and manipulation of figures, rather than rigorous actions spurred by effort. May 20 should go, so that we can regenerate the feeling that development is not a pious wish, but an imperative that can only be achieved by effort.
   Nine, Everybody knows that democracy is a vehicle for promoting rapid development and improving the quality of life of citizens through good, efficient and responsible governance. When Foncha and his peers fought for unification with the wish to bring democracy to their brothers, they saw democracy as the avenue to win power, institute democratic governance, and deepen the democratic culture in a decentralized structure where states would run their own show. May 20 is about the alienation of that vision and dream, and the institution of centralized governance that has aggravated poverty, unemployment, bad roads, poor quality of education, corruption, bad leadership, poor healthcare, access to potable water, and robbed people of their dreams. May 20 should go, to allow Cameroonians to face the new African millennial challenge defined by Bill Clinton – to build a capacity which will enable the people to live to make their own progress and save their own future in a system that rewards intelligence and hard work.
   Ten, May 20 - “Unification” – has become like Benjamin Disraeli’s “moderation” – a virtue to limit the ambition of our founding fathers and to console undistinguished people for their want of fortune and their lack of merit. It has foisted leaders on us that appropriate patriotism without any rigour by declarations, rather than by diligent, faithful, wholehearted work for the country. Let May 20 go, so that we can truly have a “republic” where politics is deliberative and public; where decisions are continuously questioned; where politics can never come to some arrangement that makes further debate and discussion no longer necessary.
   Future generations will likely remember May 20 as a development that undermined the unification project. Either it goes and we reform the state for a better union, or the state will kill the union! As May 20 goes, it should go with a whole generation of leaders.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Cameroon: Buea Hospital Director Accused of Sexual Harassment Interrogated

By Christopher Ambe
Belinda Etombi Mbame
 Dr. George Enow Orcok, director of Buea Regional Hospital, accused of sexually harassing a junior female staff serving under him, was last Wednesday summoned at Buea State Counsel Chambers where he was interrogated by Prosecutor (Justice) Maureen Chibili.
         The interrogation followed a complaint the victim of the alleged sexual harassment had lodged with state authorities.
Belinda Etombi Mbame, 39, a junior staff of the hospital, is accusing the director of not only sexually harassing her, but also of withholding her pay (from January to April 2015) and other financial remuneration and of assault.
      Her compliant was  lodged with the State Counsel’s Chambers in Buea and the Regional Office of the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF),Buea on Monday May 11,the same day  The POST newspaper published a scripted interview of Belinda Etombi Mbame telling the world of where and how the director had subjected her to harsh treatment reportedly because she refused to have sex with him.
   The Post reported that when they contacted Dr. Enow Orock for his reaction after Belinda narrated her ordeal to them, the Director refused to comment.
   Also on Tuesday May 12, this reporter and another, Ayang Mc Donald of The Eden Newspaper went to the Director’s office to get his side of the story. Informed of our presence in the waiting room,  a fuming Dr.Enow Orock rather stormed out of his office and met us outside, and when we told him why we came to see him, he angrily ordered us to leave the hospital premises, insisting “No Comment”. He then dashed back into his office and banged the door.
   The Recorder gathered from court sources that Dr. Enow Orock ‘s interrogation will continue on Monday, as well as that of the Mayor of Buea,Ekema Patrick and Dr. Mbome Victor, Southwest Regional Delegate for Public Health, cited as authorities to whom  Belinda had first complained about the molestation  she was  reportedly  subjected to  by he Director.
  It is only after Tuesday’s interrogation, sources said, that the State Counsel will decide whether or not to formally charge the Director.

Cameroon:Ekande Chief Organizes Celebration In Remembrance of Bob Marley

By Christopher Ambe
 Chief Njako  Moveni  Hans IV
 The Chief of Ekande Village in Buea Subdivision, Njako  Moveni  Hans IV, who is also a musician on Monday 11, organized a musical display at his palace to commemorate the 34rd anniversary of the death of famous Reggae Musician Bob Marley, who died  in 1981
    The colorful event brought together many reggae artists especially Southwest-based Musicians who listened to a good number of Bob Marley’s songs and felt much inspired.
      Reggae musicians performed live at the ceremony included Chief Njako Moveni himself, whose artistic name is Saint Motelue.
    Saint Motulue, said to be the first Bakweri reggae Musician particularly thrilled the audience with his reggae songs in Bakweri language.
     The chief, who is said to have done much to encourage the growth of music in Southwest, also used the ceremony to announce his acceptance of his many fellows’ call for him to seek election as President of Southwest-Based artists’ association.
     The Chief said  he has a recording studio, an orchestra  and  transport truck  which he is ready to put at the disposal of other musicians who may want to move round the towns and do live musical concerts.
He told reporters, that if elected President of Southwest artists “I would take the association to higher heights, because I have important contacts that can help the artists”
    Chief Njako, who served as a police officer for 13 years before going on voluntary retirement in 1993-said problems faced by artists  include piracy, which he called on the Government to help fight against as a matter of urgently.
    It  worth of note that,Saint Motelue  was one of selected musicians who performed during President Paul Biya’s visit to Buea to chair celebrations marking the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Reunification of Cameroon.
    Saint Motelue, aged 26, started his music career in 1998 and in 2000, he launched his first Album titled “Alpha and Omega” and then in 2004 his second album “Nolataco” hit the market.
He is currently working on his fourth and fifth albums, programmed to be released in June this year

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Barrister Agbor-Balla : A tangible blessing, not for Fako lawyers only !

By  Christopher Ambe  

 Barrister   Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla 
Those who are privy to the CV of Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla say it would have been a big mistake if his colleagues did not give this tough-talking Cameroonian-born legal wizard the mandate to head Fako Lawyers’ Association (FAKLA) now for a two-year term renewable, at this time that the Common Law Practice in the country seems to be under threat of being wiped-off.
     His very rich CV and campaign promises are the magic wand with which he used to fight his way- smoothly- to the supremacy of FAKLA.
 A resident of Buea and an ex-student of the prestigious St. Joseph College Sasse Buea and CCAS Kumba,from where he bagged his GCE  O & A-levels, with good grades, Agbor Balla, proceeded  to  the then  University of Yaoundé, graduating with   an LLB in English Private Law. 
 The lawyer
He would later attend the Nigerian Law School in Lagos, graduating with a BL Second Class Upper Division with 1st Prize Civil Procedure. Qualifying as a lawyer he enrolled as a Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 1996. 
Agbor-Balla is also a lawyer, solicitor and notary public of the Supreme Court of Cameron and, heads the Agbor Nkongho Law Firm, Biaka Street Upper Bonduma,Buea.
More Academic Qualifications
 Barrister Agbor Balla holds an LLM (Cum Laude) in International and European Comparative Law at the University of Brussels and also an LLM (Cum laude) in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the University of Notre Dame, USA. He also is holder of a Diploma in Public International Law at Academy of International Law, Hague, Holland and a Diploma on Theory and Practice of Conflict Prevention in Africa, the University of Leipzig, Germany.
Professional Experience
Barrister Agbor-Balla worked as a Doctoral Researcher at the Centre for International Law University of Brussels, Associate Legal Officer at the International Criminal Court for Sierra Leone, Legal Adviser Trial Chamber International Criminal Court for Sierra Leone, Human Rights Officer United Nations mission in Afghanistan, Legal Adviser United Nations Police in Congo and Legal Adviser UN Mission in Afghanistan.
       He is the Founder and Executive Director of Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa ( .Barrister Agbor-Balla was the first Chairperson of the Southern Cameroons European Coordinating Committee (SCECC) and led a delegation with famous Human Rights Activist Albert Mukong(now late) to the President of the EU Commission to discuss the issues of Southern Cameroons.
The publisher/author
Agbor- Balla is the publisher of New Broom Magazine- an extreme Left Magazine that addresses issues affecting Anglophone Cameroonians. He has written extensively on themes such as: The Right of the Southern Cameroonians to Self- Determination under International Law; “An Appraisal of the Special Court for Sierra Leone” Referral of Sudan to the International Criminal Court;“The Law as a Mechanism for Women Discrimination in Sub-Saharan Africa”;“State’s Obligations in Prevention of Gross Violations of Human Rights in Sub- Saharan Africa: The Case of Darfur, Sudan ,” “Implementation of Decisions of the International Court of Justice: The Cameroon/Nigeria Mixed Commission,” “Harmful Traditional Practices affecting Girls and Women in Cameroon” Comparative study of Reparation in the African Charter and the Inter American Charter.
     This great legal mind has presented papers and given lectures amongst others on:
“Human Rights Law in Africa,” Brussels School of International Studies, 2003
“The Legal Status of Boundaries in Africa: Rethinking the Nation State in Central Africa.” Boundaries: An African Success Story? Washington D.C., May 2002; Human Rights and the Elderly, Kumba, Cameroon. August 17 2010;International Criminal Justice, Pan African Institute of West Africa, Buea 2013;Human Rights and the Law, University of Buea Law Society, 2014
 The Conference Organizer
He has organized numerous conferences such as: “Democracy in Africa, Challenges and Prospects," with Dr. Chris Fomunyoh of National Democratic Institute, a guest speaker, 2010; Corruption and its Implications on Human Rights, Buea, Cameroon, 25 September, 2009 with Prof. Kale as Keynote Speaker and the Political adviser of the US Embassy in Yaounde as panelist;The Role of Diplomacy, Judiciary, Press and Clergy in the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Africa, Buea, Cameroon, September 7, 2007 with Dr. Nsoh, Nigerian Consul General as keynote speaker;“Human Rights in the Shadow of China: The Case of Taiwan”, Universities of Chicago & Notre Dame, November 2005
FAKLA - nursery for leaders
It is on record that FAKLA has produced a President of the Bar Council, a president of the General Assembly, members of the Bar Council and members in International organizations and the great halls of international Courts and Tribunals. This association is capable of more national leaders
       Now,with his elevation, by way of free and fair election, as President of FAKLA, Barrister Agbor-Balla  ,many think ,is  a tangible blessing  not only to the about 300-member association of legal practitioners   in particular but also  to Cameroon and  the world in the domain of the articulation and  promotion of the rule of law and Human Rights.
      What makes Barrister Agbor-Balla unique, The Recorder has observed, is the great force with which he articulates his point of view once he’s convinced of what he is saying or about to do.
      Legal pundits argue that a good lawyer is not necessarily the one who has a PhD in law or who knows the most law, but one who sufficiently prepares, masters and brilliantly defends his submissions. This is where Barrister Agbor-Balla, comes in. He is, to put it bluntly, a great force to reckon with- national and internationally.
      The Recorder learned that, during the  election campaign, his sound articulation and mastery  of issues  as well as  his persuasiveness won for him the souls of his colleagues- who then reciprocated  by entrusting confidence in him to lead them.
     Hear him during his campaign: “The challenges facing the common Law are daunting and since FAKLA has emerged as the guarantor of our bijural and bi-cultural heritage; we need a president who can lead FAKLA to protect and promote that heritage for ourselves, our people, posterity and our common destiny. Your humble servant will make the fight against the erosion of the common law a principal focus of his mandate. I have had high level international meetings to discuss issues that not only affect the common law but that affect Anglophones in general.
      “The time has come to bring this experience to FAKLA and as one family we can protect and promote our common destiny.  In addition, I will make sure that FAKLA is proactive by standing up against harmonization of the laws in the manner in which it is presently being done. Whilst acknowledging that harmonization is not necessarily bad, harmonization has become a back door attempt to circumvent the constitutional protections afforded the common law. If it must be done, I will lead the fight for FAKLA to be represented in the Committees on Harmonization”
       Barrister Agbor Balla, because of his high sense of direction, likes to lead others. Just recently, he almost became the President of FECAFOOT Southwest.  During the election, he lost to his challenger Senator Charles Mbella Moki by 6-7 votes.
The Teacher 
      Due to his love to pass on knowledge and empower others Barrister Agbor Balla, is also a lecturer at the University of Buea, teaching Human Rights and Public Liberties, Criminal Procedure and constitutional law.
     This caring father and Christian is a member of: Cameron Bar Association, Nigerian Bar Association, International Bar Association, Hague Academy of International Law, International Criminal Law Network and the American Society of International Law
   According to the Bible Book of Proverbs 24:3-4,“Homes are built on the foundation of wisdom and understanding. Where there is knowledge, the rooms are furnished with valuable, beautiful things.”
   Barrister Agbor Balla, Bravo !
[ First published in The RECORDER Newspaper,Cameroon,of May 6,2015] 

At Launch of Solar Technicians’Training: Cameroon OIC urged to maintain leadership

By Christopher Ambe
Camerooon OIC Diredtor.Clara Limunga Molua,
Cameroon OIC Buea has started training solar energy technicians in a project dubbed “Solar Technician Made in Cameroon’.
     At the launch of the project, Mr. Thomas Orock, Southwest Regional Inspector for Vocational Training, commended OIC and implored it to maintain its leadership position as a vocational training centre in the region.
It is the first ever training course on solar energy in the Southwest Region, The Recorder learned.
     The project, according to Madam Clara Limunga Molua, Programme Director of Cameroon OIC, is intended to contribute towards the realization of the Head of State’s vision of Cameroon becoming an emergent country by 2035.
“Being the first of its kind in Fako, the project will not only transform and revitalize but will supplement sustainable energy to the under-supplied energy sector of Cameroon and hence increase the wattage.consequently, the problems of deficiency and scarcity of electricity will be drastically curbed …once the implementation phase starts”, remarked the programme director, in her welcome to a large audience that turned up for the launch of the project, while thanking partners for their significant contributions.
     Seventeen (17) technicians- a majority sent by municipal councils and the rest self-sponsored have undergone the maiden four-week training, which ended last April 30, according to Ephanga Martin Ndive,OIC Training Manager.    
  “After the training, the trainees will go back to their councils and educate others on the importance of solar energy. In case any institution needs solar equipment, the trainees will contact OIC to facilitate their acquisition and installation”, he told The Recorder.
   The Cameroon OIC solar technician training has been carried out by Mr.Augustin Ndasi, Managing Director of HES Company-Limbe and his team of experts in the field of REN.
  The project is the fruit of  Cameroon OIC ‘s partnership with  AGI-Technologies,SEP and Sunpower EPE ( based in Germany and Greece),Haute Energy System(HES),Limbe-Cameroon who are experts in  the field of photovoltaic and other renewable energies, and  the Fako Cultural and Development Association(FACUDA e.V.) based in Germany.
    The launching of the Solar Technician made in Cameroon last April 7 on OIC campus, was chaired by Madam Ebot Margaret, Assistant Divisional Officer (ADO) for Buea,who sat in for the Divisional Officer Kouam Wokam Paul
 Madam Ebot hailed the initiators and partners of the OIC solar project, noting that it was in line with the commitment of the Government to revolutionize the energy sector in Cameroon. She was optimistic that the country would soon have “Solar Technicians Made in Cameroon”
     In a discourse on the importance of solar Energy, during the launching, Mr. Thomas Orock, Southwest Regional Inspector for Vocational Training, enumerated the uses of solar energy, which, he said, is environmentally friendly and healthy.
   “Cameroon OIC is considered the leader of vocational training in the Southwest and programmes like this enable you maintain your leadership position”, Mr. Orock happily told Cameroon OIC authorities, hoping that the pioneer solar technician trainees would be very committed.
   For his part, Mr. Eyong Tedd,who spoke on behalf of  Barrister Ekontang Elad,OIC Board Chair, noted that “ We (OIC ) are  redesigning our approach to training, according to the trends of times. We give the kind of training that makes trainees relevant not only now but also in future”
He advised the pioneer batch of “Solar Technicians Made in Cameroon” to be honest with their clients and not to exploit them,upon completion of the course.He said Cameroon OIC, which will next year clock 30 years, has trained tens of thousands of Cameroonians since its inception in 1986.
    Taking the floor, Engineer Emmanuel Elacko Efome, President of FACUDA e.V-the donor organization of the Cameroon OIC solar energy training project, said he was happy to return home “to make my own little contribution to a small development initiative in the field of solar energy”
   Engineer Efome,who is a native of Buea but based in Germany, was speaking on the occasion in three capacities. He was representing FACUDA e.V(the donor organization) based in Germany and two companies that shouldered the technical realization of the Solar energy training project-AGI Technologies and SEP Solar Energie  Projekt- both based in Germany
Engineer Efome thanked the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and Engagement Global (the German Central contact agency that runs the selection process for funding development initiatives both at home and abroad) for funding  the OIC Solar Training project to the tune of 90% with the sum of 12.743.456 FCFA.
    He was particularly thankful to the Programme Director of Cameroon OIC, Madam Clara Molua for hosting the project and for her “unconditional support to its realization”. He equally commended OIC training manager Ephanga Martin Ndive “for bringing up the brilliant idea that led to this development initiative.”
   Engineer Efome said FACUDA e.V, which was formed in 2012, has as members persons living in Germany but who originate from Fako Division in Cameroon. “Our main objective is to promote development initiatives in Fako Division in particular and Cameroon in general”, he noted.

Why Train Solar Technicians?
According to Engineer Efome, “The constant increase in energy costs, the problem of persistent brownouts (voltage drop).blackouts and most importantly, the increasing awareness in climate change have pushed the business of renewable and alternative energy use in Cameroon to grow tremendously in the past years”
He noted that the renewable energy sector in the Southwest Region is lacking in manpower for planning, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

Immediate Objective
According to Engineer Efome, “Our immediate objective is to promote the training of technicians in the fields of Photovoltaics,in order that they may be able to understand the basics and the Process of planning,Designing,Installing and Maintaining PV systems. There is no other better place to carry out the training than OIC-its track record as vocational  training school for the past decades in different professional  fields  cannot be over emphasized, also and above all, its Management team that is open to innovation, even with the little means at their disposal, needs to be commended
“In Europe such technicians are known as solateurs,a training that started just about 15 years ago. So we are not trailing behind all that much if we start now to provide certified training programmes for renewable energy professions according to international guidelines”

Long term objective
According to Engineer Efome, “Our mission by venturing into the training aspect of renewable energy is  to set up a full fledged-training center for renewable energy technologies, with the long-term objective to develop skills for green jobs
“We also plan to promote start-up companies in REN technologies in the Region, search for funds to service start-up grants for REN business, promote knowledge acquisition and knowledge database creation. All these will go to enhance the creation of jobs, and put us at the forefront in advancing with the trends of these technologies”

Solar Power Applications and Benefits
-Solar power for chilling-refrigeration and air-conditioning
-Solar power for water heating
- Solar power for drying wood,cocoa,coffee(in industrial scale)
-Solar power for irrigation of crops
- Solar power for water pumping
- Solar power for our schools, homes, offices, rural hospitals and industries
- Solar power for street and signal lighting
- Solar power for telecommunications and IT solutions
- Solar power for automobiles ,ships and air crafts.
Engineer Efome concluded his presentation, noting: “The potential of REN techs to drive employment growth is immense and we should use this advantage”
 [ First published in The RECORDER Newspaper,Cameroon,of May 6,2015]