Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cameroonian,Nigerian Forces Free Hundreds of Boko Haram Hostage

 By Moki Edwin Kindzeka
 YAOUNDE—Cameroon's military has freed 12 people held hostage by 30 suspected rebels on its border with the troubled Central African Republic. Cameroon's military says that two of the suspected rebels were killed and several its soldiers were wounded in a 48 hour operation.
    The governor of the Adamawa region of Cameroon says the 12 people, including children, were freed from captivity after Cameroon military launched an operation on its border with the Central African Republic.  

Kildadis Taguieke Boucar says, unfortunately, some of the hostage takers escaped to the neighboring country.
    He says the assailants were quickly detected by the population and Cameroon military because they were dressed in foreign military uniforms, an indication many rebels and evildoers from foreign countries were still operating on Cameroonian territory.
     Among the freed hostages flown by Cameroon's military from the border zone to the Ngaoundere airport in Adamawa region is 47-year old cattle rancher Mohamadou Njobdji, who says he spent two weeks in captivity after he was seized with his two children from his home at Ngaoui.
     He says the day he was kidnapped there was a loud knock on his door about 11:00 PM with voices threatening that if he refused to let them in, he and his family would be killed.  He says when he opened the door some masked people, dressed in black and armed with guns ordered his household to follow them.

Njobdji says while in captivity on the mountainous border zone, they were asked to pay ransoms of up to $10,000 each for their release.  He says they were beaten each morning and fed with meat from stolen cattle.
     Colonel Asoualai Blama, who led the operation to free the hostages, has called for civilians to report suspects and strange people in their localities.  He says Cameroon's military is determined to fight the attackers, but the battle can not be won without the participation of the general population. 
      He says he is very thankful to the population, especially farmers and cattle ranchers who collaborated by giving useful information to the military. He says without such collaboration the armed men who operate on border localities should have retreated to the Central African Republic.
      Before 2014, CAR rebels were attacking Cameroon frequently to press for the release of Abdoulaye Meskine and 10 anti-Balaka soldiers who were arrested in Cameroon in 2013.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Can homosexuality be decriminalized in Cameroon?

By Ngwa Abah
Despite the stigma and punishment attached to homosexuality in Cameroon, this act, which is considered as an abomination in most African cultures, is seemingly gaining grounds in this Central African country among young and old people.      
   Homosexuality remains a crime in Cameroon, and according to the country’s penal code, in its Section 347, “Whoever has sexual relationship with a person of the same sex shall be punished with imprisonment from six months to five years and a fine from 20.000Fcfa to 200.000 Fcfa"
    But why do some Cameroonians want the decriminalization of homosexuality?
They advance several reasons; but some of their strongest arguments for it are that: it is a legal practice in at least 20 countries including a leading African country, South Africa, and that the criminalization of consensual sexual conduct between same-sex adults is a violation of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR),which Cameroon  ratified  on June 27, 1984
     But it is also worthy of note that homosexuality is currently considered as a crime in over 65 countries, and over 50 of which have ratified the ICCPR.
     Some advocates think that if it were that bad first world countries such as the US would not condone it. Europe is the first region where homosexuality is legal in all countries.
    Others including some local rights organizations that are calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality claim that sexual orientation is a Human Right. They think that people should not be harassed, threatened or even prosecuted because of whom they love.
     Although pressure is being mounted on Cameroon by some international organizations such as   Amnesty International to decriminalize homosexuality, it is doubtful whether the country can yield to their demands
     Nganji Yonge Stephen, a resident of Buea, argues that it is high time Cameroon decriminalize homosexuality.
   This rights activist, who is a volunteer of Vision In Action Cameroon (VIAC), an organization based in Buea and created in 2007  with the goal of empowering communities on human rights issues ,told reporters recently that, he has been molested, insulted and almost lynched simply because he advocates the rights of gay people.
     It is alleged that Nganji Yonge,31 year-old, is a homosexual, a claim he has vehemently refused when questioned by reporters. “You can support what is good for others but you must not necessarily be one of them”, he said.
    Asked if he not is afraid advocating for homosexuality, he retorted: “It remains a crime in Cameroon and so we may be arrested for promoting it. Thus, we are cautious the way we go about our campaign”
   While Nganji Yonge is one of the proponents of homosexuality, many opponents are instead calling on the Government to launch a continuous crackdown on crime.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


By Ayah Paul Abine
America voyaged from the land of hooligans, nonconformists and adventurers, through the era of cowboys of gladiatorial killings, through the War of Independence, “workaholicism”, equal opportunities to the America of the first “black” president. God is such a HUGE miracle! Programming the advent of the first lady president immediately after that turning point of the first “black” president! (You may wish to see the pun in the phrase “first lady”).
     And things are working out with such ease! Mitt Romney who is not even a candidate sees American values in holding himself out as the moral authority: the defender of American values. And an immoral platform he chooses: publicly hurling invectives without qualms at the people’s choice that Trump is! 
    The new American value means Romney accepting endorsement and money from Trump when Romney desired to enter the White House; only for the very Romney to turn round and discover the horrible devil in his former comrade, Trump, who is now in an identical posture in reversal. It is new American value to embark upon negative campaign as against the traditional campaign of presenting a sellable economic programme; a protective security/foreign relations policy; a programme that defends the state of the union…
    And the gullible world buys Romney’s blind, narrow view. Only yesterday, the very accomplices watched leaders of nations kill their citizens in their thousands with reprehensible passivity. In the case of Trump today, they have repugnantly taken the posture of dictating and depicting the qualities of an American president. Even the old and feeble debilitated by dementia! Interference in other countries’ internal affairs has been laid to rest because it is a certain Donald Trump. That is justice in the modern world!
   Worst still is Romney’s hidden agenda: crusading for the so-called “third party” nomination that would get Romney to reap without having sown. One wonders whether Romney has obliterated the word “cheating” from his own dictionary. And the puzzle of the century is that the so-called establishment of the Republican Party is incapable of visualizing the consequences.
   Even at the level of primaries, independents and democrats are voting for Trump. Investing anyone other than Trump in an “open convention” would result in Trump’s supporters resorting to casting a protest vote. That does mean easy victory for the first lady president of the United States of America! And that is exactly how God works: creating situations where apparently normal persons go amok, and unconsciously pave the way for God’s choice as God has ordained!
  Whichever way things go now, the “establishment” has so damaged the Republican Party that, even between Trump and Hillary, the latter seems much closer to the doorstep of her former ”home” – the White House!    

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cameroon: People's Action Party becomes Popular Action Party(PAP); Hon Justice Ayah Paul Still National President !


Hon. Justice Ayah Paul Abine
The attention of PAP leadership has been drawn to some disparaging information maliciously disseminated by some media that Hon Ayah Paul Abine has been replaced at the helm of the party. We wish to inform PAP members, supporters and admirers that Hon Ayah Paul Abine is the current National President of Popular Action Party, formerly known as People’s Action Party.
     Let it be known that, in a recent national council meeting of PAP, People’s Action Party was renamed Popular Action Party – PAP – and its National President, Hon Ayah Paul Abine, was given a mandate of not more than six months to call a meeting of PAP National Council to elect the national officials of the party. We have since notified the appropriate quarters about the change in the status of PAP as by law required.
   Whoever is/are the author/authors of the false information may wish to get themselves ready to substantiate their information before the appropriate institutions put in place by the state for such purposes.
Done at Yaounde, this Thursday, the 10th day of March, 2016

Cameroon:Sponsor of Structural Renovations at G.S.Likoko Hailed

By Christopher Ambe

Chief Fende lauding  sponsor
Martin Monangai, pioneer pupil of G.S Likoko Membea-Buea now resident in the USA who funded the recent rehabilitation and renovation of sections of his alma mater to the tune of over 1.5 million FCFA has been commended by local authorities for such timely assistance to the institution.    At a brief but important ceremony, Wednesday March 9, at the school premises to mark the end of phase one of the renovation works, speakers who included the Chief of Likoko Membea, Ngeke Fende; Mr. Mokoko Carl Motinda, representative of the Inspector of Basic Education for Buea Subdivision and Mola Esame Robert Joke, PTA President of GS.Likoko all lavished praises on Martin Monangai for undertaking the renovation works at a time there was urgent need.He was likened to a God-send       Government School Likoko Membea, created in 1973, has graduated hundreds of Cameroonians who are doing great in all walks of life at home and abroad.Although a state-owned school, sections of the institution were in a state of disrepair and the PTA President said he was due to launch a public appeal for well-wishers to help until Martin Monangai came in to help the situation.

Mr. Mokoko Carl 
Pupils taking snacks

   Dr. Besong Henry, another pioneer pupil of G.S Likoko Membea now resident in Italy, not only oversaw the execution of the repairs but also contributed  financially.   Also speaking a the ceremony, Mola Elali Mokake,a former PTA President of the same school recalled how the local community had in the past been assisting the school. He urged the staff of GS Likoko Membea to always relate well with the elite of the village, so as to get their support to the growth of the school

The various speakers called on other ex-pupils of the institution to emulate the example of Mr. Monangai and Dr. Besong Henry, by giving back to the community that laid their foundation to success. 

 GS Likoko Pupils perform cultural dance to salute the  renovations
   Earlier in her welcome address, Mrs. Ngassa Frida,Head-teacher of G.S Likoko Membea Group 1, was thankful to the project sponsors and promised that the school management would do its best to ensure academic excellence remains part of the institution.The pupils entertained the invitees with cultural dances and songs in appreciation of the facelift given the school.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016 Cameroon Career Women’s Awards: Honorine Emanga likely winner in healthcare category.

By Christopher Ambe

This year’s edition of the Cameroon Career Women’s Award (CCWA) billed for March 25 -27, 2016 in London UK,will certainly produce a new class of Cameroon models. And Cameroonian -born currently resident in Germany, Honorine Emanga Baron,nominee in the healthcare category  hopes to  emerge one of the top  winners.
        The whole idea about the event, which is in its second edition, according to information on its official website ( is to recognize, appreciate, and encourage hard work or success among Cameroonian women.
      The objective of the award is “to motivate, stir up or even create a passion for hard work and excellence among Cameroonian Women at home and abroad,”it says.
        Minister Mrs. Bridget Benjamin,a career counselor ,is the brain behind  the Cameroon Career Women Awards.  She is CEO of Secret to a Happy Home,  a community interest company that supports individuals and families  and also the owner of Bridget Restaurant located at 15 London Road, Barking, London, IG11 8AA.
     According to the organizers, “The Cameroon Career Women Awards (CCWA) is open to all organizations worldwide, and recognize the achievements of Cameroon Women executives, entrepreneurs, employers and the organizations they run. 
  “CCWA judges include many of the world’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators”

      Funds raised during the event, according to the organizers, “will be used to provide part or full scholarship for female students who have passed the Advance levels and gained admission into the University but cannot afford to pay their fees”
    The event is being sponsored by leading marketers, publishers, and government institutions, the site notes.

   The award categories include health care and medicine, religion, entertainment, charity, law, sports, public service, catering, business and technology, banking and finance, education and training, media, and business education.
   “After the late deadline for entries has passed, our Jury will review all submissions and by online voting, determine a shortlist of five women per category. Entries are evaluated against success, professionalism, influence and personality. The winners will be voted on anonymously during a two-day Jury meeting prior to the ceremony”,according to the organizers.
     Honorine Emanga Baron, Cameroonian-born Health Care professional who is resident in Germany is one of the several nominees for this year’s award. When we caught up with Mrs. Baron, who is a triple-qualified general nurse,psychiatric nurse and nursing instructor in Germany, she started by commending the initiators of the award. “The initiators of this important event are just great minds. I liken them not only to true Cameroonian ambassadors but also to true advocates of women empowerment”, she remarked.
    This kind-hearted lady ,who grew up in Bokwango-Buea(Cameroon) and graduated from University of Buea  before traveling to Germany in 2003, where she later  studied and graduated from prestigious LWL Akademie Nursing School in Munster, is reportedly a philanthropist. She is equally an advocate against torture and suffering.
    Mrs. Baron, reports hold, has helped (using her personal resources) so many Africans in Germany who find themselves in hardship.

“Life should be about happiness. I like to be happy and also do my best to make others happy-even if it means using all my resources to do that.If I have the means I will empower all women. You know the woman is the mother of society”, she told The Recorder.

    Mrs. Baron, who is set to travel to London for the three-day event, is very optimistic that she will emerge victorious in the health care and medicine category, where is one of the few nominees.

   “I would like to call on people all over the world who know my worth and or have benefited from my assistance in one way or the other to go to the Cameroon Career women site and like my page and to share it. I want to thank all of you in advance”, she said, smiling as usual.” I appeal to Cameroonians over the world to attend this historic ceremony”


By Ayah Paul Abine,Deputy Atorney general of the Supreme Count of Cameroon

It is notoriously repetitive, but we still wish, for emphasis, to begin by recurring to the conspicuous fact that there are two juxtaposed legal systems in Cameroun/Cameroon: the Common Law and the Civil Law. The third arm is the crude gloss over the two systems christened “national laws” by misnomer. “By misnomer” because, in reality, both the national substantive and adjective laws in the domain under consideration are but a nefarious pigmentation of the French Civil Law singular lotion…

The law on the structure and functioning of the Supreme Court is no exception to the general rule. It admits of no contention that it is “national” only insofar as it is relative to jurisdiction ratione loci. But it is beyond doubt that it is the ramification and by-product of the Civil Law system, fastidiously hostile to any influence from the Common Law system. It is no boldness to assert that the law in question is the regurgitation of undigested garbage from the French civil code and civil procedure code, inspired by alien culture not altogether not inimical to sane judgment, equity and good conscience. 

That global assertion is exemplified by the fact that the six top positions of that court from the President and the Attorney General through the heads of Divisions are all occupied by Camerounese to the total exclusion of Cameroonians. One may assert with little fear of error that, of the over fifty Camerounese judges, hardly 10% can honestly affirm that they have as much as heard about the rules of court which are like the Bible in adjective civil law in the Common Law system…

Clearly, a judgment written on the basis of those rules cannot ever be fairly determined on appeal on the foundation of a different set of rules; let alone where, in the one system, Equity has rendered the rules flexible; while elsewhere the technicalities are akin to “forms of actions” that occasioned untold hardships and injustices that were the hallmark of “forms of actions” centuries ago in Common Law.

Again would it be noted that the language of the court is essentially alien to the Cameroonian. Justice should not only be done. The litigant must be satisfied that there has been fairness in the process and in the proceeding. It is immaterial that the litigant is represented by counsel who understands what is going on. Ultimately, it is the litigant’s cause and not that of the counsel. And nature allows no-one to hear for the other. Indisputably, the core truth is ever watered down in reported speech!

It would be submitted, therefore, that, the Supreme Court having final jurisdiction, it would be salutary to create a Division of that court to do justice to Cameroonians. We see in my minds’ eyes someone arguing the case for harmonization. But it makes no difference when harmonization means simply borrowing from the French codes for complacent “enactment”, and domineering application in tantalizing French. 
Therefore do we persist in holding that the Supreme Court as it is now cannot do justice to Cameroonians in civil matters. We do challenge whosoever to prove the contrary to us.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Looking back at base: Pioneer Pupil of G.S Likoko Membea Assists Alma mater.

By Christopher Ambe

Created in 1973, Government School Likoko Membea in Buea Subdivision has

graduated hundreds of Cameroonians who are doing great in all walks of life at home and abroad.

   Yet only little support seldom comes from ex-pupils of this popular state-owned primary school, which has now been split into two schools:GS Likoko Membea Group 1 and GS Likoko Membea Group 2.The school also has a nursery section.

Dr. Besong( middle)showing work progress to Mr.Esame R. Joke
    Regrettably, sections of the school infrastructure are in a state of dilapidation and vandalized. And thieves are worsening the situation as wooden windows, doors and ceiling have broken and carted away. And what remains after their wicked acts are an eyesore.

     Informed of the sorry situation, Martin Monangai,a pioneer graduate of G.S Likoko Membea,who is resident and working in the USA  has decided to help his alma mater.

He has funded repair works currently being carried out in G.S Likoko Membea Group 1.

Renovated windows,now metal ones.
    The repair works being personally supervised by Dr. Besong Henry, another pioneer pupil of G.S Likoko Membea now resident in Italy, are attracting accolades from both the school administration and the local public.

Esame Robert Joke, a retired civil engineer and president of the Parents’ Teachers Association (PTA) of GS Likoko Group 1 now for two years, said this about the assistance of Martin Monangai to the school:

Stolen ceiling needing replacement
“This is a wonderful and timely gesture.I would add that ‘our Daniel has come to judgement’.We have been so disturbed by this poor situation.Infact, I actually did a needs assessment and was waiting for the next PTA meeting to see if could have volunteers or sponsors. Luckily Mr. Monangai has come to our rescue. I think God must have sent him”

Mr. Esame said the doors and decaying wooden ceiling of the school also needs to be changed. “We need iron doors, and would like to repair and improve on the floors”

Ngassa Frida:Headteacher
    The PTA president appealed to other ex-pupils of the elementary school to emulate the example of Mr. Monangai and Dr. Besong Henry, by giving back to the community that laid their foundation to success.

“We expect their assistance at any time. We ready to welcome them”, Mr. Esame said.

   Also reacting to the Martin Monangai-sponsored renovation works, Mrs. Ngassa Frida,Head-teacher of GS Likoko Membea Group 1, said:

“I am overwhelmed with joy.I am so happy with these men.In fact we have been suffering because of vandals and thieves. They enter in to the classrooms through the windows to destroy and steal”

She too reiterated the need for the school to have iron doors and good ceiling.