Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016 Cameroon Career Women’s Awards: Honorine Emanga likely winner in healthcare category.

By Christopher Ambe

This year’s edition of the Cameroon Career Women’s Award (CCWA) billed for March 25 -27, 2016 in London UK,will certainly produce a new class of Cameroon models. And Cameroonian -born currently resident in Germany, Honorine Emanga Baron,nominee in the healthcare category  hopes to  emerge one of the top  winners.
        The whole idea about the event, which is in its second edition, according to information on its official website ( is to recognize, appreciate, and encourage hard work or success among Cameroonian women.
      The objective of the award is “to motivate, stir up or even create a passion for hard work and excellence among Cameroonian Women at home and abroad,”it says.
        Minister Mrs. Bridget Benjamin,a career counselor ,is the brain behind  the Cameroon Career Women Awards.  She is CEO of Secret to a Happy Home,  a community interest company that supports individuals and families  and also the owner of Bridget Restaurant located at 15 London Road, Barking, London, IG11 8AA.
     According to the organizers, “The Cameroon Career Women Awards (CCWA) is open to all organizations worldwide, and recognize the achievements of Cameroon Women executives, entrepreneurs, employers and the organizations they run. 
  “CCWA judges include many of the world’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators”

      Funds raised during the event, according to the organizers, “will be used to provide part or full scholarship for female students who have passed the Advance levels and gained admission into the University but cannot afford to pay their fees”
    The event is being sponsored by leading marketers, publishers, and government institutions, the site notes.

   The award categories include health care and medicine, religion, entertainment, charity, law, sports, public service, catering, business and technology, banking and finance, education and training, media, and business education.
   “After the late deadline for entries has passed, our Jury will review all submissions and by online voting, determine a shortlist of five women per category. Entries are evaluated against success, professionalism, influence and personality. The winners will be voted on anonymously during a two-day Jury meeting prior to the ceremony”,according to the organizers.
     Honorine Emanga Baron, Cameroonian-born Health Care professional who is resident in Germany is one of the several nominees for this year’s award. When we caught up with Mrs. Baron, who is a triple-qualified general nurse,psychiatric nurse and nursing instructor in Germany, she started by commending the initiators of the award. “The initiators of this important event are just great minds. I liken them not only to true Cameroonian ambassadors but also to true advocates of women empowerment”, she remarked.
    This kind-hearted lady ,who grew up in Bokwango-Buea(Cameroon) and graduated from University of Buea  before traveling to Germany in 2003, where she later  studied and graduated from prestigious LWL Akademie Nursing School in Munster, is reportedly a philanthropist. She is equally an advocate against torture and suffering.
    Mrs. Baron, reports hold, has helped (using her personal resources) so many Africans in Germany who find themselves in hardship.

“Life should be about happiness. I like to be happy and also do my best to make others happy-even if it means using all my resources to do that.If I have the means I will empower all women. You know the woman is the mother of society”, she told The Recorder.

    Mrs. Baron, who is set to travel to London for the three-day event, is very optimistic that she will emerge victorious in the health care and medicine category, where is one of the few nominees.

   “I would like to call on people all over the world who know my worth and or have benefited from my assistance in one way or the other to go to the Cameroon Career women site and like my page and to share it. I want to thank all of you in advance”, she said, smiling as usual.” I appeal to Cameroonians over the world to attend this historic ceremony”

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