Thursday, March 17, 2016


By Ayah Paul Abine
America voyaged from the land of hooligans, nonconformists and adventurers, through the era of cowboys of gladiatorial killings, through the War of Independence, “workaholicism”, equal opportunities to the America of the first “black” president. God is such a HUGE miracle! Programming the advent of the first lady president immediately after that turning point of the first “black” president! (You may wish to see the pun in the phrase “first lady”).
     And things are working out with such ease! Mitt Romney who is not even a candidate sees American values in holding himself out as the moral authority: the defender of American values. And an immoral platform he chooses: publicly hurling invectives without qualms at the people’s choice that Trump is! 
    The new American value means Romney accepting endorsement and money from Trump when Romney desired to enter the White House; only for the very Romney to turn round and discover the horrible devil in his former comrade, Trump, who is now in an identical posture in reversal. It is new American value to embark upon negative campaign as against the traditional campaign of presenting a sellable economic programme; a protective security/foreign relations policy; a programme that defends the state of the union…
    And the gullible world buys Romney’s blind, narrow view. Only yesterday, the very accomplices watched leaders of nations kill their citizens in their thousands with reprehensible passivity. In the case of Trump today, they have repugnantly taken the posture of dictating and depicting the qualities of an American president. Even the old and feeble debilitated by dementia! Interference in other countries’ internal affairs has been laid to rest because it is a certain Donald Trump. That is justice in the modern world!
   Worst still is Romney’s hidden agenda: crusading for the so-called “third party” nomination that would get Romney to reap without having sown. One wonders whether Romney has obliterated the word “cheating” from his own dictionary. And the puzzle of the century is that the so-called establishment of the Republican Party is incapable of visualizing the consequences.
   Even at the level of primaries, independents and democrats are voting for Trump. Investing anyone other than Trump in an “open convention” would result in Trump’s supporters resorting to casting a protest vote. That does mean easy victory for the first lady president of the United States of America! And that is exactly how God works: creating situations where apparently normal persons go amok, and unconsciously pave the way for God’s choice as God has ordained!
  Whichever way things go now, the “establishment” has so damaged the Republican Party that, even between Trump and Hillary, the latter seems much closer to the doorstep of her former ”home” – the White House!    

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