Friday, March 4, 2016

Looking back at base: Pioneer Pupil of G.S Likoko Membea Assists Alma mater.

By Christopher Ambe

Created in 1973, Government School Likoko Membea in Buea Subdivision has

graduated hundreds of Cameroonians who are doing great in all walks of life at home and abroad.

   Yet only little support seldom comes from ex-pupils of this popular state-owned primary school, which has now been split into two schools:GS Likoko Membea Group 1 and GS Likoko Membea Group 2.The school also has a nursery section.

Dr. Besong( middle)showing work progress to Mr.Esame R. Joke
    Regrettably, sections of the school infrastructure are in a state of dilapidation and vandalized. And thieves are worsening the situation as wooden windows, doors and ceiling have broken and carted away. And what remains after their wicked acts are an eyesore.

     Informed of the sorry situation, Martin Monangai,a pioneer graduate of G.S Likoko Membea,who is resident and working in the USA  has decided to help his alma mater.

He has funded repair works currently being carried out in G.S Likoko Membea Group 1.

Renovated windows,now metal ones.
    The repair works being personally supervised by Dr. Besong Henry, another pioneer pupil of G.S Likoko Membea now resident in Italy, are attracting accolades from both the school administration and the local public.

Esame Robert Joke, a retired civil engineer and president of the Parents’ Teachers Association (PTA) of GS Likoko Group 1 now for two years, said this about the assistance of Martin Monangai to the school:

Stolen ceiling needing replacement
“This is a wonderful and timely gesture.I would add that ‘our Daniel has come to judgement’.We have been so disturbed by this poor situation.Infact, I actually did a needs assessment and was waiting for the next PTA meeting to see if could have volunteers or sponsors. Luckily Mr. Monangai has come to our rescue. I think God must have sent him”

Mr. Esame said the doors and decaying wooden ceiling of the school also needs to be changed. “We need iron doors, and would like to repair and improve on the floors”

Ngassa Frida:Headteacher
    The PTA president appealed to other ex-pupils of the elementary school to emulate the example of Mr. Monangai and Dr. Besong Henry, by giving back to the community that laid their foundation to success.

“We expect their assistance at any time. We ready to welcome them”, Mr. Esame said.

   Also reacting to the Martin Monangai-sponsored renovation works, Mrs. Ngassa Frida,Head-teacher of GS Likoko Membea Group 1, said:

“I am overwhelmed with joy.I am so happy with these men.In fact we have been suffering because of vandals and thieves. They enter in to the classrooms through the windows to destroy and steal”

She too reiterated the need for the school to have iron doors and good ceiling.


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Martin Monangai , MBA said...

There's plenty more to come in time.... When Dr. Besong is in country..... We're one Big family... N yes.... We are going to make a difference to the community.