Friday, May 15, 2015

Cameroon: Buea Hospital Director Accused of Sexual Harassment Interrogated

By Christopher Ambe
Belinda Etombi Mbame
 Dr. George Enow Orcok, director of Buea Regional Hospital, accused of sexually harassing a junior female staff serving under him, was last Wednesday summoned at Buea State Counsel Chambers where he was interrogated by Prosecutor (Justice) Maureen Chibili.
         The interrogation followed a complaint the victim of the alleged sexual harassment had lodged with state authorities.
Belinda Etombi Mbame, 39, a junior staff of the hospital, is accusing the director of not only sexually harassing her, but also of withholding her pay (from January to April 2015) and other financial remuneration and of assault.
      Her compliant was  lodged with the State Counsel’s Chambers in Buea and the Regional Office of the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF),Buea on Monday May 11,the same day  The POST newspaper published a scripted interview of Belinda Etombi Mbame telling the world of where and how the director had subjected her to harsh treatment reportedly because she refused to have sex with him.
   The Post reported that when they contacted Dr. Enow Orock for his reaction after Belinda narrated her ordeal to them, the Director refused to comment.
   Also on Tuesday May 12, this reporter and another, Ayang Mc Donald of The Eden Newspaper went to the Director’s office to get his side of the story. Informed of our presence in the waiting room,  a fuming Dr.Enow Orock rather stormed out of his office and met us outside, and when we told him why we came to see him, he angrily ordered us to leave the hospital premises, insisting “No Comment”. He then dashed back into his office and banged the door.
   The Recorder gathered from court sources that Dr. Enow Orock ‘s interrogation will continue on Monday, as well as that of the Mayor of Buea,Ekema Patrick and Dr. Mbome Victor, Southwest Regional Delegate for Public Health, cited as authorities to whom  Belinda had first complained about the molestation  she was  reportedly  subjected to  by he Director.
  It is only after Tuesday’s interrogation, sources said, that the State Counsel will decide whether or not to formally charge the Director.

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