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Cameroon: PCC Moderator, Synod Clerk to be inducted on Sunday

By Christopher Ambe

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), the Rt.Rev.Fonki Samuel and the Synod Clerk, Rev. Babila Fonchang, who were democratically elected last November and  they officially took office on January 6 to begin their five-year mandate, will be inducted on Sunday March 15 at PCSS ,Buea Town.
          The Rt .Rev Fonki took over as Moderator from the Rt.Rev. Dr.Festus Asana (now on retirement and referred to as the Very Reverend) and Rev. Babila Fonchang replaced Rev. Abwenzoh William as Synod Clerk.
             The induction, which Presbyterian Christians say is an epoch-making event in the history of the PCC, according to officials, will be attended by thousands of Christians and dignitaries from far and wide.
It is during the induction, that the new moderator will be given the cross of authority and he will then deliver his first ever sermon in that capacity.
      After his election, the PCC Chief Shepherd promised to continue fostering unity among Christians.
During a hectic reception recently organized in Buea in honor of the new leadership by the central administration of the PCC and Fako North Presbytery, the new Moderator reiterated the need for unity in the church.
         Rt.Rev. Fonki appealed to Christians to set aside whatever differences they may have, which act like speed brakes to unity, and work faithfully for the growth of the church, whose membership is estimated at over 1.5million.
        Jacob Ngalle Kinge, retired senior civil administrator and Chairman of PCC Board of Trustees, used the Buea reception to congratulate the Moderator and the Synod Clerk on their brilliant election to their new offices, but quickly warned them against letting themselves to be taken hostage by any group of people for selfish interest.
      During the same reception, Senior Citizen and devout Presbyterian Mola Njoh Litumbe, who proposed a toast for the PCC, strongly wished to see the church grow by leaps and bounds in all positive aspects under the leadership of new management. But he also warned them against falling into temptation of graft. “Money is the source of all evil”, Mola Njoh reminded them, hoping that they would withstand the temptations of the devil and solidly stand for and by the truth.”

Past PCC moderators are: Late Rev. Abraham Ngole(1958-69),Late Rev.Jeremiah  Chi kangsen(1969-85),Late Rev,Henry A.Awasom(1985-99),Very Rev.Dr.Nyansako-ni-Nku(1999-2009),Very Rev.Dr.Festus A.Asana(2009-2014) and now Rt.Rev. Fonki Samuel (2014 –date)
Past PCC synod clerks: Rev. Aaron Su(1959-62),Late  Pastor Moses A, Fondo(1962-64),Late Rev. Aaron Su(1964-67),Late Rev.Jeremiah Chi kangsen(1967-69),Late Rev.Thomas N.Ediage(1969-85),Rev.Dr.Jonas N.Dah(1985-89),Rev Nyansako-ni-nku(1989-99),Rev. Dr.Festus A.Asana(1999-2009),Rev.Abwenzoh William Membong(2009-2014) and now Rev.Babila Fonchang(2014- date)
 ( First Published in The RECORDER newspaper,Cameroon,Of March 10,2010 )

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