Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cameroon: Buea Man disappears after prophet prayed for him

* He has  not been  seen now  for over  four weeks 
*Prophet tells family evil spirit snatched him away. 

*Victim’s family summoned at Chief’s palace for questioning 

Chief  Molua: regrets that his subjects are disappearing
 By Christopher Ambe

     An elderly and ailing  Bakweri man by name Mola Thomas Ekume of Bokwaongo village, taken to a self-proclaimed prophet in Banga Bakundu in the Southwest Region of Cameroon  for healing prayers, disappeared same day shortly after  the seer  prayed for  him and he was reportedly improving.

       But strangely, as Mola Ekume’s relatives including his wife Frida  Ekume ,who accompanied him to  Prophet  Itoe, were searching for  him, the “Man of God” revealed to them that some  evil spirit had taken away the man to an unknown destination.
      The  revelation left the family jittery and in total confusion. They would later return to Bokwango-Buea without their beloved father, to break the bad news to village.

      It is now more than one month since the mysterious disappearance, the whereabouts of Mr. Ekume, who is a retired CDC worker, is not known, even as the search continues.

      The tearful wife told The Recorder last Friday, March 6 at the palace of the Chief of Bokwaongo ,Ekane Molua, that, after the prayer  session that day, which was also  attended by many other people, they were  about returning to Buea,when  two of their own relatives ,after quarreling ,started fighting.

     “As they were fighting I was with my husband and children by the road side ready to take a vehicle to Buea…So, I and one other went to stop the fight. Upon return we could not find my husband. We later went back to Prophet Itoe and he revealed to us that, some evil spirit had taken my husband away. Since then we have been searching for him all over in vain. 
We informed the Chief of Banga Bakundu and he ordered for a thorough search in the whole village; but we could not still find him”,Mrs. Ekume,who is a mother of six, narrated their ordeal to The Recorder ,as Chief Molua listened attentively to her.

Mrs. Frida Ekume,wife of the missing man
       Chief Molua  told The Recorder that when he heard about the sad incident he assembled the villagers so they could get the story first-hand from the wife and her children.

       The traditional ruler said he ordered for continued search but regretted that the search was proving futile.

       Chief Molua said the villagers  had agreed to meet again  at his palace to get updates of the search.

      He said that he intended to send a delegation of his councilors to Banga Bakundu to meet the prophet but was told that the “seer” had relocated else where.

      Mr. Ekume’s disappearance, the chief said, was the second such incidents in recent memory  the village, whose population is over 4000, has witnessed.

     The chief recalled how only recently another son of Bokwaongo,who had just come  back from the USA,went to visit a friend in Moliwe but never returned and his whereabouts till date is not known
      Mrs. Ekume said  their child decided that her husband be taken for spiritual healing after she had visited various hospitals with him for treatment, but witnessed only little improvement.
  (First Published in The RECORDER Newspaper,Cameroon, of March 10,2015)

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