Friday, March 13, 2015

Holy Sabbath General Overseer Dedicates Most Beautiful Synagogue in Cameroon

*Also Lays Foundation Stone of Scriptural College in Buea
By Christopher Ambe
The newly constructed multi-million Fcfa Holy Sabbath Synagogue in Tiko (near Tiko Airport), christened Mount Olive Synagogue, was last Saturday March 7 dedicated to the worship of the Almighty God
Mount Olive Synagogue,Tiko,Cameroon
      The world-wide General Overseer/Cohen Gadol of the Holy Sabbath of Christ the King International, Ben Aaron Chidi Ebene Amakaeze officiated at the divine service, which was attended among other guests by the Mayor of Tiko, Daniel Mokoundo.  
     The Holy Sabbath is a Jewish church, which originated from Israel and what they practice is called Judaism. Holy Sabbath was founded in 0ctober 1960 in Nigeria. The Church moved to Cameroon in 1990 and this far has 21 branch synagogues with thousands of members.
The dedication of  Mount Olive Synagogue, which has been described as the most beautiful Holy Sabbath Synagogue in Cameroon, was preceded by  a press  conference at Mountain Hotel on March 4 and   the laying  ,on March 5,of the foundation stone of the Ben Aaron Scriptural College in Bwiteva-Buea Subdivision  Both the press conference and the laying of the foundation stone of the Scriptural college were presided at by  Ben Aaron Chidi Ebene Amakaeze ,the  world-wide General Overseer/Cohen Gadol of Holy Sabbath of Christ the King International ,whose headquarters is in Nigeria.
      At the ceremony to lay the foundation stone of the Scriptural College, Mrs. Arrey nee Bate Eya Florence, a devout Sabbatherian and Fako Divisional Land Conservator publicly handed to the Cohen Gadol the land certificate on which the scriptural college will be built, attracting prolonged applause from the assembly of Christians at the site. The General Overseer, in a short sermon, challenged members to support the building of the project from their heart, so that in a short while the multi-faceted church project will become a reality.
Cohen Gadol Ben  Amakaeze(with mike) at laying of foundation stone of scriptural college in  Bwiteva-Buea
     During the press conference the Cohen Gadol made it abundantly clear that Holy Sabbath is a Christian Church found in several countries and their working document is nothing but the Holy Bible. He dispelled rumor that Sabbatherians are an occult society, insisting that they worship on Saturday-the Sabbath day, because it is Biblical. It emerged from his briefing that “we worship on Saturday because it is the word of God. The Chief Sabbatherian cited Bible verses to buttress their worship of God on Saturday, instead of Sunday. He noted that it is written in the Bible that “we should remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.”
     On why they remove their shoes before entering the synagogue, the Cohen Gadol, using scriptural citations, said it is because the church-the house of God is a Holy Ground. For example, the Bible Book of Acts 7:33 says: “The Lord said to him, ‘Take your sandals off, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.’”
    The Mayor of Tiko, who witnessed the dedication of Mount Olive Synagogue, expressed happiness at the architectural work. “If we live in good houses,  God deserves the best”, he noted before joining other to give his church offering, in a special way.
      Another highlight was when Mother Jemima(Ordained Mother of God) ,Mrs. Arrey Bate Eya Florence publicly testified about the goodness of God in her Life She told of how she would have had difficult delivery but prayers in the Holy Sabbath worked  a miracle in her life and she put to bed  safely; how she was poisoned and her leg was almost amputated but through prayers she was able to recover and how thieves broke into her bedroom, carted away money but did not harm her.
    Overwhelmed with the goodness of God in her life, and in tears of joy, Mother Jemima publicly vowed “to serve God with all my might in all the days of my life”
    Acknowledging how very supportive of the growth of the Holy Sabbath in Cameroon Mrs. Arrey Bate Eya Florence has been and   for promising to serve God all the days of her life, the Cohen Gadol  blessed her
   In his dedication message titled “Re-dedication for Everybody” the Cohen Gadol urged Christians to always believe the Bible, because God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He advised Christians to constantly pray and ask God to show them His ways, because His ways are not theirs.
(First Published in The Recorder Newspaper,Cameroon,of  March 10,2015)

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