Wednesday, January 12, 2011



 President Paul Biya was sworn in on Wednesday, November 3, 2004. It goes without saying that his present term of office expires on November 3, 2011.

Section 6(3) 0f the constitution provides that election “shall be held not less than 20 (twenty) days and not more than 50 (fifty) days before the expiry of the term of the President of the Republic in office”.

Clearly, the 2011 presidential election must hold any one day between September 14 (fifty days to November 3) and October 14 (twenty days before November 3). Any day outside of these thirty days would be unconstitutional.

 The total amount in the 2011 finance law for elections is 31 billions francs: 11 billions for ELECAM and 20 billions for “elections”. That means that the incumbent is lavished with funds. It is all the truer when one considers that Parliament empowers him to amend the finance law as he deems fit and necessary. The real amount therefore could be substantially higher. The Opposition together cannot raise half of that sum! Doom looms!

But judging from what ordinary Cameroonians say, one can be confident that change is still within reach. The trump card in that endeavour is the presentation of a unique candidate for the Opposition. This is all the more necessary in our system where the constitution rules out any run-off.

 In calling for a unique candidate for the Opposition, one is not oblivious of the scheme by the ruling party to weaken the Opposition by the creation of the contradiction called “majorité présidentiel”. Yet does one have the firm conviction that the unity of the real opposition forces would dismantle the yoke that has strangled our development for three decades. Nor does one doubt that, in their acute suffering, the Cameroonian people will be unable to separate the sheep from wolves in sheep’s clothing.

For the love of nation, Paul Ayah aka Ayah Paul Abine is hereby calling on all candidates of the Opposition to contact him soonest by telephone (+237 75 31 26 41) or by email ( for an immediate plan of action to be adopted through an imminent forum in view of selecting a unique candidate for the Opposition.

It is by that medium that we shall winnow the selfish (traitors) from patriots. Let it be known that anyone standing in the way to the unity of patriotic forces shall answer before the People’s Court: the court of the People of Cameroon.

  Expeditious action is of essence given the time factor!

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