Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cameroon: Government more determined to check "Secessionists"

By Ako King
The recent announcement by the SCNC,which is fighting for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons that they will celebrate in grand style the 50th anniversary of Southern Cameroons independence next October 1 has rekindled the determination of the Cameroon Government to crack down on SCNC activists,whom the government describes as secessionists,a security source revealed

A recent release issued by activist Oben Maxwell,announcing commemorative activities for the coming golden jubilee also appealed to Britain and the United Nations to “stop La Republique’s occupation and colonization of Southern Cameroons”.
Mr.Oben reiterated that there is no legal union between the la Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons recognized by the United Nations

The golden jubilee of the independence of Southern Cameroons is expected to coincide with celebrations announced by President Paul Biya to mark the golden jubilee of Cameroon's reunification .

It was on October 1,1961 that Southern Cameroons gained its independence by from Britain by joining La Republique du Cameroun,which had earlier gained its own
independence in January 1960.

A security source said because the government is not comfortable with the SCNC campaign,which is likely to jeopardize the golden jubilee of the Cameroon's reunification,security forces have been put on red alert and told to crack down on these "secessionists"
The Government is also said to have intensified the search for radical SCNC
activists,especially as SCNC National Chairman, Chief Ayamba Ette Ottun recently announced the election of the movement’s United Kingdom executive bureau.
According to the release, the six-man bureau executive represents the Southern Cameroons National Council in the UK.
This reporter gathered that following the publication of the release last week,
unidentified security agents raided the family residence in kumba of the UK Financial Secretary of the organization,Nana Serge Bertrand,said to be a radical SCNC man. The agents reportedly said they were looking for SCNC materials,but it emerged they did not find any.
Nana Bertrand had fled Cameroon reportedly because of repeated threats on his life as other activists were being prosecuted.

Our source said the Government of Cameroon fears that if the SCNC is allowed to operate freely,one day Southern Cameroons will become an independent state,just as South Sudan is now,recognized by the UN and the rest of the world.

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Ngwa Eric said...

Nay thing la Republic is doing is just an effort of no time management of no vision to work on it's own area of occupying.
I wish (LRPB) could see the hand writing on the wall and quietly withdraw in other to become our good neighbor in future so we can both share a common interest of development within the two nations.