Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cameroon: God-fearing woman uses birthday to raise funds for church

 By Christopher Ambe Shu

Becky Effoe  with  money basket  processes as Chief  Endeley smiles
Her name is Becky Limunga Effoe, native of Buea and a Baptist Christian .She is currently the Director of the state-owned Intensive Vocational Training Center (IVTC) Buea, Cameroon.
Generally described as humble and generous, this soft-spoken Cameroonian mother-fondly called Auntie Becks- turned   fifty-something on September 17 .And, guess what. She took an informed decision: she used her birthday anniversary to glorify the Almighty God by organizing a massively –attended thanksgiving service at her modest worship house-Bender Baptist Church-Bokwango, Buea. 

The birthday thanks-giving service was also intended to raise funds for the construction of the official residence of her parish pastor. A significant but an undisclosed amount was  raised.

Bender Baptist Church is decades-old but as a village church lacks the sufficient funds to get its projects quickly realized. The current residence of the parish pastor is in a state of disrepair.
The four-hour divine service, co-officiated by Reverend Pastors Njobara Nelson and Ngong Patrick, was animated by various choral groups and Gospel Musician Ewune Hannah. The lyrics of the different songs sung at the ceremony were soul-searching, participants said

As  Becky Effoe  walks  she is cheered by granddaughter
 In attendance among the many high-profile invitees  were the Paramount Chief of Buea, retired Justice SML Endeley ;Roland Kwemain,former  world President of Junior  Chamber International (JCI) and Ngale kinge Jacob, retired  senior civil administrator and proprietor of Kingston Memorial Nursery and Primary School,Buea  ,and Peter Esoka,veteran journalist and moral commentator.

Testifying, Becky Effoe told Christians and invitees that God has always favored her especially in trying moments. She attributed her successes in life to the hand of God, adding that she could only pay back by glorifying the Almighty in whatever way possible.

 “Enemies send people to  kill Becky and when these people see me, they instead confess,”   Becky Effoe, almost in tears, said as the congregation shouted in sympathy.

The Nobles-choristers sing to her listening enjoyment
Other speakers at the service were all agreed that Becky Effoe is down-to –earth, friendly, hard-working and humble despite her high status in society. Before becoming the Director of IVTC, she had dutifully served as Private (Confidential Secretary) to four different Cameroonian Ministers for many years.

Before his sermon, Rev. Pastor Njobara said Becky Effoe was blessed to have people present “eulogies” to her alive, and described the different beautiful songs that rented the air as a foretaste of “what we (Christians) shall do in heaven”
In his sermon, Rev. Njobara Nelson drawing inspiration from the Bible book of Matthew 6:25-34, preached under the theme “Seeking First His Kingdom in Life.”

He challenged the congregation to be exemplars. “Your lives should show that Jesus Christ lives in you”, he said, warning that except people accept  Jesus   as  the light of  their  lives and work  according to God’s will, they may be struggling in vain.

Ewune Hannah,gospel musician, sings at reception party
The Pastor cautioned, “Don’t take the second step before the first. Therefore, seek first the Kingdom of God and every other thing will be yours.”
Rev. Njobara wondered why people worry when they can commit themselves to God in prayer for solutions to their problems.
God does not lead us to a mission without giving us a vision to complete it, said the man of God, who advised, “The greatest birthday is the day you are born-again; the day you give your life to Jesus Christ”
The thanks-giving service ended with a hectic reception party offered by Becky Effoe and family at the IVTC Premises, where Gospel singers continued their performance to the relaxation and enjoyment of all.


Valery said...

Aunty Bex is a blessing from God to all those who know her. May the good Lord continue to shower those blessings upon her and grant her many more years to come.
Aunty Bex, you are dearly loved.


WOW......Thank God for turning Aunty Becks one year older, He has used her to touch and inspire many people!!!