Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cameroon: Biya’s Colonel Attacks PAP Members in Mamfe.

A certain Lt. Col. Mvoggo, a native of Ewondo, Centre Region Cameroon, stormed the premises of and assaulted a U.S trained military officer, Mr. Ako ABUNAW, National Communications Secretary and Campaign Manager of Hon. AYAH Paul’s PAP. This took place  Thursday, February 23, 2012 at about 10:15 PM local time at the compound of Mr. Ako Abunaw, Abunaw Lodge, Mamfe town.

As if at a war front, Col. Mvoggo (a man notorious for ruthlessly intimidating militants of opposition parties especially PAP as some Mamfe residents attest on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals) invaded the premises of Mr. Abunaw with more than twenty heavily armed soldiers.

As the Colonel and his gang forced open the main gate leading to Mr. Abunaw’s veranda, he rushed towards Mr. Abunaw’s direction where he’d been sitting and having his usual casual chats with his visitors. Col. Mvoggo reached for Mr. Abunaw’s legs which were relaxed on one of the chairs across from him – pulling his legs to shoulder height, he flung them to the ground causing Mr. Abunaw to tumble to the floor. Sensing it was a designed act by the Colonel to infuriate him (Mr. Abunaw) to retaliate so he could order his gang to open fire, Mr. Abunaw held his peace.

Col. Mvoggo: “…Did you not see me come to your home so you could pay me the respect by standing up to greet me...”

Mr. Abunaw: ”… Who are you and what is your mission here? …”

Col. Mvoggo: “… we’ve heard about you and your political activities in town. You must be very careful. We’re watching you…”

After a bitter exchange between the two men, the Col. stormed out of Mr. Abunaw’s compound and disappeared in the cover of night.

It is important to note that during the just ended meet-the-people ‘thank you’ tour of Hon. AYAH around Manyu, the PAP Mamfe rally pulled a mammoth crowd that panicked the Manyu CPDM elites. The message delivered by the leadership of PAP to the Manyu people was revolutionary. PAP is currently undergoing training sessions with its militants on ways to protect their victory in any elections and resist intimidation. Perhaps such messages have been sinking deep into the psyche of the people as seen in a recent strike action organized by the Kumba/Mamfe road drivers.

Meanwhile the Intelligence of the National Strategic Team of PAP carried out findings: the action of the Colonel is one of a series of planned intimidation tactics by the Manyu CPDM machinery on the people of Manyu. As Mr. Biya bows to pressure to provide funds for biometric registration exercise by ELECAM, CPDM members with ambition to run for mayor and parliament are threatened that the ground is shifting beneath their feet especially as PAP prepares to field in mostly youths ahead of the polls plus its active presence on the field knocking on doors and training the electorates.

The show down that happened at Mr. Abunaw’s compound is the talk of the day in Mamfe. It is alleged that Hon. Rose Abunaw may have masterminded the drama. You may be interested to learn that Mr. Ako Abunaw, the victim of the assault is the blood brother (older brother) of Hon. Rose Abunaw. Hon. Rose Abunaw is angry to have got wind of the fact that his own blood brother is an executive of PAP and is supporting ‘small boys’ to ‘disgrace’ her in the up coming twin elections.

Hon. Rose Abunaw is the current parliamentarian for Mamfe Central and Upper Bayang, Manyu division. 
Source:Statement from PAP Secretariat

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