Monday, June 18, 2012

University of Buea: Dr. Ernest Molua, Resigns as Head of Department

*Cites Massive Corruption, Threat to Life etc as Justification

By Christopher Ambe

Dr .Ernest  Molua:
Dr.Ernest L. Molua, Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agro-business in the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Buea(UB), has resigned from his administrative functions as boss of the department. 

But hierarchy is reportedly still hesitant to endorse his resignation, which is considered by many as a serious crack in the newly created but important department.
 In his letter of resignation dated December 14, 2011 to the Minister of Higher Education, Dr .Molua, said to be the only agricultural economist at UB now, has, cited Personal threat to life, unaccommodating work environment which defeats the vision and mission of the University, and Persistent sleaze and moral impropriety at the University of Buea, to justify his decision to abandon the duty post of HOD.

Concerning Threat to life, Dr. Molua recalled how on February 11, 2011, he was physically attacked by students of the University of Buea Student Union in public at Buea Bongo Square while he was organizing students of his department for the Youth  Day march-past. But even before the February 11 incident, he wrote that he had years back been attacked and injured by UB students, reportedly sponsored by some of his detractor colleagues.
Concerning Unaccommodating work environment, he expressed regrets that, since assuming office as HOD in January 2010, “I have virtually worked as Courier, Messenger, Clerk, Typist, Secretary, Computer Clerk etc.” He blamed in his letter,the University management for failing, despite repeated requests, to deploy personnel to facilitate work at the Department.
“This to me is a glaring strategy to frustrate my output and sabotage not only my efforts in administration but also to obfuscate my responsibility to teaching and outreach”, stated the don in his letter. 

On Persistent sleaze and moral impropriety, Dr. Molua, known for his outspokenness, noted: “ The work environment at the University has in recent times been characterized by heightened impropriety in student-teacher relationship, the recruitment of non-academic staff, the award and execution of contracts with some administrators fronting as suppliers and contractors; the gluttony of teaching-hours accumulation and supervision of long essays by some junior administrators perceived to be protected by senior kinsmen who think they have an ordained right to financial gain  from rendering services to the University of Buea and the State. These persistent sleaze and moral impropriety are a distraction to my rendering of quality services to the university.” 

However, Dr.Molua, who has proof of his allegations, did not mention names of those involved in the alleged malpractices.

Even as he has resigned from his post as HOD, Dr. Molua has expressed his readiness to “ remain one of the teaching personnel to guarantee a serene mind to achieve the primordial mandate for which I was hired by the Ministry of Higher Education to teach and research.”

Emphasizing his patriotic spirit, Dr. Molua told the Minister of Higher Education, in his letter of resignation, that: “I shall therefore be glad to be offered the opportunity to teach courses and supervise students’ research in the University

“Should the Ministry of higher Education and allied departments engaged in the mission of capacity-building of young Cameroonians think I can be of value to their development plans, I shall be glad to serve my country in another capacity”

On a related development, Dr.Molua, before submitting his resignation letter to the Minister of Higher Education, as HOD, was reportedly at loggerheads with Associate Professor P.N. Sakwe, who is Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Agriculture and veterinary Medicine, over academic and administrative matters.

Also published in The RECORDER newspaper, Cameroon ,of June 18,2012

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