Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hon Ayah’s party sees no justification in Cameroon’s projected abolition of fuel subsidies

                 Following is a PAP Communique on Fuel Subsidies in Cameroun:
In the protection of their interest, some Camerounese have been feeding wavelengths of late with deceitful counsel on the justification for the abolition of fuel subsidies by the government.

The most ridiculous are the assertions of the general manager of SONARA – the very refinery that Camerounese have been told in recent years did cease to refine Cameroun’s crude oil with the demise of President Ahmadou Ahidjo. One wonders whether SONARA has now replaced the government in the drawing up of Camerounese economic policies!

Be the situation as it may, the leaders of People’s Action Party (PAP) see no justification in the projected abolition of fuel subsidies. This is because the purpose is to enable a tiny minority of Camerounese to continue to swim in opulence from the pillage of our nation, and at the expense of ordinary people who are already languishing in misery: the vast majority. It would be no exaggeration to say that, in
Cameroun, less than 1% of the citizens possess 98% of the commonwealth.

May it be recalled that Ayah Paul, the national chairman of PAP, as far back as 2009, did decry the appropriation of some 103 billions in the budget of Cameroun for fuel and entertainment allowances to the benefit of a few public servants. Ayah has since pointed out, time without number, that more than 2.5 million a day for the secretary general at the Presidency of the Republic for fuel is more than just waste; and that it is unconscionable in the face of some other Camerounese lacking 10 francs for a magi cube for his survival. It is all the more immoral that the secretary general who hardly ever leaves Yaounde for any distant place should have that much for the sole performance of his official duty!

In recurring to those fantastic appropriations, one is not unaware that, since Ayah’s analysis,expenditure for fuel and entertainment has dropped from 103 billions in 2010 to 57 billions in 2012. But simultaneously has “depenses communes” soared from 134 to 164 billions. Some British economist is yet to be hired to explain to the ordinary Camerounese what “depenses communes” means. Lay understanding of the “complicated phrase”, however, is that not up to 30 of 164 billions appear to fall within the realm of proper appropriation. We challenge the Minister of Finance who is charged with the management of “depenses communes” to prove the contrary to the people!

Again, the beneficiary ministers and select public servants do not constitute up to o.ooo1% of Camerounese. Yet are all departmental vehicles at their disposal – at times up to a dozen for one person. As a matter of fact, the state of Cameroun has acquired more and heavier vehicles today than it did ever acquire prior to the economic crisis.
Such vehicles are heavy feeders; and they are used more for private transactions than otherwise. We do see them carrying produce and, at times, even firewood for private persons for whatever considerations.And we all know they run wholly at the expense of the state in reference particularly to fuel.

And so are we of opinion that it is enough for the government to reduce the number of departmental vehicles; buy smaller vehicles for lesser fuel-consumption; reduce by half expenditure on fuel and entertainment; cut “depenses communes” by 50%...and ordinary Cameroonian, would pay much less than the current fuel prices. For then, the savings from those measures would provide for even greater subsidies; and the surplus would build thousands of kilometers of roads per annum should embezzlement be checked! In consequence do we of PAP say, with vehemence, NO to the abolition of fuel subsidies!
Cameroun na soso suffer?!

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