Friday, November 23, 2012

Luma Stephen: An Asset to the CPDM in Buea

By Christopher Ambe

Luma Stephen Njoke:Alternate MP,,Buea Urban
Mr.Luma Stephen Njoke has, for years now been   the CPDM Sub-Section President for Buea Central I which includes Mukunda- where the Palace of the Paramount Chief of Buea is situated.

In fact, Chief SML Endeley of Buea and Hon.Meoto Paul Njie, former Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minster’s Office and CPDM Central Committee envoy, are militants of this sub-section.

Mr.Luma, soft-spoken and persuasive, is also the alternate Member of Parliament for Buea Urban. As alternate to the late Hon. Adolf Ngale Namme, MP for Buea   he was very collaborative, helping the late MP, in one way or the other to succeed, instead of engaging in a campaign of calumny against him, as some politicians do.

Mola Luma, who is a career accountant, is currently the Municipal Treasurer of Buea Council, and is noted for his stringency in keeping accounts. Before his appointment as the Municipal Treasurer, Mola Luma had held several duty posts in the Northwest and Southwest Treasury Services.

So efficient was this financial expert of Bakweri origin in scrutinizing public accounts, that even when he was appointed Municipal Treasurer of Buea Council, he was still retained as a senior auditor at Buea Regional Treasury, for sometime.

Mola Luma believes in capacity-building as a sure way of improving living standards. That is why in 2010 he launched a scholarship program in his subsection, and at least 34 pupils and students residing in the subsection, smiled home with a total of about FCFA 500,000.
 “These scholarship awards will be given annually and they are aimed at developing our branches, building the capacity of youth and to encourage education -for as the civil rights Activist Malcolm X states: ‘Education is our passport to the future, tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’ ”,Mr. Luma remarked during the award ceremony in Mukunda,Buea Town.

Mola Luma is also described as philanthropist, who does not hesitate to assist needy people. But as a true Christian he does not make noise when he assists the less privileged.
Although a quiet and well-behaved Presbyterian Christian, he can sometimes strike his attackers in self-defense. This, as a warning so that people don’t take him for granted.

 It would be recalled that during the 2007 municipal and parliamentary campaigns, when APF militants came right to his residence to provoke him, almost hoisting their party flag at his house entance, knowing very well that Mola Luma was a CPDM stalwart, he chased them and later lodged a compliant to that effect with the Police. “There is no place for APF in Buea”, he insisted.

Mr.Luma becomes even more popular in Buea because of his regular sponsorship of what is styled the Luma Stephen Inter-quarter Football Tournament for Buea Youth, organized during holidays as his contribution to the development and promotion of football in the Southwest Region.

From our findings, this gentle husband and father of several children, is generally described as an asset in the CPDM in Buea.Militants and sympathizers told The Recorder that, he is not only reliable, but politically very knowledgeable; that he has leadership skills.
 It is worthy of note that for close to ten years, the ruling CPDM has won all elections in Buea-municipal, parliamentary and presidential. Militants say it is due to the continued ground work and hard work of CPDM apologists such as Mayor Charles Mbella Moki –who is a gifted public speaker and political engineer, and the likes of Mola Luma, said to be a political tactician and development agent

Many Buea Urban residents and CPDM supporters say they will vote for him as their Member of Parliament in the 2013 parliamentary elections, if he accepts to vie for the post.
But will Mola Luma listen to the people’s call? Only time will tell!
(First Published in The Recorder Newspaper,of November 22,2012)

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