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Cameroon:Chief A.S.Ngwana’s Calls To All Cameroonians (Numbers 2 and 3)

Chief A.S. *Ngwana’s Call To All Cameroonians  No. 2 

  If we must build Cameroon as a country we will be proud of, then all Cameroonians must join to build a Cameroon of our dreams.

Chief A.S. Ngwana
All students, teachers, and Professors, must join to build Cameroon to a country of our dreams. The future success or failure of Cameroon will depend on the students we produce today. We have to re-examine the type of education our children are receiving today. 

Before Independence, there were no Public Government schools in Cameroon. All private schools were run by the Catholic Church or the Basel Missions. Saint Joseph College Sasse , was the first secondary school (college) in the whole of Cameroon,(in  both French Cameroon and British Cameroon). It was opened by Bishop Rogan in 1939. The first educated class of Cameroonians with Secondary Education, were educated in Nigerian. Among them were Dr, E.L,M. Endeley, Dr John Ngu Fonch, Dr, Bernard Fonlon etc.  
Although Sasse College was a Catholic College, all the students were admitted to it on merit qualifications.  It did not matter whether a student was a Muslim, a Pagan, a Presbyterian, or a Catholic.  Many Protestant students like Mola Njoh Litumbe, Dr Henry Njie, Mr. John Walla etc passed through Sasse College without changing their faiths to become Catholics, but others like Mr Jack Kisob, Mr.Lysinge Francis Teke etc, changed their faiths to become Catholics. Bishop Lysinge Francis Teke is today one of Cameroon’s Catholic Bishops. At his Consecration, his Protestant parents and his Godfather in Sasse, Mr. Peter Nsanda Eba, were very happy and proud to see their son consecrated a Bishop of the Catholic Church.
 All Catholic students were bound to attend Holy Mass every morning but other students were not. But all students had to study religion.   
Most of the teachers were white Rev. Fathers with Masters Degrees.
Cameroon had no University. Sasse College was the seat of learning and knowledge. Students, who passed out from Sasse College, had a job of their choice, waiting for them, in the government or the CDC.(Cameroon Development Corporation)
In the Colonial Days, all top positions in the Government or the CDC were occupied by White men or Nigerians. Students who qualified from Sasse College were considered and respected as the future Cameroon Leaders.
Bishop Rogan saw Sasse College as a place where he could train, form and educate the next generation of Cameroonians, to whom The United Nations through the British Government, would eventually handover Sovereignty.
DISCIPLINE. The discipline in Sasse College was very severe and strict. The Rev. Fathers maintained strict academic and moral disciplines which would influence and affect a student throughout his life. While parents at home are expected to teach their children some of the social virtues, the Rev. Fathers insisted on the  practice of obedience, honesty, fortitude, industriousness, respect, mercy, justice, loyalty, sincerity, truthfulness, resilience, courtesy, affection, love of neighbor, a concern for others, a sense of responsibility, understanding and mutual help, and a loving co-ordination of essentially different characters and the love of God.  
The majority of the students who passed through Sasse College later became Cameroon leaders in all professions, Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, teachers, Lecturers, Professors, Bankers, Scientists, Top Civil Servants and Administrators. In the spiritual sphere, Sasse College produced many priests and all the Bishops and Archbishops of Southern Cameroon.  Sasse Students were refrained from politics because politics was considered (by the Rev. Fathers) a “dirty game” and the Army was for “Drop outs”
 At the end of each year, the principal would read out the name of each student saying, “Pass and to return”,  “Pass and not to return” “fail and not to return”.  So a Student could be very brilliant, but dismissed because of his character. The college kept a close look out on student’s behavior while in College and on holidays. Students were not allowed to receive or write love letters to girls. The Discipline Master could apply corporal punishment by canning a student or by asking the student to cut grass in the field. All students were to go to bed at 9 PM at the sound of the bugle, except the final year students who were preparing for their exams.
There was a case in 1954 when three months before the end of the year, nearly all the final year students were dismissed by the College Authorities. This class was called the Spartans. The whole college hated the Spartans because the previous year the Spartans had defeated the Sasse College foot team by 8 goals to none.
 Normally the final year students were allowed to stay up after 9 pm to prepare for their exams, but on this particular night the Discipline Master, came and instructed that we should go to bed at the same time with all the students at 9 pm. We ignored him, and about 20 minutes to 10 pm, the Principal, Rev. Father Arnold Kerkvliet, himself came to ask us to go to bed. We ignored him. He was furious and began to call us the “small boys” by name, Jacob Ngu, Peter Eba, Patrick Ngassa, Albert Samba, Emmanuel Chumbe etc, he said  “you should stand up and go to bed, because you are being mislead by some  “big boys”. We did not stand up and go to bed. We had taken a unanimous decision to disobey.
The next morning the Principal came to the hall and began to read the names of all the students one by one who were expelled from the college. He left the names of the few of us who were not dismissed. Fortunately, all of us had registered and paid the fees for The Senior Cambridge School Certificate Exam, so the College Authorities could not stop us from taking the examination.  What is really surprising is that all Spartans who came back to the College to sit the examination as private students, all passed and the College had 100% success, with the highest Grad 1 and Grade 2 scores. Our Moto is “A Spartan Dies But Never Surrenders”    
Yes,  Sasse College could not tolerate any indiscipline. Subsequent Colleges which were established many years after Sasse College, like Bali, Okoyong (Holy Rosary College), Our Lady of Lords, Saker, Sacred Heart College etc  maintained high academic and moral standards.      
Then with the advance of the free Government elementary schools, secondary schools, Government Teachers Schools, Government Technical Schools, CCAST, ENAM, and Universities, standards began to drop.
If we must build a Cameroon of our dreams, then we must start to over haul our teaching institutions. Parents must understand that it is their responsibilities to teach their children certain social basic virtues at home, and to teach them how to pray. Parents have left the care and teaching at home, of their children in the hands of their maids or house boys who know little or nothing themselves. Parents have left the teaching and education of their children at school, completely in the hands of teachers who sometimes teach their children wrong things. It is therefore extremely important that parents must take interest to know what type of education their children are getting at school. What type of sex education or moral education their children are receiving in the school. 

The future of Cameroon, of our society, will depend on the products of our schools today.
 Our moral standards have collapsed so low that some girls in the Yaounde University advertise on the television, that they charge 3000 frs for men who sex them using condoms and 5,000 frs for men who do not use condoms. This is an abomination.
 Students in the Universities are already adults and can no longer be disciplined, but they can be arrested for prostitution or charged for other crimes under the law.
The collapse of the Educational Standards and moral standards today, rest squarely in the hands of our teachers, lecturers and professors. The success of Cameroon will depend on our teaching institutions.  Teachers are poorly paid, but they should be well paid and appreciated for their services to Cameroon.
If we must build a Cameroon of our Dreams, then we must encourage and attract the right caliber of people into the teaching professions. We must revise their salaries. All Elementary School Teachers, all Secondary School Teachers, should be qualified and morally sound people.
 When I visited Japan in the 1980s, I was surprised to find that the country had more than 1000 Universities, some were National Universities, some Public Universities, and the majority was Private Universities.
To build a Cameroon of our dreams, every Cameroonian must be well educated and healthy.

 Chief A.S. Ngwana’s Call to All Cameroonians. No. 3

 To build a Cameroon of our dreams, our population must grow fast, every Cameroonian must be healthy.

When I was young I was told that a doctor’s profession is to save lives
A soldier’s profession is to kill people
A priest’s profession is to save souls.

If we must build a prosperous and healthy Cameroon, our population must grow fast. Our population will grow fast if every Cameroonian receives good  medical care. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff must provide Cameroon with the efficient, humane, services required. The health of Cameroonians will rest in the hands of the medical profession.

The density of Great Britain is 255 people per square kilometer and the density of Cameroon is 41 people per square kilometer.  Each person in Great Britain earns $35,059, while each person in Cameroon earns $2,300. The difference is clear. 
If we must build a Cameroon of our dreams, then our population must grow quickly so that we too can be rich. Cameroon is blessed with all the immense natural resources imaginable. Vast uncultivated lands, and virgin forests, plenty of water, unlimited sunshine and abundant mineral resources such as: huge reserves of gold and diamonds, uranium, coal, petroleum, and natural gas. The list is unlimited. We have all the natural resources for development
 Angels will not come to develop our country for us, we need people.
Development is by people for people. Where there are no people there is no development
Cameroon will only develop and industrialize, build more houses, schools, roads, airports, hospitals etc if our population grows quickly. Cameroon is still a great jungle with no roads, in fracture, industries, schools, universities, hospitals, pipe bore water, electricity etc, Cameroon is still very much in need of development.
Our first priority is to encourage our rapid population growth.  We will enforce laws which encourage births and discourage deaths. Our criminal code covers most of these matters, but from now they will be treated with greater severity.

Population Controllers have invented all sorts of arguments to show why human population should be controlled and reduced. Their real hidden agendas are mainly eugenic, economic, political and Satanic.
The UNFPA went to China and convinced them that their population was growing too fast. They helped China to implement the “One Child Policy”, whereby China kills millions of its children every day by abortion.           
China has discovered now that this was a European and American plan to stop China becoming a Super Power. The population of China is ageing and declining, so the Chinese are now giving special permits to allow parents have more than one child. There are more than 58 million Chinese men looking for girls to marry because girls are aborted in preference to boys.                      

  The population of India will be more than that of China at the turn of the century and India will become a Super Power. Africa led by Nigeria will become a Super Power in the next century.
Population Controllers capitalized on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, to promote condoms and control the African Population growth. Today Africans have seen the devastating effects of condoms and the HIV/AIDS, and the HIV/AIDS is now under control. It is estimated that the population of Africa which stands at 1.033 billion will be 3.6 billion at the turn of this century. The population of Europe which stands at 733 million will dwindle to 5 million people at the turn of this century. That is why Europe is so scared of the power shift. Population will determine power change next century.     
For us to build a Cameroon of our dreams, we must treat Population Controllers as people who are against our interests.  

At the closing day of a London Summit organized by the British government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, together with UNFPA and other partners, this July, participants at the summit committed themselves to provide $4.6 billion in funding for family planning in the coming years, according to a UNFPA press release, to control the population growth of poor developing countries.

The money is to be used for artificial birth controls which include several  techniques and methods used to prevent fertilization or to interrupt pregnancy at various stages. They include abortion, contraception which include barrier methods such as condoms or diaphragms, and the Pill (“morning after pill” etc).

We call on all Cameroonians to consider any persons, organizations or countries who or which encourage, the breaking, subverting,  disobeying  or sabotaging, our Criminal Code as enemies, who want to keep us poor, undeveloped, unhealthy, and unpopulated.

To build a Cameroon of our dreams, we must vigorously fight against those foreign interests attempting to corrupt our laws and traditions, especially on murder, manslaughter, abortion, suicide, and euthanasia, homosexuality, and prostitution. 

Most contraceptives especially those which are used to stop our population growth will be banned or forbidden, especially condoms, both male and female condoms. Condoms prevent pregnancies and help in the spread of the  HIV/AIDs. They are used by Population Controllers as the best instruments to stop our population growth.  Must contraceptives and condoms are no more sold but donated free, so that they can be used to stop our population growth.  Under false propaganda, many young Cameroonians between ages 20 to 50 have met un-timing deaths, by using condoms. There is “Nothing Like Safe Sex” this is a lie formulated by Population Controllers to mislead promiscuous persons to use condoms. If you sex an HIV/AIDS person using a condom, you will certainly get HIV/AIDS yourself, and die. The only “Safe Sex”, is abstention from sex or Fidelity to your wife.
I know four Cameroonians, one of them his parents had 9 children, and three others whose parents had 10 children each, who survived. One of them, his son is Cameroon’s Cardinal, one of them his son is Cameroon’s richest business billionaires, one of them, his son is one of the Emeritus Catholic Bishops of Cameroon, and the other, his son is (was) the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon. All these men came from very large families to become Cameroon great leaders. 

It is sad that some of us fell victims to Western Propagandas.  My wife and myself had our 5th child in Buea in 1966 who died two months after words, of convulsion due to one useless white woman doctor who did not know how to handle convulsion in children.     In 1967 we had another child in Buea, who is today a medical doctor with 3 Children in USA. While on a visit to London in 1968, my wife and myself visited a private white doctor, in Harley Street, who advised us that my wife would die if she had more children.  He charged us a fee for an operation. (In women the surgical sterilization is called tubal ligation. It entails the cutting or sealing off of the fallopian tubes. Female sterilization, is also done by complete removal of the womb, this is called hysterectomy. In both male and female sterilization, sexual desires and sexual intercourse are not affected, but pregnancy can never take place again. This method is 100% effective, permanent and irreversible).
We were young and naïve and did not know that this is how most white doctors execute their eugenic plans. That is why my wife and myself have only five children today.

In the 90s when one of my daughters, an American Citizen, with four children, went to a hospital in America, she was told by a white doctor that a scan had shown that the baby in her womb would be born deformed. She was advised that the pregnancy should be terminated. She refused and delivered a healthy baby with no deformities. Today that child is preparing to go to college.
Today one cannot rely on his doctor’s professional unbiased advice. These days, the advice is usually coated with eugenic, political or economic considerations.
 Under “Reproductive Health and Artificial Birth Control Agendas” Population Controllers are pumping into Africa, trillions of contraceptives, pills, abortifacients, condoms, birth control materials, and gargets in cash and kind.

If we must build a Cameroon of our dreams, our doctors must resist these foreign unethical practices of controlling our population.  Salaries of doctors in Cameroon were slashed from 900,000 to 600,000 per month during the economic crisis of the 80s. 
 We must review the salaries of our doctors so that they are highly paid to attract the best caliber of persons into the profession.                                                                                                    
 The health of Cameroonians will determine the successes or failure of our dreams.
Our ambition is to make sure that where it possible, every Cameroonian  couple should have at least 5 children or more.
It is possible.
May God help us.

 *Chief A.S. Ngwana,
National Chairman, Cardinal Democratic Party (CDP),
BP 2401, Bonanjo, Douala, Cameroon.
TEL: (+237) 7775 7173; (+237) 9638 8219


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