Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anglophone Now Heads Cameroon Athletic Federation

By Chrsitopher Ambe

Emmanuel Motomby Mbome
 Emmanuel Motomby Mbome has been elected new president of Cameroon Athletic federation, in replacement of Jacques Sebastien Mbous, for a four year mandate.
The election, described as fair and transparent, took place last week in Yaoundé

 Motomby Mbome, who is in his early 40’s, is the first ever English-speaking Cameroon (Anglophone) to occupy the presidency of the federation since its creation many years back.
Motomby Mbome beat five other contestants to emerge victorious.
The federation’s outgoing president Jacques Sebastien Mbous, could not stand for reelection because he was disqualified by the Minister of Sport and Physical Education, Adoum Garoua.

After his election, Mr. Mbome   called for greater team spirit in the management of the federation’s activities. He disclosed that, one of his immediate priorities would be to ensure that before the next Mt Cameroon race of Hope, Queen of the Mountain and athletic icon Sarah Etonge must have had a befitting house constructed by the Federation and handed to her.

 The Federation had promised to construct a modern residence for mother of seven, Sarah Etonge who distinguished herself by winning the first position in the female category of the Mount Cameroon Race three consecutive times.  The foundation of the house had since been laid but no other signs of construction work were visble, drawing sharp criticism from the public.

This year the Minister of Youth and Sport, Adoum Garoua, donated five million Francs to the Sarah Etonge house project, whose total costing is not yet public knowledge.
The newly elected president said during his tenure he would ensure that athletic officials have a uniform and that more attention will be paid to the plight of athletes. He said his executive would also ensure that athletic competitions are not only centered around Douala and Yaoundé as has been the case before but should also take place in other regions.

Mr. Motomby Mbome, hails from Buea Subdivision and is a senior controller of treasury -currently Sub treasurer for Tiko.He is a Presbyterian Christian, married and a father.
Before his election as national President of the Cameroon Athletic Federation, Mr.Motomby Mbome, was serving as Southwest Regional President of same federation since 2008.

Elsewhere, Mr.Motomby Mbome has been YCPDM president for Buea since 2002 and is currently the PTA president of Presbyterian Comprehensive Secondary School (PCSS),Buea Town.
First published in The Recorder Newspaper, Cameroon, of March 22, 2013

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