Monday, January 6, 2014

Cameroon: Dr.Fru Fetes New Year 2014 with the Needy

*Comforts them with gifts and promises more assistance  
  By Christopher Ambe
Dr.Fru( standing  welcoming the less-privileged people
Award-winning Dr. Richard Fru, Executive Director of the Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of West Africa (GENIWA), headquartered in Buea- Cameroon and an ardent advocate of traditional medicine, last December 31 feted with about 100 physically challenged and less privileged Cameroonians (both the young and the old) as his own way of ushering in the New Year, 2014, which he predicted will be full of blessings.
    Dr. Fru, also described as a philanthropist, had publicly invited (via local radio stations) the interested less-privileged people to come and receive gifts from him as part of New Year celebrations.
    And it turned out that about 100 of them from Buea and near localities answered present at the beautiful Premises of GENIWA in Buea for the donation ceremony.They included the blind, the deaf,lame,widows and the elderly.
     The invitees were given food stuff such as rice (to take home) and transport fares; all of them also feasted with Dr.Fru and staff of his institution, sharing food and drinks. They also danced in appreciation of the donor’s love for them.
     Dr. Fru used the occasion to share the Word of God with them, in order to boost their morals.
“It has become a tradition that we give out to the less privileged yearly. We thought that we should assemble them  here today  just a few hours to the New Year to celebrate with them, so they should not feel abandoned”,Dr.Fru told reporters.
“We have that burning spirit to give. We don’t give because we have much but we do this because we know that people are in need.
“We are conscious that the Word of God (the Bible) recommends giving. It is more blessed to give than to receive, so says the Bible”
A blind man dances in appreciation
    Dr.Fru said it was not the first time that he was extending his generosity to the needy  “Many  less –privileged  people have before as individuals approached us for assistance on several occasions and got the requested help,” he said
The   physically challenged  at ceremony
He told his needy invitees: “Every time you have little problems, feel free to approach us. We will assist you when possible with what we have. We are ready to always help you”
    Dr. Fru predicted that 2014 to the needy “will be a year full of divine health and divine mercies”
    Beneficiaries of the donation were thankful to Dr.Fru and prayed that God should pour more blessings on him.

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