Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dr. Fru Reiterates Appeal to Cameroon Government To Endorse His HIV/AIDS Medicines

Award-winning Dr.Richard Fru
 Renowned Cameroonian traditional practitioner,Dr. Richard Fru,has reiterated his call on the Cameroon Government to approve his  HIV/AIDS medicines,whose effectiveness he claims cannot  be challenged.In this  interview  recently with RECORDER Editor Christopher Ambe ,Dr.Fru  claims   he has evidence of HIV/AIDS patients his medicines  has cured. Excerpts: 

 In December 2013, you used the occasion of the World AIDS Day to call on the Cameroon Government to approve your HIV/AIDS medicines in order to help eradicate the pandemic in the country. Have you received any reaction from the authorities?
   We have not yet received any reaction from the Government; we are waiting.

You have persistently claimed that, you have discovered medicines for the treatment /cure of HIV/AIDS. What kinds of medicines does your research centre have?
   We have come out with many natural medicines since the discovery of HIV/AIDS in Cameroon. We have medicines such as Virovit.Virocinone.Virovit plus,Virovit PM,CS 2000(Canda Stick 2000),Biodras and Anti-Oxy-Toxin(AOT), which has proven beyond doubts to be  effective against AIDS,

Honestly-speaking, how effective are these HIV/AIDS medicines?
   We are so happy because there is none of our patients who have been using our medicines, who are still sick. They are healthy. The only complaint they have reported is that our medicines whet their appetite. But when I discussed with many health researchers and medical doctors, they told me that any medicine that stimulates appetite is a good medicine; they say what actually kills many patients is lack of appetite. AOT whets patients’ appetite, which is one of the signs that it is a good medicine for HIV/AIDS. Patients take it alongside CS200 or Canda Stick 2000.That is the combination-AOT and canda stick 2000.
And this is what we are using right now to treat HIV/AIDS all round the world, not only in Cameroon. We have many patients in the USA, Germany, South-Africa, France and elsewhere, who are taking our medicines and all the feedbacks we get are positive-that patients have recovered or are recovering, and are now happy.
   Before, when I sent my patients to good hospitals in Cameroon and they showed their prescription by me, hospital officials there shouted at them upon discovering that they had been on natural medicines. But now they have come to realize that my medicines are very effective, so much that when my patients go there now, they welcome them, do their CT4 count, their viral load etc; they just advise them to go and meet their doctor. These patients are no longer troubled.
  Our medicines are very effective in deed. Before a patient starts our treatment, we first of all do certain tests; we even send them to public laboratories to do their CT4 tests, to know their T4 cell counts, and they also do their viral load test.
We work with the results they present to us and we place them on an 18 month-course. The first six months, they go in for their control; the next six months they do same, and the third six months, they do same.
   I am so proud to announce that we have HIV/AIDS cases which have tested negative after our treatment. They were tested negative in Centre Pasteur in Yaounde.And some are even there. They refused to hand their results. Our patients confessed to me that the health facility refused to give them, arguing that if they did I would use such to keep promoting my natural medicines

With these revelations, are you still calling on the Government of Cameroon to recognition of your medicines for HIV/AIDS?
   That is the call by World health Organization (WHO).I have read much that WHO has written and published calling on the various Governments of Africa to recognize traditional medicines and competent researchers of traditional medicines; and to make sure they recognize their research work. That is what we are crying for.
We are strongly calling on the Cameroon government to recognize our research work,to recognize our treatment for HIV/AIDS. If the Government is still in doubt, let her go to the field and meet some of my patients who have been treated and investigate the effectiveness of our medicines.

How do people abroad who may be interested in what you have said, get to know more about you and your medicines?
   You know the world now is a global village. They can consult me through the Internet, through the telephone or postal box. We do online consultation. We are already known all over the world. If anybody wants to know more about me, they should google search Dr. Fru Richard and a lot of information will be made available for them. I have websites they can consult

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