Friday, August 29, 2014

Emmanuel Kouontchou: NASPW Buea Director & Patriotic Civil Engineer

By Christopher Ambe

Engineer  Kouontchou Emmanuel
     Kouontchou Emmanuel, 50, is a senior civil engineer who is committed to the development of Cameroon. As the Director of the Advanced School for Public Works (NASPW),Buea Annex  now for nine ,he has ensured that graduates of this institution  are assets  to nation-building. This is evidenced by the hundreds of students who have graduated the NASPW,Buea Annex  after their quality training and are now actively involved in either the public  or private sector helping in the realization of various  development  projects in the country.

     The NASPW which, was created by decree No.82-464 of October 1982, has its main campus in Yaoundé with Professor George Nkeng Elambo as its director and the annex in Buea headed by Kouontchou Emmanuel as its director. The NASPW,Buea Annex  offers specialized training both at the Ordinary Technical cycle and the Higher Technical Cycle, in the following fields: Civil engineering, Land Surveying, Rural Engineering and Town Planning.

  Mr.Kouontchou Emmanuel   argues strongly that graduates from his school are contributing significantly their quota to Cameroon’s Vision 2035 and should be commended for their sense of patriotism.

     Conscious that many English-speaking Cameroonians are not interested in enrolling in NASPW Buea, Mr. Kouontchou who has worked in different capacities in the Southwest region for over 20 years has appealed to them to take advantage of what is at their doorsteps. “I call on many more English-speaking Cameroonians to seek admission into NASPW. Graduates of this institution, I can assure you, are bid farewell to poverty and unemployment. With their marketable skills, they are needed every        where”, he said.

    Mr.Kouontchou who hails from Bandrefam in Koung-khi Division of the West Region, graduated with flying colors from the NASPW Yaounde in 1986.

      Upon his graduation, this workaholic was absorbed into the public service and posted to the Ministry of Public Works, Department of Roads. From 1988 -90,he served as  head of service in the then Southwest  Provincial Delegation of Public Works; In 1990, Mr. Kouontchou was appointed Divisional Delegate for Public Works in Ndian Division and after three years he was appointed  Divisional Delegate  of Public Works  for Fako  Division and after four years, he was was promoted  to the rank of  Southwest Provincial Delegate for Public Works  where he served in that capacity for three years. From 2000-2005, this duty-conscious civil engineer was lecturer at NASPW Buea where he demonstrated the mastery of civil engineering skills. That professional brilliance further worked in his favor. He would in 2005 be appointed as Director of NASPW Buea, a position he has held to date.

    As recognition of his valuable services to the State of Cameroon, Mr. Kouontchou has honored by the State with the medal of knight of the National Order of Valour. A father of several children, Mr. Kouontchou is married to Victorine kouontchou, staff of Divisional Office Limbe 1.

  Mr. Kouontchou is frontline CPDM member and has been subsection President of CPDM Mile 4.He is also councilor of Limbe 1 council.

He is also a philanthropist, often assisting the underprivileged.

     Asked about his general opinion about Cameroon, Mr. Kouontchou declares, “The country is good. But we can make it far better, if all Cameroonians become more patriotic, selfless, development-oriented and God-fearing”

( First Published in The RECORDER Newspaper, Cameroon, of August 27, 2014)

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