Wednesday, February 4, 2015

After Cameroonian-led Ebola protest in U S,more in Europe soon

By Chrsitopher Ambe

Christopher Tambe Tiku, law don at the University of Buea and a noted Cameroonian Human Rights campaigner who, last November, mobilized Africans to demonstrate in front of the White House, the official residence/office of the President of the United States of America, over ebola virus concerns, has told reporters that, more of such protests will soon take place in Europe.
Tambe Tiku leading Protest in front White House
      The Human Rights advocate said he strongly felt that he should make his voice heard over the inadequate support given to victims of the deadly ebola virus in West Africa by the West; reason why when he was in the U S last November he quickly mobilized Africans who joined him to protest in front of the White House. Some eight Africans from different countries reportedly took part in the peaceful demonstration.
      Mr. Tambe Tiku said the protests in chosen European countries in the months ahead, will be better planned and witness massive participation.
“Our protest in front of the White House was very peaceful, drawing the attention of the American people and their president that  we were not (and are not still)comfortable as far as the treatment for ebola victims is  concerned”, he said.
     “Nonetheless,we commend the efforts of the West in terms of huge material support, but when you see the number of Americans and Europeans who have been infected by the ebola virus, a few weeks later we are told that they have been cured, because they have been taken abroad
“ If the cure to ebola is to fly patients over, then  they should also fly its African victims in like manner”, he observed, pointing out that “ Human Rights is universal and the right to life is very fundamental.”
Mr. Tambe tiku  said the protests are targeting  the West because they have enough resources to help eradicate the virus. “It is not enough to catalogue the number of deaths from the statistics we get from the WHO, something serious has to be done,” he recommended.
     So far, he noted, over a 1400 have died of ebola, which is very alarming.
“We are not hearing much talk of ebola again but people are still dying.
 “We know the U.S is the most powerful nation in the world with enormous resources and we think they and other developed countries should sacrifice some to rescue Africans from the virus.”
 (First Published in The Recorder ,Cameroon,of February 2,2015)

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