Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cameroon: Bokwaongo Chief Debunks Claim He’s against Development in Village.

By Christopher Ambe
 His Royal Highness Molua EKANE, chief of Bokwango, one of the largest villages in Buea subdivision has come under scathing criticism from some of his subjects who think that the traditional ruler is doing little or nothing to enhance development projects in the village with an estimated population of about 4000 people.
Bokwaongo chief, Ekane Molua 
         But the chief who on June 3 received this reporter in his palace to respond to the allegations leveled against him, fired back at those who are criticizing him and  likened them to  empty vessels   making the loudest noise.
     The complaining villagers who approached The Recorder and spoke bitterly against their chief on condition of anonymity for fear of their security in the village, alleged that Chief Molua collected over 26 million FCFA in anticipation of Government-CDC land surrender several years ago but   the village has not yet been allocated the 100 hectares of land it applied for and the money not yet refunded to contributors.
        “About the land surrender, I initiated it myself. Nobody asked me to do it; I did it for my village. I have even  received recommendations on the land issue from the SDO... The process was on but the government has, due to the Fako land surrender crisis, been suspended the process till further notice. So for now I am tight up but hopeful that I would be given the requested land in due course.“I know most of the noise makers are those who did not pay their levy
       He added that people who paid for the follow-up of the requested land were given receipts and each has its amount. He would not disclose the total amount collected but noted that, the cited amount of 26 million was guess work.
      On allegation that the village up to date does not have a community hall because the chief and his councilors sold thousands of bricks laid for the project, Chief Molua boasted that he initiated that project and even mobilized for the laying of 3500 bricks but “people who did not want the hall project stole most of the bricks. If they don’t want me to construct the hall for them, may be the next chief will do it. That is why I sitting quiet”
        On allegation that he  and his councilors stole some 500 water pipes donated by MCP and MOCAP to facilitate the extension of water within the viallge, the chief said the pipes which ,he  insisted, were not up to 500 are still in tact and now that the village has a borehole, the pipes will soon be used for water  distribution.     ‘If the time comes I will produce the pipes’, he stated.
       The chief was also accused of unilaterally spend ding some 300,00FCFA donated to the village by a telecommunication company which has planted its antennae in the village. But Chief Molua was swift in telling this reported that the money was used for the common good. He recalled that when a local administrator visited the village, the money was used for general reception/refreshment/
        The chief dismissed claims that other councilors have seen abandoned him and left him only with three councilors, noting that the village council is functional, and new members will soon be elected as the term of the current 32member council will soon end.
He said only apart from the failed community hall projects, other projects such as the road extension (ring road from Likoko to Bokwango, with extension up to Sand pit quarter).
       The chief regretted that ever since he was enthroned in 1979 no villager has approached him  with a project  but when initiates them, his village detractors sabotage them.
 (First Published in The RECORDER Newspaper,Cameroon,June 10,2015)


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