Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cameroon:Mafany Namange is likely next President for Buea CPDM.

   *Warns frightened aspirants who threaten others.
                           By Christopher Ambe
      David Mafany  Namange has been an active member of the CPDM since the 1990’s,always contributing his utmost  to ensure that the ruling party in his constituency of Buea  is above all other parties.
But, in spite of   his glaring leadership qualities and the massive support he enjoys from within Buea CPDM, many political observers have wondered why he has never attempted standing for election for the presidency of the party in Buea.
       With the July 2015 announcement of the reorganization of the CPDM basic organs by party Chairman Paul Biya, aspirants for various positions are already electioneering and Buea is no exception.
 In Buea CPDM- especially with signs that Senator Mbella Moki, incumbent President of Buea CPDM (Fako III Section) may  not stand for reelection, aspirants have been hesitant to publicly and formally declare their section presidential ambition.
Njie Franklin Njie(left) aspiring to be YCPDM Buea boss and Namange Mafany eyes  post of  Buea CPDM President
       But it happened  last Monday, September 14: David Mafany  Namange ,described as a discreet CPDM tactician, formally declared, at a meeting that brought together his admirers and supporters as well as reporters, at Buea Parliamentarian Hotel, his intention to take over the leadership of the CPDM party in Buea .His declaration was greeted with deafening applause.
Following excerpts of his five-minute declaration:
 “… Looking at my political CV and listening to the calls from militants it is now an opportunity for me to move -to come on board to serve the nation through the party. That cannot be done by Mafany alone. It calls for team work. We have to build bridges and mend fences, come together as one; the political constituency of Buea has to work as one. They may be other candidates. It is their legitimate democratic right. Nobody should hold another hostage or ransom for expressing their democratic right. I am going in for this election with my team and you people. We may come out victorious, just as we may not, but we pray-and knowing that the gods of the party, the gods of the land are with us .We are going to win.
“We have served others, we don’t want others to serve us; we want them to give us an opportunity to lead them; we want to lead the party in Fako not for our good but for the common good.
“I won’t get into my political program.Today, is just to announce my intention to be your presidential   candidate. When the National President ,His Excellency Paul Biya will set the ball rolling for campaigns we will meet again; we will meet in fields, the bars, our houses; we will meet in our farms. We shall go under the sun and under rain; we shall meet for a common purpose: that of service to the people, our nation. We count on you all. Go tell others that I pledge not to fail you people and I know you won’t fail me also.
“I may not be excellent but I am convinced I can march and lead this political march. It is now time for us as a people to take a collective decision… we shall over come whatever obstacles we meet on our way; we shall overcome not because we are rich, we may not  be rich financially but we are rich because of the people we have, who are reliable.
“I pray that we shall have one list in Buea under my leadership for the service of the people. I thank you all for coming”
        According to reliable party sources almost all CPDM bigwigs in Buea are in favor of the Mafany‘s candidature, on condition that the incumbent Section president won’t stand reelection. Even at the Buea Council, Mafany is said to have a strong backing, according to one council official who chose not to be named  in this report. “He has the political experience and is cool-headed to lead the party here.”
        Mafany is  also said to have good relations with  Fako III CPDM “shakers and movers such as Senator Charles  Mbella Moki ; Hon. Arthur Lisnge ,MP for Buea Urban; Hon. Emilia Lifaka,Vice -President  of the National Assembly; Humphrey Ekema Monono,Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board; former Premier PM Musonge and Hon. Meoto Paul Njie,former Director of Cabinet at the PM’s Office.
        But the above mentioned names are yet to publicly voice out concerning Mafany’s presidential ambition.
      Mafany ,who is a former Buea YCPDM president, and   for several  years now   one of the Central Committee’s Charges de Mission  for Fako III, is said to have done much to bring reconciliation( among warring militants)  and peace within the CPDM in Buea.
        Prince Charles Endeley, eldest son of the late Paramount Chief of Buea SME Endely, who attended the declaration meeting, described Mafany as a good political wrestler, whose presidential ambition “will put fear in other aspirants”. The prince thought that, because Mafany is young and politically experienced, the whole Buea CPDM should rally behind him for “positive change”
       Another attendee, Madam Ephanga Marie, alternate MP for Buea Urban, while acknowledging the important role Mafany has played as a reconciliator and peace-maker within the section, said he is the right person to take over the leadership of the party in Buea now.
        A noted CPDM female mobilizer, Mbamba Sophie,was overjoyed that Mafany has finally accepted the clarion call for him to contest the section’s  presidential election.
Comrade Njie Franklin Njie, who canvassed support for Mafany in his ambition of becoming the next party boss in the Southwest Regional capital, also announced his intention to run for the post of Buea YCPDM president
      When CPDM adherent Martin kange Ikoke, all the way from Yaounde, took the floor, he made a commitment that he would project Mafany’s declaration within Fako  CPDM members who are resident in the nation’s capital and canvass support for him and his team.
     The meeting’s moderator, Ako Julius Ndip, could not help calling on the entire Buea CPDM to unconditionally back Mafany to the supremacy of the party in Buea.
      The Recorder gathered that, Mafany warned other aspirants, in his declaration of intent, not to threaten others, because some influential militants who are backing him are already receiving threats.

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