Sunday, April 3, 2016


By Tem Martin*

Dear reader, this may not come during the women’s day hype but it is meant to help you adjust your view about the woman. It is not a woman’s emancipation issue. It is a truth and reality analysis.

The Bible says women are weaker vessels and that is true. Another side of the story is that while a man was made from the earth, the woman was made from a bone – an already refined material. So a woman may be weak physically but possess areas of strength which will baffle any man. Many people are unaware of the fact that God gave an unusual dose of power and a diversity of abilities to women.

While in secondary school and even in the university, I started having an idea of these hidden potentials women have that need to be exhumed and exposed to the world for appreciation. Some of these girls topped the class by taking the first three places before a boy showed up.

When I got married and my wife became pregnant, I saw her go through the inconveniences of the pregnancy and I was also present in the labour room and saw what she went through before I became the father of Treasure-Noela. That was not all. Despite all what she went through with the pregnancy, labour and delivery, when the baby finally came, there were several sleepless nights from the crying baby. Guess who was mostly in charge – my wife: breastfeeding the child, babying her to sleep, changing the child’s napkins, etc. I had to learn how to change the child’s diapers to lesson her work at night.

A time came for discovery! My wife had to be away during the day for a couple of days. I had to take care of the child. By this time, she was creeping and a very active type. To keep track of her just in the house so she does not destroy something or hurt herself was already much work for me. To prepare her food, feed her and bathe her was another. I had to also try to prepare something for the family, this I must tell you was already getting out of control. I like reading. I had to try to read a few paragraphs from my selected book; this I must say was not a big success.
By the end of the day, I was exasperated. Just one baby, not two, just one day not two. I started thinking: “this is what my wife does daily without even blowing a trumpet.

A typical man who has never spent a day with the child may come back and shout or in the worst cases, some primitive, uncultured men may even beat up their wives for not having cleaned the house, prepared food and the like. But if a man may sacrifice just a day or two and I recommend that men do it, whenever they come back and want to shout at their wives, just thinking about the work of taking care of the child, their tongues will stick to the roof of their mouths.

Lately one of my pastor friends told me that his wife left him with their over 6-month old baby to go to a night vigil, as they were in the night vigil in church, he also observed a night vigil with the crying baby at home. When his wife came back, he says he warned his wife more in zest than in earnest never to try it again because it was not easy for him.

Men are strong and can handle tasks singly with amazing success but when it comes to handling several tasks at the same time, a woman will beat a man at this game aller et retour.

A woman has been said to have the sixth sense. When a woman keeps refusing something, it pays to listen to her. A very logical man will ask “what really is your reason?” Don’t be surprised to hear her say “I don’t know, but I just have this feeling that you should not go or you should not do this thing”. It is not weakness but wisdom for the man to listen.

A woman is a bundle of emotional potential. Going through the day with the nagging of children, characterized by crying, reporting each other, request for food, etc. by the evening the woman is already so tired but guess what, when the man comes home in the evening, he needs his own food, and interestingly enough, at night he still needs “more food” and most of the time the woman will just yield. Many of them do this without complaining. It is hidden in them.

Several times when the family goes to the farm or comes back from office and come back say at 6p.m, the man usually bathes, curls up with a newspaper or sits in front of the TV or reads a book while the woman passes into the kitchen almost without questioning.
When any man takes a sincere look on the several roles the woman plays and how she manages them well, if you have been used to telling the truth and appreciating what is truly good, you will not come short of openly praising the woman.

A woman is a store house of potentials, greatness and power, until you take time to explore her world, you may never appreciate this creature of God called woman. Woman! Yes, you can! I salute you!
By Tem Martin

*Tem Martin is an author of over 20 books.To get in touch with him for his books or for speaking engagements, you can use (237) 675647979 or 694818336 Email:

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