Friday, October 14, 2016

Cameroon: Barrister Ngek Ngala is New Representative of Lawyers’ GA Presidency for NW Region

By Christopher Ambe
Senior Barrister Ngek John Ngala has been appointed as the new Representative of the President of the General Assembly of the Cameroon Bar Association for the North West Region
Ngek Ngala

     His October 13, 2016 appointment by Barrister Nico Halle, President of the General Assembly of the Cameroon Bar Association, came following the resignation of Barrister Harmony Bobga Mbuton from the position .He resigned while Anglophone lawyers were still observing a four-day strike to  attract Government’s attention to their worries.
     In a resignation letter dated October 11, 2016 and addressed to the Bar GA President, Barrister Bobga   cited circumstances he did not longer find “comfortable to continue to represent a body that works against the interest of lawyers I am expected to serve from my appointive position of your representative for the Northwest Region and elected leader of the Northwest Lawyers’ Association…”
     Reacting to Barrister Bobga’s resignation, the GA president regretted it but added that he had a right to resign if he did not feel comfortable to continue working in that capacity, Barrister Nico Halle told The Recorder by phone.
   “I can only thank Barrister Bobga for the services he has rendered to the Bar as my representative in the Northwest Region since he was appointed one and a half years ago. We thank him for the services he has rendered to the Bar; much is still expected from him...”
   Barrister Nico Halle said the “terms of reference of his (Ngek Ngala’s ) duties have already been communicated to him.
    The Bar GA President urged those concerned to give his new Northwest   Representative “the support necessary for the accomplishment of his duties for the good of the Bar Association.”

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