Monday, July 24, 2017

Governor’s alert about SCNC attacks breeds renewed search for activists

By kum Bandolo

Security forces are said to have intensified the search for SCNC activists following a gubernatorial warning of a possible attack by the banned group’s radical activists.
    The Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai recently alerte the new SDO for Fako Division, Emmanuel Engamma Ledoux during the latter’s commissioning into office that security reports indicate the SCNC are planning to attack Anglophone Regions, in a bid to take back what they called their territory.
  The Governor therefore implored the new SDO to beef up security on the ports and main entrance from Nigeria,a neighboring country, so as to check threates from  those with links to the secessionist group cum terrorist group.
   The SCNC, which is fighting for the independence of Southern Cameroons but is considered by the Cameroon government as a terrorist group, was banned last January 17 in Cameroon, as the Anglophone identity crisis worsens
    Several SCNC leaders are already in detention and are being prosecuted for fighting for the restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroon.
Prominent amongst them is Oben Maxwel alongside four others who were arrested in Bamenda and Kumbo and charged with acts of terrorism.
   Worthy of note is the case of a certain Ernest Nanje Sermobia who joined the SCNC since 2004.
 Nanje Sermobia, an SCNC flyers distributor, was reportedly picked-up in January 2014 in Muyuka, in the company of other activists by security agents  in mufti ,but Nanje Sermobia slipped off the hands of his captors.  Since then his whereabouts is not known but it is believed he must have fled to Nigeria, to join many other SCNC activists there.
    Mola Njoh Litumbe, another lead activist for the independence of Southern Cameroons has often condemned the deplorable conditions in which activists are kept in jail, insisting on the respect of international human rights instruments, to which Cameroon is a signatory.
    The renewed search for SCNC activists comes at a time when Anglophone Consortium leaders such as Abgor Balla and Dr Fontem as well as Zama Gorden, SDF Limbe District Chairman, are being prosecuted for terrorism charges.

   Those charged with terrorism could face up to 25 years in prison or a death sentence.

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