Saturday, August 12, 2017

Anglophone Crisis: US-based Cameroonian International Legal Consultant Writes to President BIya

Dr. Makongo (left) with ex- Ghanaian President
Jerry Rawlings during a recent audience
The now seemingly unending Anglophone Crisis ,which started last November with Cameroon's Common law lawyers's strike and public demonstrations ,has provoked the writing of numerous letters by diplomats,human rights organisations,international law societies, intellectuals,lawmakers etc to President Paul Biya,proposing solutions to the crisis. 
Below is one of such addressed to the Cameroonian Head of State,by Cameroon-born and US-based  International Legal Consultant and Senior  Negotiator,Dr. David Makongo 


"Dear President Biya,
It is with great honor for your high office that I come back to you with my third open letter in connection with the Southern Cameroons' quest for peaceful resolution.
It is sad and very concerning to observe that some ungrateful close confidants of yours want to see you dragged in the mud with a bloody nose before you leave Etoudi. I therefore urge you to dribble them and organize a peaceful referendum in Southern Cameroons.
You could make a new legacy for yourself if you can peacefully and voluntarily organize a referendum to allow the people of Southern Cameroons decide whether or not they want to stay with LRC or go their own separate ways?
The Southern Cameroons plight is deeper in Cameroon than it seems on the surface abroad. Your collaborators are lying to you again by insinuating that North West and South West Regions are stable. And that if any instability, then it could only come from the outside. Big lies. Ghost towns ("Country Sunday") are not abroad. You live with them right there in North West and West Regions.
It is surprising, therefore, to so many people how they managed to persuade you to abandon the problem back home and send the most untrustworthy people abroad to tell lies such as: there was no lawyers strike to a very knowledgeable and wise diaspora population in South Africa, Belgium, Canada, USA, UK and also to mislead and misguide the U.N.
As your emissaries came to the UN for explanation, that is how the U.N. sent them back to you with diplomatic rebuke "to start inclusive dialogue to address the outstanding root causes of tensions" in the Anglophone regions, uphold human rights and hold those responsible for administering justice to "high standards."
What are the root causes of the Anglophone problem?
Dear Mr President, it is important for you to note that despite its shortcomings, the U.N. has always viewed itself as a community of values.
-The ANNEXATION of Southern Cameroons is a violation of these values;
-The kidnappings, torture and raping of Southern Cameroonians are in violation of these values;
-The unwarranted arrests (of Dr. Balla, Justice Ayah, Dr. Fontem, Mr. Mancho and all other SC in LRC jails), illegal detentions and Nuremburg style trials without due process of the law are in violation of these values;
-The shutting down of internet and militarization of Southern Cameroons are in violation of these values.

It is equally important for you to know that if we must avoid blood shed, in addition to following recommendations of the U.N.
1. Instruct government to release everyone in jail without conditions to diffuse tension and to start real "inclusive dialogue with freed leaders and the interim government of Southern Cameroons.
2. Organize a referendum in NorthWest and South West Regions to allow the people decide for themselves which way they want to go? Conduct this test and apply the will of the majority to avoid unforeseen circumstances for the country.
Mr. President, though I'm not a prophet of doom, if there is anything I can guarantee you with this write-up, it is the certainty of the fact that the union between Southern Cameroons and LRC has broken down irretrievably. True!
Fellow Southern CAMEROONIANS, in an overwhelming majority have followed their conscience to separate and start the task of building the new independent State of Southern Cameroons. There's no turning back, Mr. President!
The above is in line with Resolution 1514 of the U.N. which provides that when the union has failed one people can separate if it is the will of the majority.
Thus, organizing this referendum through peace and dialogue could go a long way in saving part of your legacy to the total bewilderment of some of your deceitful allies and ungrateful employees who are betting Or plotting for your shameful downfall.
Only those who have lived in the bowels of the beast know it from the inside!
Yours very sincerely
Dr. David Makongo USA,
Senior Negotiator & International Legal Consultant)

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