Monday, December 13, 2010

Cameroon: Hon .Ayah Paul to run for 2011 presidential election!

By Christopher Ambe Shu
Hon.Ayah:People's Representative
Outspoken( ruling CPDM) Member of Parliament and career magistrate, Hon. Ayah Paul Abine, has announced with confidence, his candidature for the 2011 presidential election, apparently in answer to calls by his hundreds of thousands of admirers from  the ruling CPDM ,the opposition, and the civil society, that  he should gun for the country’s number one  top job: president of the republic.
Hon. Ayah broke the news in an email to The Recorder Newspaper, and  later confirmed it in a telephone conversation with its Editor ,Christopher Ambe Shu
It is no secret here that ,many see probity, hardwork, transparency, commitment, and other democratic values in the man Ayah Paul Abine
Hon.Ayah, who is currently MP for Akwaya, one of the least developed regions of Cameroon, has since his entry into Cameroon’s National Assembly in 2002 been described as a people-and development-minded representative because of his objective criticisms of government actions and policies that he is strongly convinced  are “not genuinely people-and-development oriented”.
Even as a magistrate of the bench for more than two decades, Ayah who is now a second-term MP, passed some  landmark judgments on matters of national interest, which prompted many pundits to describe him as a “true and independent-minded judge”.
In August 2007, he was elected as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of Cameroon, but he later resigned from the post after realizing that he was not allowed to perform his duties as required.
In 2008, Hon Ayah was the only CPDM MP who was against the amendment of the Constitution of Cameroon, which removed term limits that would have prevented President Paul Biya from standing for re-election in 2011.
According to Ayah, the constitutional changes were "not democratic".He is quoted to have said that, if the bill were adopted it "will take us back some 200 years”.
But unfortunately, the bill was adopted and enacted into law.
Following is Hon. Ayah‘s Declaration for the 2011 Presidential election:
 “ Let it be known by all persons that this Sunday, the 12th day of December, 2010, HRH Hon Lord Justice AYAH Paul ABINE, Member of Parliament for Akwaya, born about 1950 at Ngali-Akwaya of Ayah Abine and Omar Ayah, made a formal declaration that he shall be a presidential candidate in the 2011 presidential election in the Republic of Cameroon.
    Some persons have been quick to ask how possible this is in the face of the provision by the CPDM Constitution that the national chairperson of the party is automatically the presidential candidate of the party.
Much as the question is pertinent and logical, we may not lose sight of the declaration by the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM in the recent past that he has been instructed to prepare an imminent ordinary congress of the party. Seeking for an answer to the question now is seeking a solution for a problem that does not yet exist. When a national chairperson has been elected during the ordinary congress, the new situation will call for a consequential solution.
   As of now, therefore, all options are on the table. In consequence of which Ayah Paul Abine alias Paul Ayah hereby declares his candidature as aforesaid. The declaration is dedicated to the youths and women of Cameroon in special, and to all Cameroonian patriots at home and abroad in general.
    In witness whereof this declaration has issued under my hand at Buea, this 12th day of December, 2010
God bless Cameroon!

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gregroire said...

Mr. Ayah Paul is a CPDM member and his candidacy for the presidential elections did not lead to any suspension, threat, sanction nor any other event, contrary to what is seen in other parties. CPDM demonstrates here, the liberty in her actions which characterizes her strength. That’s good for our young democracy.