Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cameroon:Etina Monono celebrates 10th anniversary as Chief of Great Soppo

By Christopher Ambe Shu

Chief Etina addressing crowd

Northwest dance group performing

Great Soppo, a cosmopolitan locality with a population of over 12 000 residents, in Buea subdivision, was last week end in a festive mood as its traditional ruler celebrated his 10th anniversary on the throne.
Chief Etina Monono, a senior official of Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) was enthroned chief of Great Soppo in March 2000, following a bitter family dispute as to who was to succeed his late father as chief.
Thousands of people including VIPs and traditional rulers from far and wide thronged the Great Soppo Palace to celebrate with the Chief Etina.

Nigerian women at the ceremony

Southwest Governor Koumpa Issa, was represented at the grandiose ceremony by Thierry Meboga, Divisional officer (DO) of Buea.
The DO hailed Chief Etina for his development drive, the promotion of national unity and integration, as well as peace.
In his welcome remarks, Chief Eitna said he was succeeding in the leadership of “the kingdom” largely because of the support of the population and his traditional council, which is very representative of the various ethic groups residing in Great Soppo.  “The greatest achievement of this kingdom is the harmony that reigns amongst us “, he said, noting that it promotes the socio-economic development of the people.
He said the collective efforts of the population have made Great Soppo Government Secondary School, now operational; that nursery and primary schools are also functioning. He said work for the Great Soppo water project would soon start. “Our market project has received not only the approval of the Council  but also the approval of donor organizations, thanks to the lobbying of the administration”, he said.
Bakweri Juju
Thiery Meboga(middle) DO for Buea
The chief revealed plans to construct a befitting community hall and health center for Great Soppo.
He regretted that a project, called Palace Kitchen, which provided food to the needy was no longer functioning, attributing its failure to the fact beneficiaries preferred money instead of being fed in the palace.
Cultural dances from different ethnic groups added color to the celebration.

 Great Soppo is divided into 15 quarters, with more than eight of the quarter heads being non-natives of the village, it emerged. It is also a seat for several academic and professional institutions as well as financial institutions

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