Monday, May 30, 2011

Cameroon: Government Bans Public Launching of New “Cure” for HIV/AIDS

By Christopher Ambe shu
A widely publicized launching of Anti-Oxy-Toxin (AOT), said to be a new and very effective cure for HIV/AIDS, discovered by Buea-based award-wining tradi-practitioner Dr. Fru Richard, which was billed for May 27 at Hotel residence Carlos-Muea, did not take place even     as all was set for the event.
The Divisional Officer (DO) for Buea, Chekem Abraham on the eve of the launching, took many aback by banning the ceremony, which was expected to attract hundreds of people from far and wide.
Archives:Dr. Fru with mike stressing importance of traditional medicine
Many critical minds believe the DO’s decision to ban the launching  may have been influenced by hierarchy or some  well-placed detractors of Dr.Fru .They point to the fact that it is the same DO, whose office last  April 29 received and acknowledged receipt of Dr.Fru ‘s declaration  to launch his new drug ,as required by law. They wondered why an issue as sensitive as such would take the DO about one month to react after notification.
The DO, in his letter dated May 26, to Dr. Fru in the evening prohibiting the launching, said he was not yet aware of any institution or researcher that has discovered an “absolute cure” for HIV/AIDS.
Reading between the lines, pundits have been quick to interpret the DO’s justification to mean that he acknowledges that AOT is only a cure and not-in his words, an “absolute cure”
 Apart from repeated media announcements inviting the public to attend the launching, over 200 special invitation cards were extended to traditional, academic ,adminstrative,religious ,security and judicial authorities and other dignitaries-many of whom had promised to witness the launching.
But the crowd  that turned up for the launching on May 27 was disappointed to learn that the government waited until the eleventh minute to say NO to the highly publicized launching of AOT,which already is reportedly in high  demand at home and abroad.
Police men were positioned at the hotel and Dr. Fru’s Garden of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation (Dr Fru’s GEIHR Foundation),to send away people coming for the launching.
“I don’t really understand what is going on in this country. Cameroon has an HIV/AIDS prevalence rate of over 5 % yet the government cannot encourage research for the cure of this deadly disease. Why must Africans think that a cure for AIDS must come from the West?” fumed an invitee to reporters when told that the launching had been cancelled for unclear reasons.
A disappointed Dr. Fru who preferred to maintain silence over the issue for the time being ,had weeks before  informed  reporters how he was receiving anonymous telephone calls and text messages warning him not to go ahead with the launching of  AOT.
According to Dr. Fru’s Garden of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation (Dr Fru’s GEIHR Foundation), Wonya Mavio-Buea, Anti-Oxy-Toxin is produced from extracts of life-saving plants – and used in the rapid treatment of HIV/AIDS cases.
 “AOT supplies the body with both natural and supernatural energy to quickly revitalize itself; acts in dual capacities by releasing instant light energy and acts as a raw material for the body to process and release other forms of energy.
“It revives the cells of immune-depressed individuals. It has a holistic approach in handling HIV/AIDS or a variety of immune-depressed diseases in the body.
 It is worth noting that, AOT is anti-oxidative, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-toxin and anti-negative radiations.
It cleanses the blood and boosts the immune system both naturally and supernaturally.”
 Dr.Richard Fru, a renowned Cameroonian traditional doctor, has to his credits many effective made-out- of plant drugs such as Try-Me, a miraculous and holistic healing panacea. He is on record to have cured hundreds of patients suffering from deadly diseases.

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