Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Star Actress Stella Damasus in Cameroon to help develop movie industry.

Also working with Splash Networks International to assist cancer patients

By Christopher Ambe Shu

Stella Damasus, a popular Nigerian film actor, singer, producer and  TV presenter arrived in Douala-Cameroon on May 17 to begin a two--day or more working session with Cameroon movie promoters in her new resolve to help the film industry in the Central African country grow by leaps and bounds.

Nigerian Movie Star :Stella Damasus

Conspicuously present at the Douala International Airport to receive Actress Stella Damasus and her manager Bunmi Ayeni were: Cyril Akonteh,a Cameroonian movie producer and Chief Executive Officer of Splash Networks International, a Buea-based organization that promotes youth and women empowerment;Mrs. Ndjitcham Beatrice Bamedig,host of Actress Stella Damasus and proprietress of White House Restaurant-Akwa-Douala; Mrs. Tricia Oben,President of Cameroon English Speaking Journalists(CAMASEJ) and  a crowd of journalists and movie fans.
A beaming Actress Stella, upon arrival at the Douala Airport, told reporters that, she was already feeling relaxed and comfortable with her first visit to Cameroon, because -according to her, Cameroonians are very hospitable and neat.
“This is my first visit to Cameroon. I want to familiarize myself with this country, meet with the people whose culture is close to mine, to work together and collaborate-because we are planning a project here. We want to meet with the people and see the kinds of talents they have and see what we can do to support the movie industry here”, she said, noting that Cameroonians have been supportive of Nigeria, watching and buying Nigerian films as a mark of love.
“I think the best thing to do is to find a way to give back to this country-by working with Cameroonians to see how that can happen, providing jobs, skills and training for young talents.”
 Cameroon can also make the kinds of good movies we Nigerian make, because our cultures are similar”, she stressed, hoping that, “very soon Cameroonians will be watching their own movies everyday on TV, not only in Cameroon, but in other parts of Africa and the world.
Actress stella ,who has made 15 years in the movie industry and has so many films to her credit, said her success story is based on the fact  that “I am real…I try to be as natural as possible and people like the fact that I put my all in what I am doing”
Actress Stella, a Christian mother of two, has just opened her own production company Stella Damasus Archives (SDA) Production Ltd.She is now also a TV presenter, with her first TV shows currently being aired in UK.
Cyril Akonteh, who is now working in partnership with the Nigerian actress, said Stella Damasus “is willing to invest a lot financially, materially and morally in developing the showbiz industry of Cameroon”.
Akonteh said the Actress was expected to visit and donate to some cancer patients at Douala Reference Hospital.
 “We are jointly going to present a common front in fighting against cancer in Africa. She will attack the western front of Africa while Splash Networks will conquer the central African Nations all in a bid to give hope and courage to cancer victims, survivors and their families,”Akonteh said in a statement before the arrival of the Nigerian film star. “Stella Damasus loves children and supports underprivileged kids as well”
Speaking to journalists, shortly before a night party that was organized in her honor in the Akwa-Douala residence of host Mrs.Ndjitchma Beatrice and attended by dignitaries including the Nigerian consul-general in Douala during which the need for improved collaboration between Cameroon and Nigeria was emphasized by various speakers, Actress Stella, disclosed:

Stella Damasus talking to reporters in Douala

 “I am also here to work with Splash Net works International, whose website I came across and discovered they are doing a lot of things about cancer awareness. I am also doing a lot on that because many people in the industry have died of cancer. And I find that there are some cancers that can be treated if detected on time. I believe in the project that Splash Networks is doing-so I want to see how we can sit down and plan together on cancer awareness campaign”.
In Buea today, the star actress -accompanied by Splash Networks officials, visited CRTV (Radio Buea), some hotels and schools such as St Therese International Bilingual Primary and Secondary school, before proceeding to the coastal town of Limbe, where she was programmed to visit the Limbe Botanical Garden, the Limbe Zoo, Seme Beach and other tourist attractions. 
If everything goes as planned, then Actress Stella and her Manager will leave Cameroon for Nigeria tomorrow, May 19

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