Monday, October 3, 2011

Buea CPDM on aggressive door-to-door campaign to win votes for Paul Biya

By Christopher Ambe Shu
Buea subdivision  with a population of about 200,000 people,is highly cosmopolitan and has various political parties functioning there ,with two having their headquarters there .They are the Social Liberal Congress (SLC) of Professor George Nyamndi and Liberal Democratic Alliance (LDA) of Mola Njoh Litumbe.
But the ruling CPDM appears bent on projecting the subdivision as its bastion.
Since the official launching of presidential campaigns last September 24, Buea CPDM officials and militants have embarked on a daily aggressive door-to door campaign , visiting all the nucks and crannies of the subdivision in a bid to win more - if not all registered voters  on the side of Presidential Candidate Paul Biya.

Buea CPDM frontline campaigners at  Mukunda village ra
Frontline Buea CPDM campaigners include: Hon Emilia Lifaka Monjowa, Vice President of Cameroon National Assembly, Hon Meoto Paul Njie, and former Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister; Mayor Charles Mbella Moki, Hannah Etonde Mbua, Buea WCPDM President; Mbome Motomby Emmanuel, Buea YCPDM president; Paramount Chief of Buea, SML Endeley, Dr. Amos Namanga Ngongi, and Dr. Ernest Molua, of the University of Cameroon.
These campaigners go round with one strong message: that Paul Biya, baptized the People’s Choice, is the best and only candidate who can  continue keeping  Cameroon on the path of sustainable development, peace, social justice, democracy and progress.
They cite  major projects in Buea that have been realized by the ruling CPDM government such as the  Buea Regional Hospital Annex,the Buea Hemodialysis  Center, the university of Buea, improved roads,  schools and other social amenities, adding that more would be realized in the subdivision if Paul Biya is reelected come October 9.
They note that Paul Biya ‘s next presidential term is placed under the banner of ´’Major Achievements”, reiterating that he recently vowed that under his leadership no part or locality would be left out in his development blue print.
Speaking yesterday in Mukunda village, Hon Meoto Paul l Njie, advised the villagers: “In every region or locality, everybody is fighting to vote for Candidate Paul Biya, and we here cannot afford to identify with the opposition”, which the CPDM thinks has little or nothing to offer.
For his part.Hon Emilia Lifaka Monjowa, campaign leader for Buea, urged the population to regard all the promises made by the various opposition candidates as deception.
Luma Stephen:local CPDM leader promising victory for Paul Bi
Mayor of Buea,Charles Mbella  Moki, said the only way  Buea people can show gratitude to President Paul Biya for all the realized projects in the municipality is to Vote for him 100%,so to attract more projects.
Earlier in his welcome speech, Stephen Luma who is CPDM subsection president for Buea Central 1 which includes Mukunda, on behalf of the villagers, assured the CPDM of an overwhelming victory.
It is worthy of note that for close to ten years, the ruling CPDM has won all elections in Buea-municipal, parliamentary and presidential.
The CPDM Buea  campaigners have mobilized themselves to cover all the over 30 villages that make Buea subdivision before Election Day.

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