Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Presidential Election: Biya regime accused of molesting , intimidating opposition Supporters

By John K.Tanchong

 The coming October 9 presidential election which will see 22 contenders challenge the incumbent Paul Biya appears to be making the Biya regime nervous and doubtful of its chances of survival.

 The regime, described by critical minds as a dictatorship, is reportedly suppressing dissenting political views, intimidating and molesting the opposition.

 State audio –visual CRTV, Biya’s challengers say, is biased in its campaign coverage, giving more air time to the incumbent, Paul Biya

Opposition supporters have repeatedly complained of intimidation and molestation, accusing Biya’s ruling CPDM, of being the brain behind such acts.

A certain Colins Djimeli Mensah, said to a student of the University of Buea, UB and member of the University of Buea Students Union, UBSU was reportedly brutalized by security agents in mufti, for his outspokenness against the regime.
Mensah, a political science student, said it was not the first time his human rights were being violated.
 But Mensah has insisted that he would continue to advocate greater freedom, good governance, social justice and the rule of law, inspite of the odds.

Mensah’s family, nervous over the mistreatment of their son reportedly advised him to leave Cameroon for his safety and continue with his studies elsewhere; a piece of advice he heeded and is now said to be in the USA where he has joined many other Cameroonians political activists.

 Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Bakary Tchiroma recently in press statement condemned Cameroonians who are now abroad mobilizing to foment trouble back home.
Colins Djimeli Mensah is cited as one of these Cameroonian agitators abroad, who are painting Cameroon black. Others include former UBSU members, who, while students, instigated strike actions against the Biya regime in and out of the UB campus.  

It would be recalled that some Cameroonians in the Diaspora have been galvanizing Cameroonians through the social media to emulate the Arab uprising.
This prompted Cameroon Government to block internet facilities in the country during the early months of the Arab uprising.

The opposition- and the SCNC which is said to be fighting the restoration of Southern Cameroonians but is described a separatist group by the Cameroon Government, have left the security operatives on the red alert

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