Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dr. David Makongo Awards Scholarship to 20 Deserving Bakweri University Students

Each student receives 50,000 FCFA 

Dr.David Makongo

 By Christopher Ambe 

Twenty(20) young people of Bakweri origin, who are University of Buea students singled out for their brilliant academic performances, have each received the sum of 50, 000Fcfa as scholarship from US-based Buea Elite Dr.David Makongo Njie. 

Dr.Makongo is an international mining and petroleum legal expert

The award recipients are from the BONAVADA area. Bonavada is a development association of over 13 Bakweri villages along the slopes of Mt Cameroon. And the donor is a native of the Bonavada area.

Dr.T. Kinge( in suit) watches a recipient sign for her money
The scholarship award ,which took place last August 24 at the premises of Bonakanda Rural radio, coincided with the closing and prize-award ceremony of a holiday workshop program for 146 kids organized by the Radio Station and supported with donations  from  people of good faith in the Bonavada area.

The award ceremony was broadcast live by Bonakanda Rural Radio, and in a live telephone interview with the donor from the US, which was aired, Dr. David Makongo addressed his kin and kith -calling for unity among them and urging them to be development-oriented.
He said his scholarship award was a purely humanitarian and philanthropic gesture, which may become a yearly event. He challenged the awardees to continue to excel in school so as to remain beneficiaries of his charity. 

“The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage the education of our youth. I want to give something, an opportunity we never had to them. I want to encourage them throughout their studies, provided they are performing well”, Dr. Makongo told The Recorder.
Scholarship awardees in family picture with others

Dr.Thompsom Kinge, Director of the Limbe Regional Hospital and elder brother of Dr.David Makongo, led a family delegation who represented the donor at the scholarship award ceremony. They included Mrs.Frida D.Kinge, Master Denin Njie Makongo (son of the donor who flew in from the US) and Master Gareth F.Kinge.

Before personally handing out the money to each awardee, Dr. Kinge noted that Dr.Makongo by that gesture was showing appreciation to God and the Bonavada community for their contributions to the donor’s life.

He said the gesture by Dr.Makongo whom he described as a devout Christain, was a representation of Hebrews 13:16 that says: “Do not forget to do good and to help one another because these are the sacrifices that please God”.

He advised the recipients to use their scholarship optimally in their efforts to gain quality education.
The 20 recipients lined-up ready to receive their scholarships
For his part, Amos Evambe Ndumbe, Station Manager of Bonakanda Radio Station, described the donor, Dr. Makongo who did his primary education at Government School Bova, one of the Bonavada villages, as someone who has never been greedy.

 Mr.Evambe Ndumbe hoped that, many others would emulate the example of Dr.Makongo, who has always assisted his local community materially, financially and otherwise.
The ceremony was witnessed by Buea elites, guests and parents including the chairman of Bonakanda Traditional Council, Elame David Elinge. 

Denin Njie ,son of  the donor, salutes the beneficiaries.

After witnessing the award ceremony, Master Denin Njie Makongo, son of the donor, remarked to The Recorder: “I am grateful for what my father has done. The lesson here is that others should work very hard to benefit something.” 

Recipients’ Reactions

“I feel very happy with this award. It is nice to go to school. When you go to school and perform well, you receive recognitions. I want to encourage Bonavada youth to go to school so that one day they too will receive this scholarship”
- Mary Ewokolo Molua, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Buea

Kids watched their elder siblings receive the scholarship
“I am very happy to be one of the beneficiaries of this award. I pray that it should be a regular event. I intend to use the money given me to pay my school registration fees .I wish to thank the donor ,and I pray that God should replenish the source of this money“
-Agnes Etombi Efande, second year student, reading Special Education, University of Buea

 “I am a happy person. This scholarship will help me take care of one or two school needs. I will use the money to buy some text books and pay part of my school fees this coming academic year”
-Lyonga Walterson, second year law student, University of Buea      

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