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Dr. Fru: Traditional Medicine Growing By Leaps And Bounds in Cameroon

But Still To Be Integrated Into  National Health Care System

Dr. Richard  Fru.

 By Christopher Ambe

Dr. Fru Richard, Founder/Director of the famous Dr. Fru‘s Garden of Eden International Healing & Research Foundation  with headquarters in  Buea, has said   traditional  medicine is growing by leaps and bounds in Cameroon, despite lackluster efforts by the Government to promote it as recommended by the World Health Organization(WHO).

Dr. Fru ,who is a celebrated researcher of  traditional medicine, made the statement on the occasion of the 10th African Traditional Medicine day, which he organized single-handed, at his Buea clinic premises last August 31, and brought together a huge crowd of lovers and users of traditional medicine.

African Traditional Medicine Day, which is August 31 yearly, is backed by the WHO.
This year’s theme was “African Traditional Medicine Day: What impact?”

The ceremony, which coincided with Dr. Fru’s yearly donation of foodstuff to the less-privileged, was characterized by a well-attended press conference, during which Dr.Fru proved to journalists that he remains a master in traditional medicine by answering questions to the satisfaction of all.

Dr. Fru with mike at drugs' exhibition as reporters take notes
 Other highlights of the ceremony were free consultation and treatment of patients with drugs produced by the researcher/healer-and an exhibition of newly produced and packaged traditional drugs.

“Everywhere in Cameroon, there is a new spirit of traditional medicine blowing. More and more people are now embracing traditional medicine to take care of their health needs”, Dr. Fru told the press conference

Africans (80%) Depend on Trad-medicine
Many answered present for  free consultation and treatment
 According to the WHO more than 80% of Africans depend on traditional medicine, Dr. Fru said, adding that the positive impact of traditional medicine in Cameroon is greatly felt by people of all walks of life.

He disclosed that because of the importance of traditional medicine the WHO has since been mounting pressure on governments to integrate it into their health systems.

But Dr. Fru expressed regrets that in Cameroon, some unscrupulous government officials are working against the WHO request by Intimidating those practicing traditional medicine.

“ It is 10 years now, while there is noticeable progress in many other countries ,there is still no significant progress that has been made in Cameroon by {the Government}  when it comes to integrating traditional medicine into the national health care system,” fumed the Director of Dr. Fru‘s GEIHR Foundation.

 “Unfortunately, this is still an area where the dominant culture is treated like a marginal culture”  

He insisted that traditional medicine is the mother and the future of all medicines and that it is based on the truth. The researcher said in traditional medicine there is no standard dosage.

“Traditional Medicine has no limitations. This is why traditional medicine is referred to as holistic medicine; it is medicine that widens and extends beyond the narrow world view. It is super medicine; it has a lot of super natural properties in it”, according to Dr.Fru.

He said heads of state of African Union (AU) at last AU meeting declared the period from 2011 to 2020 as the Second Decade of Traditional Medicine with the recommendation that, member countries should promote and develop the practice of traditional medicinal medicine.

The purpose of the day, Dr.Fru said, was to sensitize the public on the merits of the usage and practice of the traditional medicine.

 “The horizon of traditional medicine has been broadened as we are now talking about botanists who identify plants, pharmacognosy, microbiologists and all other fields related to health care. All we need to do is to fasten unity among colleagues and have one voice in defense of the practice,” he observed as he called for improved collaboration between ordothox and traditional practitioners.

Communication needed for awareness creation
 The CEO of GEIHR foundation lamented that government agents don’t want tradi-practioners to sensitize the public on the importance of traditional medicine.

Journalists at the press conference
 “Many uninformed persons have categorized our activities being propagated and mediatized to promote traditional medicine as advertisement”, he noted. “Many uninformed traditional healers still depend only on the patient-to –patient information as sensitization”

Dr. Fru stressed the important role of communication in creating awareness. “The Bible is is a medium wherein God is made known to man. Is this advertisement? If it is, then, what we are doing in the press is advertisement par excellence!”

He stressed that “our media campaign is intended to promote an idea or influence behavior of patients and society in general towards healthy living. “Just imagine what would have happened to the population if there was not a vast and aggressive media campaign against the HIV/AIDS and others?” he asked rhetorically.

It should by noted that although an invitation was sent to the Southwest Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Public Health in Buea, neither the  Regional Delegate nor his representative attended  the ceremony, pushing   observers to question whether Government  is actually committed to promoting traditional medicine as recommended by WHO.

Although headquartered in Buea, the GEIHR Foundation has established branches in some towns and cities of Cameroon. Towns and cities already having branches of GEIHR Foundation are: Kumba, Douala, Yaounde, Bamenda, Limbe and recently Bertoua.

Dr.Fru plans to establish more branch clinics in Maroua, Ebolowa, Ngoundere and Graoua-especially as the demand for his drugs and consultation is greatly increasing as the days pass by.
Dr.Fru”s Popularity
Dr. Fru's Foodstuff  donation for  the needy
Dr. Fru, as young as he is, has become a famous  award winning  modern traditional doctor who has proven beyond doubts that, traditional medicine is the bedrock of all medicine on earth and remains the future of all medicines 

Dr. Fru  has, for years now,  been a household name not only  in Cameroon but also abroad because of  the effectiveness of his  medicinal drugs, that knock out diseases from the body - even some considered by conventional doctors as incurable.He is also a philanthropist,assisting the needy in various ways.

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