Friday, January 25, 2013

Cameroon Government Reminded to Urgently Realize Limbe Deep Sea Port

By Christopher Ambe 

The Government has once more been reminded of the urgent need to realize the Limbe deep sea port project, in order to, among other reasons, minimize the high cost of transporting Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) agricultural products such as banana via Douala to its over seas markets.

The reminder, which was highly applauded by the Anglophone community, was made by Andrew Ngomba Motanga, Government Delegate to Limbe City Council.

Mr. Motanga’s reminder was made January 12 in Limbe at the installation of the new GM of CDC, Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie, and it came to add to previous calls by the people of the Southwest Region in particular and the Anglophone Community in general that the Limbe Deep Sea port, considering its strategic location, be significantly developed to facilitate trade between Cameroon and neighboring countries.

Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie, 49 year-old native of Bokwa-Buea and a German-trained civil engineer, was installed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development ,Lazare Essimi Menye, as the fourth General Manager of Cameroon Development Corporation, the second employer  (with a work force of over 20 thousand people) after the state of Cameroon.
The new GM was challenged to be innovative, increase crop production and ensure that the para-statal remains competitive in the world market.

The Minister threw the challenge to Mr. Ngoni Ikome Njie at the CDC Bota Hall in Limbe as he commissioned him as new GM of CDC, in replacement of Henry Njalla Quan, who died last month after a protracted illness.

Mr. Ngoni Ikome Njie was appointed New GM of CDC by President Biya last December 19 to serve as the fourth GM of the corporation. Past GM’s are: John Neba Ngu (the first but now deceased), Peter Mafany Musonge(the second, who later became Prime Minister and currently is Grand Chancellor of National Orders) and Henry Njalla Quan,the third.

Mr.Ngoni Ikome Njie,who has spent 16 years in the CDC had served as Estate Manger, Director of Technical Services ,acting GM in same corporation before being confirmed as GM following the demise of Mr.Njalla Quan who was credited by the Minister for  doing a lot  to keep corporation  afloat.
Turning to the new GM, the minister admitted that, the CDC was facing some difficulties, but urged Mr .Ngoni Ikome Njie to implement stringent managerial programs that would yield good results. 

Mr Ngoni Ikome Njie was equally implored to improve working conditions, which would, not doubt, act as incentive for better performance.
Minister Essimi Menye hoped that, the CDC would continue to distinguish its self as the leader in the agricultural sector in the country

Earlier in his welcome address, Andrew Ngomba Motanga, Government Delegate to Limbe city Council, regretted the demise of Henry Njalla Quan, but was comforted by the fact that he has been replaced by Mr. Ngoni Ikome Njie, whom, he noted, has already proven to be asset to the CDC.Mr. Motanga cautioned the new GM to be objective and foresighted in his administration

The Government Delegate used the occasion to remind the Government of the urgent need to realize the seemingly abandoned Limbe Deep Sea project, so that the high cost of transporting CDC products to Douala for export would be greatly reduced.

First published in The Recorder Newspaper,Cameroon,of January 23,2013

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