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Nouboue Nee Monguen Alice: An Assiduous Finance Controller

                                                   By Christopher Ambe
       Nouboue nee Monguen Alice can be likened to an ambassador of assiduity, transparency and stringency; and above all, she is a great patriot.
Mrs. Nouboue Alice
     Ask her goal for Cameroon and she won’t hesitate to tell you: “To put my experience and competence at the service of my country”
   This soft-spoken Cameroonian, born in Ndoungue-Nkongsamba in 1964 and educated up to university level where she studied statistics and economics, is one of many Cameroonian women of tiber and caliber, who, despite their high status in society, choose to remain humble and helpful.
    Mrs. Nouboue-who is bilingual (fluent in English and French) has been the Southwest Regional Finance Controller for a year now; but in all, she has dutifully served in that capacity for about 10 years in different regions. In 1998, Mrs. Nouboue served as Interim Finance Controller for the West Region, then Regional Finance Controller for the Northwest for seven years (July 2006 – May 2013) before his appointment to Buea in the same capacity.
    This 50-year old financial expert/statistician says the work of a finance controller is very exacting. The Regional Finance Controller, among other duties, ensures the strict regulation and implementation of the state budget at the regional level.
“Although the job is very demanding, I love it. Sometimes we leave the office in the night. That is when you have enough time to concentrate on certain files. In the day, the coming of service users/visitors makes it difficult for somebody to concentrate”, Mrs.Nouboue told The Recorder. 
     As a finance controller, she says she is not afraid to be controlled by hierarchy. “As Controller, I am also an authorizing officer, a civil servant and I am obliged to respect regulations in force in the performance of my job. As a human being I am not perfect and would like to be controlled too. Controls have their positive aspect in that, they make workers sit up”
                                                      Success Secret
    A devout Catholic Christian, Mrs. Nouboue does her work with the fear of the Lord. “Before I start my day, I humbly ask the Almighty God to direct my actions. When I have a heavy work load, I always invite God to help me do it as required”, she says, noting that Jesus in the Bible book of Matthew 11:28 says "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”
     Her open door policy makes her very friendly to both her colleagues and service users.
“My boss is not only time-and duty-conscious. We have observed that she is open-minded and motherly”, said one female worker when I tried to find out whether the Finance Controller is bossy. Other service users (contractors and state employees) met in the waiting room of the Finance Controller all agreed that Mrs. Nouboue is very welcoming to all.
   “The public is free to appreciate our services and to meet the right source for whatever information they want,” Mrs.Nouboue says, adding that her office also has a public suggestion box. “We are not perfect but are working hard daily to improve the quality of service we give out. I make sure no file lasts more that 72 hours in my office. If it does it means the file needs special attention”
   Mrs.Nouboue is skilled in the following areas: economic and financial statistics, macroeconomic projection, management and the analysis of public finances, as well as budget preparation and implementation
    She has been occupying the sensitive office of Regional Finance Controller for more than 10 years now because she masters her job well and does it both to the satisfaction of hierarchy and the public, The Recorder was informed.
Mrs.Nouboue graduated as an Application Engineer of Statistics from ISSEA Yaoundé in 1986; graduated as Statistical Engineer/Economist from ENSEA in Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) in 1993; In 2004, she earned a Diploma in Management from the Advanced School of Public Management, Yaounde and in 2006 she did an internship course on the “Elaboration and Evaluation of Public Policies at ENA Paris, France.
                                                 Professional Experience
Before her current post as Regional Finance Controller for the Southwest, Mrs. Nouboue  held and or headed several other offices  ,which include Representative of the Minister of Finance at Boards of Directors of  MIDENO –Bamenda and UNVDA(from 2006 to 2013);Specialist Finance Controller ,University of Bamenda(July 2012 –May 2013).In the 1990’s ,she headed different services in the Ministry of Finance, and served as an exemplar to many.
                                                Sociopolitical status.
Mrs. Nouboue, who is a mother of four children, is a member of the ruling CPDM and official of several social groups. For example, she is vice president of the Association of Women of Elites of Bandjourn .She enjoys doing sport because she holds that “sport keeps one fit and healthy”
                                                No State Medal
Although a workaholic, who has put more than 25 years at the service of the nation, Mrs. Nouboue is yet to receive a state medal as another form of recognition of her commitment to serving the State.  Why? It is not because she is not qualified for medals. She is quite qualified but the Cameroon system demands that a worker should  apply for a state medal, a thing Mrs. Nouboue finds unreasonable to do.
 “Honestly, I think that when you want to congratulate somebody, it should not be that person to apply for it. For my more than 25 years of service, I have not received a medal from the State -simply because I have not bothered to apply for one,” she told The Recorder. “As Finance Controller in the Northwest I recommended hard working colleagues for Letters of Congratulation to the Minister. But I cannot apply to be congratulated, but I would continue to be patriotic and serve my country to the best of my abilities”

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