Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cameroon:Becky Effoe’s Unalloyed Loyalty To God Pays off

By Christopher Ambe 
Becky Effoe testifying to the Lord's goodness in Church
Recently, her life was seriously threatened by what she and medics described as excruciating leg pain for weeks, so much that she thought her end was near. But doctors battled for her survival by administering drugs to relieve her of the killer pain. For their part, relatives and close friends including the clergy daily prayed for her quick recovery and a return of her peace of mind.
      The combination of medical attention and prayers would, no doubt, restore her health after weeks of pains. 
      Madam  Becky Limunga Effoe, who is the Director of the Intensive vocational Training Center for Office employees (IVTC) Buea-Cameroon, suddenly developed the sharp leg pain while in her office and that happened at a time she was shortlisted by the State of Cameroon for the award of the medal of the Officer of National Order of Valour  medal, for her selfless services to   the nation. 
     Because of her sudden ailment, Auntie Becks, as she is fondly called, missed being publicly decorated with the medal on Cameroon’s National Day, last 20th May, in Buea by the Governor of the Southwest region, Bernard Okala Bilai. 
     But that medal was publicly blessed on Sunday, July 27 during a well-attended thanks-giving service she organized at the Bender Baptist Church –Bokwango,Buea , officiated by Rev.Joseph Ngange .The divine event was to glorify God  who has always been  merciful to Auntie Becks ,in times of trouble. 
     The church service brought Auntie Becks’ relatives and  friends from far and wide to witness her testify to the goodness of the Lord. 
    In her testimony, Auntie Becks, generally described as a devout Christian, humble and generous, narrated the ordeal she passed through when she suddenly developed the sharp leg pain, which many
thought would put a full stop to her existence on earth. But she held firm to God in prayers..
Cross section of invitees at the church service
     In her excruciating pain, which left friends and relatives in a state of fear she recalled that a voice called her and ordered her to stand-up, but she tried in vain. Then, came the voice again with the same order, which she believed was   the Lord‘s voice.  This time, Auntie Becks who then could not walk, confessed, “I rose and walked and since then I have walking and have been relieved of the pains” 
     Auntie Becks, near tears of joy, told the congregation that it was God who released His Mercy on her. She pleaded with Christians to always pray for another “because when we pray to God-who is so generous, He grants us His mercy” 
    Before her testimony, Rev. Joseph Ngange, in a mind-searching sermon titled “Mercy and Power” inspired by Romans 9; 11-14, said God’s mercy goes before his power. .He noted that in the release of God’s mercy, God does not respect human tradition or order.”When God releases his mercy on you, the devil is in trouble”
    Rev. Ngange said all what Auntie Becks passed through was known to God. The pastor said God’s mercy and power are working for the good of all believers. “God’s gift is not by the effort of human beings, it is by God’s mercy”, said the Minister of God, calling on mankind to depend largely on God for their needs.
At the glad party Auntie Becks dances with a VIP

   Worthy of note is the fact that this usually smiling Cameroonian mother, who is now aged about 57,draws specially closer and closer to  God  not only in times of difficulties.
   Two years ago, when Auntie Becks  turned 55, she organized a thanks-giving service to that effect, during which ceremony funds were raised for the construction of the official residence of the parish  pastor of Bender Baptist Church.
    High-profile invitees at the thanks-giving service included: Senator Charles Mbella Moki; Christopher Tambe Tiku, university don and noted Human Rights crusader; Associate Professor Ernest L.Molua of the University of Buea;Bernard Eko,head of CRTV Regional Station, and Ngalle kinge Jacob, retired  senior civil administrator and proprietor of Kingston Memorial Nursery and Primary School,Buea ,who later chaired a sumptuous party at IVTC that followed the church service.

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