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PCC Moderator Wants Christians' Support War against Boko Haram

* Donates Fcfa two Million
  By Christopher Ambe
The Moderator of Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba in keeping with his induction’s clarion call for collective support in the war against Boko Haram, has donated FCFA two million, on behalf of the denomination.
The Rt. Rev. Fonki   giving communion to his fellow colleagues at his Induction last March 15 in Buea /Photo credit:
 Chris Ambe
    The donation was announced in Buea, March 25, by the Secretary-General at Buea Governor’s office, Clement Fon Ndikum, during a fund-raising in support of Cameroon’s armed forces against Boko Haram, chaired by Southwest Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai. In all, over Fcfa 43 million was raised by the Southwest Region at the fund-raising.
     Earlier in his  March 15 mind-searching sermon at his induction as PCC Moderator in Buea , titled “Be Transformed Transformers”, the Rt. Rev. Fonki had   implored Christendom in particular and others world-wide to teach by example, if society must be moralized and modernized.
He had regretted that Cameroon’s territorial boundaries had been invaded by a terrorist sect, called Boko Haram.
   “We need to partner with our Government to fight and regain our sovereignty in the North of our country. We must engage ourselves in this fight against Boko Haram especially as this terrorist group has pledged formal allegiance to the Islamic states of Iraq and Syria,” he had said emphatically.
   Then, to ensure that Christians actually implement his induction request for support against Boko Haram, the Rt. Rev. Fonki, in a circular titled “SAVE OUR SOULS” dated March 22.2015, addressed to all PCC pastors, Congregations and Christians has reiterated his call for massive support against the sect.
The circular, which was read in all Presbyterian churches last Sunday 29 March, partly reads:
    “We write to you at this time to draw your attention to the national crisis that has plagued our brothers and sisters in the Northern part of our country, Cameroon, caused by Boko Haram insurgence. Quiet and peaceful citizens of our country who had developed a way of livelihood for themselves have been battered, terrorized, some killed, others displaced and some held captive by the senseless brutality and inhumanity of some misguided human beings. House and hard-earned property have been looted and some destroyed for no crime of these victims. They are rightly victims of circumstances beyond our control”
   The Moderator in the circular stressed, “We cannot afford to be silent, indifferent and watch on as our brothers and sisters of the affected part of our country wallow in misery as refugees in their own country. Our consciences should prick us to act and stretch a hand of help to them”
    He urged Christians to be moved by compassion to make “generous material and financial offers on Easter Sunday (April 5, 2015) to help these unfortunate brothers and sisters”
    The circular instructed that, the contributions should be collected by Parish Pastors for onward transmission to PCC Financial Secretary within on week-before Monday April 13, 2015.
Induction Sermon           
    It would be noted that the Induction Sermon of the Rt. Rev. Fonki, who is the 6th Moderator of Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), was delivered live on television on March 15 from PCSS Buea Town and watched by millions across the nation and beyond.
   The Rt.Rev. Fonki was inducted as the Chief Shepherd of the PCC by his predecessor, the Very Rev. Dr. Festus Asana, in the presence of another retired PCC Moderator, the very Rev. Nyansako- Ni- Nku. 
   The Rt.Rev. Fonki, 47, is the youngest ever elected Moderator of the 57th year-old PCC, which is estimated to have some 1.5million members. The Moderator was elected into office, for a five-year mandate, last November alongside, Rev. Babila George Fochang, 53, as the Synod Clerk. Rev. Fochang also was inducted alongside the moderator.
    The Rt. Rev. Fonki, who now wears the Pectoral Cross of the PCC as  a distinguished symbol of spiritual authority- drew  inspiration for his sermon from  the Bible book of Romans 12:2,which says “Do not conform yourselves  to the standards of this world ,but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God-what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect.”
   Preaching, the Rt. Rev.Moderator regretted that “the pagan world is beginning to rejoice because Christians are no different from them in matters of morality. “ If the church today is not undergoing persecution it may be because there is very little distinction between the world and the church”, he observed. “Religious surveys consistently show that there are no noticeable differences between the lifestyles of those who attend church and those who do not”
   In the sermon, he regretted, that the church that ought to be the moral conscience of society…seems to have lost [its] sense of direction”, reason why he strongly called on Presbyterians to become transformed transformers.
“It is time for us to become transformed transformers so as make our church a spiritually vibrant church in Cameroon. If we want a church that is sovereign and truly our, then we must rescue if from stagnation and make it more vibrant and dynamic, thus regaining the self-hood of the church”
(First Published in The RECORDER Newspaper,Cameroon, of April 2,2015)

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