Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hon Lifaka Intensifies Sale of CPDM Cards in Fako

By Christopher Ambe
The Vice-president of the National Assembly, Hon.Emilia Lifaka, who was on mission last week in Fako sent by the ruling CPDM Central Committee to intensify campaign  for the purchase of party cards, succeeded to raise over  eight million Francs in Buea ,which will be used to  buy membership cards  for  distribution to poor militants of Fako III Section(Buea CPDM).She  also visited the other party sections in Fako(Tiko,Limbe,Idenau  and Muyuka) for the same purpose
Hon. Emilia Lifaka
      Of the over Fcfa eight million raised in Fako III,on March 23,the eve of the party’s 30th anniversary, the Mayor of Buea Ekema Patrick and councilors contributed Fcfa five million, attracting praise from the Vee pee.
     Other major contributors were Hon Lisinge Arthur,MP for Buea Urban, who donated half a million FCFA;Sir Humphrey Ekema Monono,who gave Fcfa 200,000 and Hon.Meoto Paul Njie,who chipped in Fcfa100,000
     Hon. Lifaka disclosed that the Central Committee sent her to intensify the campaign for party cards after it realized that, the purchase of membership cards was very low in the Southwest especially in Fako.
She said that the Central Committee was disappointed that the first consignments of cards given to section presidents nation-wide for sale and distribution were reportedly held back by them - some of who, he said, were scheming in anticipation of the yet -to- be announced reorganization of the basic structures of the party. Hon Lifaka revealed that about 60% of section presidents hijacked the cards. Hon Lifaka,who is also MP for Buea rural said any militant who already has the old party card is not obliged to purchase a new one.
      She also announced that there is a major contributor card signed only by the party’s Secretary-General, and that for a militant to own such requires one to have paid at least Fcfa 500,000 into the party coffers.
     Hon.Lifaka set up a committee to follow-up the purchase and distribution of cards, headed by Sir Humphrey Ekema Monono, Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board.
(First Published In The RECORDER,Cameroon,of April 2,2015)

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