Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2015 Cameroon GCE Results Published: Registrar Says Integrity of Exams Intact Despite ‘Noises’

By Christopher Ambe, with Report from Kain Blessing Tung*

     The 2015 results of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) were last Friday, July 31 released . The GCE examinations' practical, written and marking phases were conducted in serene atmosphere through the national territory, even if there were allegations of examination fraud, which, according to Sir Humphrey Ekema Monono, GCE Board Registrar, did not negatively affect the integrity of the examinations.

Sir Ekema Monono:GCE Registrar
     The EEC and the GCE board of directors (Council) hailed the GCE Registrar for the brilliant manner in which the allegations of examination malpractices were handled.

      The Registrar said the allegations were being investigated by the police, while results of the centers implicated have been withheld for the time being pending outcome of the probe.

“The performances this year though not significantly modified could be read as following: for Ordinary Level General 44.93 %; Ordinary level Technical 45 % up from 32% last year. Advanced Level General scored 60.42% pass as against 63.98 % last year; Technical Advanced Level examination scored 64.24% up from 55.7%. The exams both in ordinary and advanced level have moved up a little, though they have not yet by-passed the 50% mark. But the A-Levels are all above 60%,”Sir Ekema Monono told the state radio

   This year there has been slight improvement in the results of candidates with special needs.
According to the GCE Board 92,767 candidates wrote the O-level exam this year, of which 41,681 passed giving 44.93%,up from 34.41% against last year. Some 17 schools scored 100%.

At the A-level, 48,058 candidates sat for the exam, 29,031 passed, giving 60.41 % down from 63.98% for last year. Some 16 outstanding A-level candidates who had 5 papers each scored all 25 points.

Twelve (12) institutions scored 100% at the A-level this year and the results of Our Lady Mount Camel in Buea are the best with 65 candidates who wrote and passed.

For the GCE Technical, 4039 candidates passed at the O-Level out of the 8,976 who wrote, giving 45% up from 32.47% last year. Twelve institutions have 100% and SACC Bafut stands out with all its 42 candidates passing.

Out of the 28 outstanding candidates, 16 passed in 11 papers, with one of them scoring 31 points the highest in the GCE ordinary Level Technical

For the Advanced Level Technical 5,462 wrote and 3,509 passed scoring 64.24 %, up from 55.1% last year. Six institutions have 100%.

Twenty (27) candidates emerged  with outstanding results at the A-level Technical this year, with five  papers each, all of them scored 25 points.

Traditionally the results are disseminated through the candidates’ result slips which should be picked-up where the candidates registered beginning last Monday. Results slips are given to candidates free of charge.

The results have also been broadcast by both the state-owned and private radio stations, and some newspapers have published the results.

Results could also be obtained by sms (Center number +Candidate number sent to 8006 to any of the mobile telephone companies in Cameroon (MTN, Nextell and Orange)

Despite measures taken by the GCE Board to enable results reach candidates as fast as possible the results were still hawked along the streets. To refer the result of one candidate from the hawkers cost 500Francs.

*Kain Blessing Tung is a University of Buea Journalism Student.

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