Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cameroon:Fake Soldier Arrested in Muyuka

                         By Smart Njikang Gabriel*
     Gendarmes in Muyuka have arrested a man who was passing for a military officer. The impostor Ntohvaa Hosea was arrested recently during a raid in Muyuka led by Gendarmerie Brigade Commander, Taku Valery.
     According to the Commander, Ntohvaa Hosea who paraded himself around as a Chief Sergeant, claiming to be serving with the Rapid Intervention Brigade (B.I.R) at Man-O-War Bay- Limbe had been using his fake status to extort money from the Muyuka public
 Ntohvaa Hosea at Muyuka Gendarmerie Post
. After a thorough investigation opened by Commander Taku, it was discovered that the so-called Chief Sergeant was an impostor.
When he was arrested and asked to present his National Identity Card, it was discovered that his occupation indicated that he was a military man.
     But Ntohvaa Hosea faulted those who produced his National Identity Card for mistakenly indicating against his occupation that he was a soldier
    To worsen matters, the fake Chief Sergeant would later to Gendarme investigators that he was a civilian working as a mechanic with B.I.R in Limbe.
Contacted by investigators, the head office of the Rapid Intervention Brigade in Limbe said from their records there was no such as Ntohvaa Hosea.
   Attempts made by reporters to get the alleged impostor talk were futile as he insisted that “I will speak when the right time comes.”
Commander Taku Valery warned that “Muyuka is unsafe zone for criminals particularly now that the Cameroon is fighting hard against the Islamist Terrorist Group, Boko Haram”.
     He commended the inhabitants of Muyuka who collaborated with the forces of law and order to ensure that the impostor was arrested. Commander Taku called for greater collaboration between the public and the forces of law and order to  stamp out criminality and insecurity ,especially now that  Boko Haram terrorists have killed many Cameroonians and destroyed valuable property.
     During the arrest of the impostor soldier the aspect of lack of resources by the Divisional Security Post was brought to the light, especially as it emerged that Commander Taku used his private car to chase and arrest Ntohvaa Hosea.
    Ntohvaa Hosea was immediately transferred from the Muyuka Gendarmerie Post to the Buea Central Prison where he is awaiting trial. 
*Smart Njikang Gabriel is a University of Buea Journalism Student

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