Friday, October 30, 2015

Cameroon :Philanthropist assists underprivileged pupils, students with didactic materials

By Christopher Ambe
Moki Vainda Liwonjo, a professional teacher with over 16 years of working experience, is fast becoming a philanthropist with focus on deserving but under privileged pupils and students in Cameroon.
Moki Vainda Liwonjo
    Barely one month or so that this category of school children in Bonjongo court area of Buea subdivision benefitted from his donation of didactic materials and financial support, Vainda Liwonjo on October 28 was special guest at the Hephizibah Handicapped and Orphanage Training Production and Ecstacy Centre (HOTPEC) in Mile 14 Buea to assist needy school children, as well as launch a clarion call to people of goodwill to always come to the help of underprovided ones.
     Some fifty one school children (16 students and 35 pupils) identified by their school authorities were happy recipients of didactic and financial support valued at over a one million Francs from Vainda Liwonjo, who is also First Vice President of the Teachers ‘Association of Cameroon (TAC).The beneficiaries were mostly orphans whose home is HOTPEC.
     Although a TAC official, the donation was Vainda Liwonjo’s personal contribution to human capital development.
  Mr.Liwonjo donating books
The donor said he decided to become a philanthropist because as a teacher, he has noted that many children don’t do well in school not because they are dull but because they lack even basic didactic materials.
    He argued that for any nation to emerge- in terms of dveleopment, it must invest enormously in the education of its citizens. In so doing, he emphasized: “the nation must not leave out or behind the underprivileged. We have to move with them along”
    Vainda Liwonjo urged other people of good will especially teachers to emulate his example and assist needy school children within their reach.
The donations.
“Peace only comes when you share freely what you have with the needy. We must be the defense of the defenseless in society. God loves cheerful givers”, the donor said, citing the Bible which says that, if you give to the poor, it is just as if you are giving a loan to God who will pay you back in abundance.
   Vainda Liwonjo said above all his donation to the underprivileged was intended to glorify God Almighty, who gives generously to us.

 He urged the recipients to use their gifts jealously.

The didactic materials dished out included text and exercise books, math sets, rulers, pens and pencils. The cash donation that accompanied the didactic materials was 400,000 Francs CFA.
The Beneficiaries
He also donated bags of foodstuff such as rice and soft drinks to the management of HOTPEC-the orphanage that was founded in and now has a nursery and primary school attached to it.
    Earlier, in his welcome speech, Shey Mostepha Sama, speaking on behalf of HOTPEC Management, hailed the donor for the gesture. An elated Sama told the donor, “Because you remember us here, these children will able to go to higher heights”.
    He prayed God to replenish the wallet of the donor, who told reporters that his donation project has come to stay and will touch the lives of other underprivileged children across the nation in the future.
   The ceremony, which took place in the hall of HOTPEC, was attended by some education officials and other dignitaries such as Buea-based businessman Tendonge Solomon.

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