Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Commissioning of Fako 3 CPDM Executives: Central Committee Head Reasserts Section President’s Authority

*Calls for Dialogue & Reconciliation

By Christopher Ambe
Fako  Permanent  Divisional Delegation of CPDM Central Committee at the commissioning ceremony
Self-seeking members of Cameroon’s ruling CPDM who in the past undermined the authority of their section presidents may have their days in the party numbered if, henceforth, they fail to be law-abiding.
   Hon. Emilia Lifaka, Vice-President of Cameroon’s National Assembly and Head of Fako Permanent Divisional Delegation of CPDM Central Committee, on Saturday, issued the warning while commissioning into office the new executive bodies of the three wings of the party in Buea(Fako 3 Section),which she charged  with teaching by example.
   The Fako 3 executive bodies are: the CPDM headed by Mafany David Namange, WCPDM headed by Hannah Etonde Mbua and YCPDM led by Franklin Njie
Hon. Lifaka talking to the press
“The Section president remains the political boss of his section”, Hon.Lifika said, attracting cheers in the CNPS hall, Mile 17, where the ceremony took place.
  “Dear Militants I wish to emphasize that it is only the Section President who has the mandate to convene party meetings at the level of the section; the subsection president, at the level of the subsection; the Branch President, at the level of the branch and the Cell President, at the level of the cell.
  “Any other militant inviting CPDM militants to any meeting without the consent and authorization of the president as mentioned above will be doing that in total violation of the basic Text of the party”
   The emphasis, The Recorder learned, was provoked by the fact that in the past some self-seeking members, usurping the functions of their president, convened meetings fueling division in the section.
  Hon.Lifaka urged the executives “to triple your efforts and start mobilizing militants immediately in order to guarantee the political future of Buea,a legendary subdivision.”
   She advised them, “Do not forget that elections are not won in advance; it is through proper planning and coordination of party activities that will lead our party to victory”      
Section Pres.Mafany Namange (right) with aides
   Noting that the renewal of the CPDM basic organs had ended and validated by Party Chair Paul Biya,Hon.Lifaka implored the section to close “ranks, forgive and forget about accusations and counter accusations made during the reorganization of the basic organs of the party. Let us bury our differences and focus on the future as it is only through collective efforts that we shall continue to maintain our political lead in the South West Region”
She continued, “I therefore entreat you all to work for the success of the party in Fako 3 and..ensure that party discipline ,mutual respect and unity reign in your section”
  Calling for post-reorganization dialogue and reconciliation, the central Committee envoy also appealed to youth who have attained the voting age to enroll in ELECAM voter register.
   She conveyed messages of goodwill from the Secretary -General of the Central Committee of the party, Jean kuete and from Senator Peter Mafany Musonge, leader of the Permanent Regional Delegation of the CPDM Central Committee for the Southwest Region to the Section
Hon.Lifaka also used the occasion to call for vigilance in the wake of Boko Haram Insurgency. 
Ex- Pres. Mbella Moki (right) hails David Namange
   In his acceptance speech, the new Fako 3 CPDM Section President, Mafany David Namange , promised that they would live up to expectation. He hailed the immediate past president, Senator Charles Mbella Moki, for his exemplary leadership.
   The highly- animated ceremony was attended by the traditional rulers of Buea subdivision, and dignitaries such as former Fako 3 section presidents  Hon. Arthur Lisinge,MP for Buea Urban and Senator Charles Mbella Moki,
and Frankline Njie,General Manager of Cameroon Development corporation(CDC)
   Reacting to their commissioning, Prof.Ernest L. Molua of the University of Buea, who is the Media & Communications Officer for Fako 3 CPDM new executive body, remarked, “The installation of Fako 3 CPDM executives is a classic fulfillment of Cameroon’s Democratic ideals to animate the political landscape of the country. Our team is one of vision, hope and progress that will contribute to the achievement of President Biya’s vision to make Cameroon great”

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