Thursday, July 21, 2016

Suspected Lesbian found dead

By Theo  Ngumanwa Jr.
The body of an alleged lesbian was last July 19 discovered in Ngyen Mbo, an outskirt of Mbengwi .Eye witness accounts said the deceased, identified as Susannah Afor aged over 30, was found near an abandoned uncompleted building adjacent to Muna Junction, towards Bamenda.
      The woman, believed to have been lynched, lay in her pool of blood. Afor was later identified by some passers-by as a shameless   woman long accused to be gay and who had gone into hiding almost a year ago, after she had reportedly been caught in a lewd act alongside her co-lesbian friend, one Gilly
     Both had narrowly missed death from a mob, thanks to the intervention of some law enforcement officers who happened to be nearby, it was earlier reported.
Some natives of Mbengwi, who have first hand information about the incident, claimed that Sussanah was returning to her hiding place, following an attack by neighboring Bali natives who dispute the land with Ngyen-Mbo.
     On-site examination of her corpse showed lacerations from stabbing with sharp and blunt objects, presumably knives and building rods, some of which could be seen in the bush nearby with blood stains.  Investigations are going to identify the killers.
     According to Pa Timoh, an elderly man   in the neighborhood, “At first, we thought it was an attack from Bali. But my son asked me if it is Bali, then why only one person attacked? It is on close examination that we identified her. She is a notorious prostitute and lesbian.”
     Another observer, who claimed to be the deceased’s family member but preferred to be cited on anonymity  told reporters that Sussanah’s death is regretted but added  that  her lewdness  had  brought shame to her family, after multiple failed marriages in which she bore no children,

   Others wondered how she had been let free, considering that she had been reported to the security officers lice for lesbianism several times.
      For the record, article 347 of Cameroon Penal Code criminalizes sexual contacts with  members of the same sex with a penalty of 6 months to 5 years' imprisonment and a fine of up to CFA 200.000.
   While European and American countries have taken desperate moves to promote homosexual lifestyles in Cameroon by linking aid to tolerance of gays and lesbians, Cameroon, through its Head of State, Paul Biya, has remained resolutely pro-family, insisting that our culture has no place for people who practice sexual cannibalism and sacrilege in the name of gay and lesbian love. 

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