Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cameroon:Buea Central 1 CPDM Launches Scholarship Program

First beneficiaries given FCFA 300,000
By Christopher Ambe Shu
Buea Central 1 CPDM subsection has launched a scholarship program ,and at least 34 pupils and students residing in the subsection are now on record as the pioneer recipients.They smiled home with cash awards amounting to about FCFA 300, 000, for their outstanding performance during the 2009/2010 academic year.

(L-R):Mayor Moki & Stephen Luma

Stephen Luma, president of the subsection and initiator of the scholarship scheme, last November 4, used the first ever joint Buea Central 1 CPDM subsection conference, which he convened in Mokunda neighborhood, to launch the scholarship program,which has been highly commended. 
The conference, which held under the theme “ Buea Central 1 for Greater Achievements” and holding on the eve of the 28th anniversary of President Biya’s ascension to power, was a come together intended to mobilize support for President Paul Biya,who is also national chairman of the ruling CPDM and the party’s natural candidate for the coming 2011 presidential election.
Luma said henceforth the scholarship award would be an annual event, intended to encourage academic excellence among young school goers in the locality.

“The scholarship awards will be given annually and they are aimed at developing our branches, building the capacity of youth and to encourage education -for as the civil rights Activist Malcolm X states: Education is our passport to the future, tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’.”
Beneficiaries of the scholarship scheme, Luma told The Recorder, must not necessarily come from homes with CPDM ties but those who meet the defined criteria qualifying them for the award.
The sum of FCFA 50,000 was shared among the first three winners of the Cleanest Branch Competition of the subsection that includes localities such as Mokunda, Vasingi,Komboni and Wonyamongo.
In his opening remarks at the conference, Luma called for unity and a sense of purpose and direction in the subsection, warning against character defamation and irresponsibility championed by some misguided militants.
He called for massive enrollment in electoral registers. “We all have to mobilize and register all militants ahead of the 2011 presidential election in order “to ensure a resounding victory for the CPDM party.”
 The conference was attended among other dignitaries by Charles Mbella Moki,Buea CPDM president and Mayor of Buea,and Chief SML Endeley,paramount ruler of Buea,who  reiterated the need for unity and commitment in the subsection.
Mbella Moki encouraged militants and sympathizers to enroll massively in electoral registers in order to qualify to vote for the reelection of President Biya, come the 2011 presidential election.
The achievements of the subsection include: extention of portable water supply to parts of the subsection, the opening of access roads from Bonalyonga to Vasingi (thanks to support from Hon.Meoto Paul Njie) ,the clearing of farm-to- market roads and the intensification of self-reliant activities to check  youth unemployment
Buea central 1 subsection has about 2000 CPDM militants and is the heart beat of politics in Buea, having served as the place of abode of prominent West Cameroon politicians such as P.M kale,former Speaker of West Cameroon House of Assembly and EML Endeley,a party leader in West Cameroon.

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