Friday, November 12, 2010

Cameroon:CPDM Strategist: “Nobody can stop me…until President Biya wins again”

Mbella Moki: Campaigning for President Biya
  By Christopher Ambe Shu
Charles Mbella Moki, a noted CPDM strategist and Mayor of Buea,has vowed that he will not sleep until  reliable strategies have been put in place to ensure that  President Paul Biya, who has ruled Cameroon for 28 years, is reelected at the 2011 presidential election.

Mbella Moki, who is said to be a master mind of past CPDM victories in recent memory especially in Fako Division of the Southwest Region, made the pledge on November 6, in Buea during CPDM celebrations marking President Biya’s 28 years in power.

Paul Biya is the National Chairman of the ruling CPDM and by his party law the national chairman is the party’s presidential candidate.

But for fear of the unknown, CPDM militants nation-wide have been making repeated calls for Mr. Biya to put up his candidate for the coming polls .But President Biya is yet to make a public statement to either confirm whether he will be a candidate or not.

Mbella Moki, who was speaking at the 28th anniversary celebrations in his capacity as Buea CPDM President, boasted: “You know that I am an election winner and if I accept to go for election with Paul Biya, be sure that he must win”
He called for CPDM militants and sympathizers to get enrolled in electoral registers, insisting that voter registration is essential for Biya’s victory.

“Until Paul Biya wins, until the ruling CPDM wins to remain in power, I won’t stop fighting for victory. Nobody can delay me…
“We must do better than before so that Paul Biya can be reelected”, a confident Mbella Moki said as the thousands of people who attended the ceremony applauded.

Barrister Nji Vanasius Chu

     Other partisans such as  Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka,leader of the CPDM Central Committee to Buea and Vice President of the National Assembly, Hannah Etonde Mbua,Buea WCPDM president;Motomby Mbome Emmanuel,Buea YCPDM leader,reinterated the call for massive voter registration. They always cited socio-political and economic achievements to justify why Paul Biya should be reelected next year.
   In a welcome speech earlier,host CPDM subsection president for Buea Central 2,Barrister Nji Vanasius Chu,noted that cameroon has enjoyed peace under what he described as the exemplary leadership of of President Paul Biya.He assured President Biya of their continued support in his efforts to truly modernise Cameroon

Although, the CPDM has in the past several years won the majority in various elections-Municipal, parliamenatary and presidential, the leading opposition in Cameroon and some foreign observers believe the ruling CPDM has only been rigging elections to win.                                  

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